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Balancing of Energies Using Golden Rod Meditation

Article by T V Mani

Human consciousness has two types of energies like yang and yin, masculine and feminine, solar and lunar, active and passive, aggressive and compassionate, left and right brain etc. To live in harmony with the universe these energies should always be balanced.

Balancing of these energies can be done using golden rod meditation.


1. Visualize a golden rod extending from Heaven or the god source present in our Heart chakra and descending down to the centre of Mother Earth. Visualize a golden beam of light from the Heart chakra entering into the golden rod and hold this beam of light for some time.

2. While you are exercising the afore mentioned steps, we call upon the spirit guides to support us through our spiritual journey.

3. Visualize the golden beam of light cleansing and clearing the chakras. Be guided by the intuition as to how long one works with each chakra. Start the cleansing and clearing process from the Root or Base chakra to the Crown chakra.

4. After this process, visualize white light entering from our Crown chakra and covering every part of our body. Continue the process until our body appears to be a bright white light.

5. Now, visualize violet light entering from our Crown chakra filling our body with violet light i.e., we should visualize ourselves in radiating violet light.

6. As this process of visualizing the violet light ends, visualize golden energy entering from Heaven through the golden rod. Request this energy from Heaven to balance the solar or yang or masculine or active or aggressive energies in our body and left brain.

7. Simultaneously, visualize golden energy from Mother Earth entering through the golden rod. Request this energy from mother earth to balance the lunar or yin or feminine or passive or compassionate energies in the body and right brain.

8. Finally, thank the Golden Rod, Heaven and Mother Earth for helping you in balancing energies and request the golden rod to move up into heaven.

Happy Balancing of Energies!

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T V Mani is a Reiki Grandmaster from Hyderabad. Apart from Reiki she have learnt Melchizedek healing method, Magnified Healing, Advance Level and Prep in Pranic Healing, Dowsing and Angelic Healing. Mani is also working as a supervisor in a central government organization. Her phone number is 9030081115.

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  • Mahadev M C December 23, 2016, 3:01 pm

    Wow..,good one,thank you.

  • Kiran December 24, 2016, 11:27 am

    Very nice! ????

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