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The Sacredness of a Reiki Space

Article by João Antão Marques

Personally I consider my Reiki room as a sacred space and prepare it accordingly.

Reiki for me is, in a broad sense, not only a Life Force Energy but also a Life Giving Energy, as it brings Life to our life. Reiki not only helps us to solve or overcome our health problems but also can be present in our lives, if we so wish, helping us to follow our path and contribute to our spiritual development and growth.

Reiki, as named by Mikao Usui Sensei in 1922, is, for me, a given frequency of the Universe Energy (please bear in mind that everything in the Universe is energy) that calls on unconditional love, thus being, sometimes, considered as being sent by God Himself directly to us.

Some people say that a healing therapy using energy, lost ages ago, was given to humanity when God decided to have humans on earth and that Mikao Usui Sensei was attuned to it, by the Masters, when he received his Satori, on Kurama Mountain, after an entire life searching for an energy therapy not requiring, and depleting, the use of one’s vital energy to heal others as Qui Gong did, himself being a practitioner.

I will not discuss this because I don’t have knowledge enough but, it makes some sense to me and, I will always consider Mikao Usui Sensei as the one who gave the Reiki Energy to us, thus allowing us to use it, and profit, of its wonders.

Reiki is also considered as being an Intelligent Energy healing wherever healing is necessary, regardless of our intention.

The Sacredness of a Reiki Space

Image by skeeze

Reiki also works when we direct our thoughts to someone who needs, and asks, for our help, without even drawing or visualizing the distant symbol, (at least that works with me and I consider this as being one more of the Reiki wonders).

Intelligent Energy, Life Giving Energy, Unconditional Love Energy from God Himself (I prefer to use the term Creating Force to eliminate all religious connotations), makes me feel that Reiki is a sacred energy to be fully respected and the creation of an adequate environment to work, became a must.

My Reiki room has plenty of large crystals, each one with a given “job”.

  • Smoked Quartz – to help on the client’s grounding.
  • Seraphinite – to help the connection with the Angelic Energies
  • Apophilite – the Reiki stone
  • Amethyst – to call upon higher energies
  • Quartz geodes – to increase room energy
  • Selenite lamp – to help the cleaning process

In addition to crystals I also have

  • The OM Symbol
  • The Reiki Kanji – as a protection Symbol
  • A Violet Antahkarana Symbol – to help clean energies and protect
  • Green plant with large leafs – representing the element earth
  • A light candle – representing the element fire
  • A stone aquarium (with the crystals related to the seven main chakras) – representing the element water
  • An incense stick or aurosoma spray – representing the element air
  • A Kwan Yin Image and statue – the Goddess of unconditional love
  • And last, but not least, a photo of Mikao Usui, whom I always thank, after treating others, for the wonderful gift he has given us.

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João Antão Marques
João Antão Marques

João Antão Marques, a retired chemical engineer, is an Usui Tibetan Reiki Master/teacher living in Lisbon, Portugal, with training in Jikiden Reiki, Karuna® Reiki and Seichim, Lotus Light Jewel, Tibetan Bowls Massage and Therapy of Past Lives. Works as a volunteer with elder people in a Daily Center of the Portuguese Red Cross and has also worked with drugs and alcohol addicted. Recently undertook a study of the effects of Reiki in people affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis. João can be reached by mail at joaoantaomarques@gmail.com.

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  • Vidyaa December 1, 2016, 8:09 am

    Awesome altar. Thanks a lot for sharing

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