Case Study – Reiki and Fertility


Article by Natasha Harris

Reiki has once again blown me away. I realise more and more that I love what I do! And this is just one of the reasons why I do it – To see a transformation in someone so great that they are able to manifest something they felt was impossible.

In July 2015 a client was referred to me for mindfulness coaching. After a couple of sessions it became clear that after 6 failed IVF attempts, she no longer believed that conception was possible. She and her husband both experienced medical problems inhibiting conception and they had never conceived naturally. There were many fears around conception and ultimately around pregnancy. She wanted to prepare herself for the 7th round of IVF in October.

I was guided to ask if Reiki felt like an option. I gave her 10 minutes of healing at the end of our session and it was evident how quickly her body responded to the healing. In this short time I noticed a shift take place. As she left the session, I noticed how her voice had changed, her body language had subtly quietened and her energy seemed just slightly softer.

She decided to continue with the Reiki every 2 weeks and each session was powerful in its own way. I was guided to lead each session with guided meditation and visualisation to create space and opportunity for conception. The fears surrounding pregnancy slowly released. Slowly her energy shifted and she felt the physical tension in her hips disappear over a number of treatments.

Reiki and fertility
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I had never treated for fertility before and I battled to set aside my own fears and reservations about what I was doing. I gave up trying to understand what I was doing with my logical mind early on and trust, really trust, that Reiki would guide me towards whatever was in the best interest of all involved, including any soul baby that was waiting for exactly the right moment to arrive. I sensed that soul baby often in the room with us. I wondered at times if this was my wild imagination but I couldn’t deny its presence. I had to reach deep inside myself to keep trusting, but I didn’t want to give my client false hope. I was very mindful of my role in these sessions.

The guided visualisations were also a completely new way of working for me. They started as a way at the beginning of each session to bring about a deep sense of relaxation and openness. Wonderful images or feelings would come to me during our sessions and I would try to formulate these into words. Sometimes this was challenging but mostly the words flowed. I didn’t always know if what I said was making any sense. I put aside my own feeling of vulnerability and went with it. I always asked how the client felt afterwards and would check in that she was happy to do a visualisation for each session. Now I love working in this way!

I felt her devastation when the 7th IVF attempt failed. I wondered how much I had helped her, but I knew it ran deeper than that. Her fear of actually being pregnant had completely gone, and I still felt that soul baby even closer. We continued with the coaching and Reiki and she started to explore more IVF and other options.

Then miraculously on the 15th January I got a call from her to find out that she was 4 weeks pregnant. And she had conceived naturally for the first time. This time I could share in her joy and the wonders of the Reiki journey we had been on together. Reiki can still surprise me but interestingly I wasn’t surprised that she conceived naturally. I was curious about that feeling and know on a deeper level that’s how this special little being wanted to be conceived. Life is truly amazing. When we allow and give ourselves permission to let go of the things that are holding us back, miracles can truly happen.

Thank you Reiki. Thank you universe!

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Natasha Harris
Natasha Harris

Natasha Harris is a Reiki Master and Accredited Mindfulness Coach, with more than 8 years experience and she loves to share the wonders of Reiki. In her Reiki sessions she brings her experience of coaching, meditation, breathing, guided visualisations, mindfulness, crystals and flower essence remedies to offer an all round intuitive treatment. Ultimately, she loves to support and inspire people through a transformational journey to let go of everything holding them back, making their dreams a reality and living their life purpose. You can follow Natasha at: and and reach her at


  1. At some level we all know that Reiki always heals but still when reading about situations such as these we cannot help but be amazed. Thankyou so much for sharing this inspiring article.

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