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NLP and Healing

Article by Vivek Mantri

Many times, I have seen Reiki or other Energy healers saying that their healings are not showing the desired outcomes, haven’t you seen such statements very often around you? Yes, you have. Have you analyzed the reason behind this, Healers are Right Still the Client is not seeing the desired outcome, well it’s the energy level behind the healing whether is medical or spiritual healing?

Whenever we are giving Direct healing to the Client coming to us its first necessary to analyze his or her mindset. It’s important to understand to read the Unsaid Thing by the Client, as It’s not necessary that Client will open his mind. We must understand his Body language, Eye Pattern, while he is speaking to us. Eyes speak everything about person’s mind, it also tells us whether person is giving right info, or manipulating the same. If we can’t understand what’s going on in persons mind we cannot heal him completely, as that person is not ready to change himself, accept the facts about himself so he will never get 100% results.

Moment we start channeling the healing energies to other person, what we do is we try to get in synch with other person’s Subconscious mind and help him in building his confidence to improve his own life, whether it’s for healing of health or emotional issue. Reiki works on principle of Chakra cleansing, chakra healing, which means we work on the subconscious mind, which directly generates Body energy within Spine and Activates the chakras.

We will discuss about the clients Eye pattern in basic as whats going on in his mind, based on which we can work on particular chakra to help him resolve his problems.NLP and Healing

If we see a person sitting in front of us who has approached us for healing, we should analyse his Eye pattern. The role of Reiki healer should not be just Energy channel, but he should be able to analyse, what’s going on in his mind based on which he can create the Healing plan. Think how the doctor jots down the action plan to treat patient, he speaks with him, analyses his reports, and then makes Action Plan. Similarly create action plan for the person who has came to you for healing. I will try to give example from above picture .

a. You are discussing with person about his problems. He is looking towards left side upwards, means he is trying to remember the things what has happened. These can be bad past memories, incidents, betrayal in his or her life. So it sure that you start working on his Root chakra {Mooladhar} and Heart chakra as is blocked and not allowing him to move forward in life.

NLP and Healing

Image by Uki_71

b. If he is seeing Right Upwards means he is creating the image in his mind and trying to add some thing on his own in his experience, it shows that his experiences in life show lack of certain things, which can be love, money, relationship etc etc. Based on that you can start working on his relevant chakra.

NLP techniques are used professionally by Sales Marketing and many other professionals. I would recommend healers to use this technique and understand your Client to get him out of his problems ASAP. I have seen people doing Reiki calling themselves as Reiki healers but they miss the part of understanding the Client. Your Client has came to you for solution, so understand his problem first instead of directly channeling energies.

Without understanding his mindset if you start working, you mess up with your Client. Energies can’t find Good or Bad they just Flow in body, so its you who as Healer should understand persons mindset first.

Every problem lies in the mind, expands in mind and ends up in mind. So working on subconscious mind my Reiki healers is very important. Using Right commands while healing a Client can make miracles. Right commands densest mean long sentences, its Right words in sentence to create impact while you are channeling energies.

For Eg. You don’t have to take a healing right now to overcome your past, but if you take it now you are going to come out of past memories.

Framing Right words is very important, everything is Sales in life, no one is there to Buy what you want to sell, everyone comes to you to Buy what they want. So Client is interested in getting his solution, not what you can offer or what knowledge you have, what degrees or Attunements you carry with yourself. So understand the Client and his mindset First. Trust me this will take you to new level of healing amongst your Clients.

Wish you all a happy NLP healing.

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Vivek Mantri
Vivek Mantri

Vivek Mantri is into astrology and energy healing past 20 years where he helps people to change their perceptions and recreate their future. He practices white light healing.
Professionally he is an electronics engineer involved in Sales Job. He also undertakes trainings on product launches, product positioning improving market presence etc.
Vivek’s main aim is to contribute happiness in society. He can be reached by email at vivekmantri22jan@gmail.com.

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  • Nithya Sanjeev December 6, 2016, 5:32 am

    Great Infornation. Gratitude

  • Sonal December 6, 2016, 7:02 am

    Excellent article Vivek sir.. Gratitude.. keep posting more pls.. you articles are very informative

  • Charisma December 6, 2016, 10:14 am

    My God what an informative article.. beautiful.. plz write more.. stay blessed n thank u for sharing:)

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    Its awesome

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    Good one !!!

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    Great information…..
    Thank you

  • Alpa January 21, 2017, 2:48 pm

    Striking marketing concepts with healing ! Creative approach to the conventional healing process ! 1 point vividly cmg out is energy is purely energy and cant differentiate a +ve or -ve – thanks for d share !

    • Vivek October 17, 2018, 8:08 pm

      Thanks Alpa Madam

  • Jen Lehrer June 2, 2017, 5:58 am

    I’ve never heard of this before and it sounds absolutely perfect. Super excited to learn more. Thank You for the insight! Namaste 🙏🏼❤️😊

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