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Insights from Our Reiki Survey (Autumn 2016)

Article by Anna Marks

In our attempt to get to know even better our Reiki Rays community, a few weeks ago we asked you to fill out a quick survey. More than 2.000 of our subscribers have responded to this survey! Thank you for contributing to this project with your time, energy and experience.Reiki Survey NamesNow the time has come to share the insights we got with you.

1. ”There’s bits of my heart in different countries around the world in which I travel”

Reiki speaks a universal energy language and we all feel like a light family widespread all over the world. According to our survey’s conclusions, top three Reiki Rays countries are claimed by USA, UK and Canada, closely followed by Australia and India.

Reiki Survey Countries

2. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”

Learning Reiki is not dependent on the intellectual capacity, meditation skills or anything else. It’s all about you being or desiring to become aligned with your Higher Self and step on your evolution path. According to the survey’s results, for most of us, Reiki became part of our life around middle age, 41-55 years being the most frequent age encountered.

Reiki Survey Age

3. “Once you start, it’s hard to stop”

It might take time and a lot of suffering in life to decide work on yourself, but once we start doing it, the feeling of being connected directly to Divinity’s healing love and protection is almost addictive. Any Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience for the giver and receiver as well, so over 60% of respondents are attuned to Master Teacher or higher degrees.

Reiki Survey Levels

4. „This is the secret of inviting happiness” (Dr. Usui)

Today there are many different Reiki systems, using various methods and symbols each of them. Being the first form of Reiki, Usui is the most common system, having over 93% adepts. But as we can see in the graphic below, many new systems have appeared and continue to appear. Reiki Masters and healers are developing new symbols through channeling, some of them being very powerful. Everything is expanding, just like the Universe itself.

Reiki Survey Systems Reiki Survey Systems

5. “Do what you love doing”

When we become a Reiki practitioner, there is a question that comes into our minds: “What will I do with this gift I’ve received? How can I share it with the world? Would I get paid for my services?” So most of us, almost 67%, do not get paid for Reiki services, nor do we run a Reiki business or practice Reiki professionally, but we love it anyway and the benefits are going far beyond the remuneration. Our advice to you, whether you are being paid or not, as long as you love what you do, give it anyway to all of those in need. By now, you’ve surely realized that by giving you shall receive.

Reiki Survey Paid Services

6. “I feel good! Na na na na na na…”

When we live in the present, in a state of deep relaxation, the blockages and tensions are released and we can bring back the original state of balance in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. We feel good being connected with Self and life. We feel good finding the meaning in life. We feel good when we take our personal power back. That’s what Reiki does. Almost 90% of the practitioners agree that Reiki has had a positive impact on their lives.

Reiki Survey Heal


7. “Practice is the mother of all skills”

Reiki is a fascinating practice, we all agreed on that. Most of us allow ourselves time to practice up until 30 minutes per day, while 23% are practicing up to an hour per day. Almost 30% of respondents have no daily practice. We know we live in a fast-paced world and everything spins around in the blink of an eye, but any minute you spend for your evolution, healing and well-being will bring you tremendous inner gifts. As we respect, cherish and practice with gratitude, Reiki reveals its secrets to us.

Reiki Survey Self Healing Time

8. ”Healing yourself is connected with healing others”

Everything starts from within and it seems 89% of us know that. As Gandhi said to be the change you want to see in the world, daily Reiki self-healing turned out to be one of the simplest ways towards a higher state of consciousness. As we heal ourselves, the survey shows we also work on healing those around us – family and friends, animals, planet Earth itself. Once we start feeling the higher connection much stronger and we become more confident in our own healing and psychic abilities, we may begin practicing and also teaching others in our area.

Reiki Survey Practice Reiki Survey Practice

9. “Many hands make light work”

When we asked about any weekly or monthly Reiki meetings in the area you live in that you attend, almost 71% said there are no meetings. If you are among those 71% of people, maybe it is time for you to start creating some Reiki meetings in your area. It can help you deepen your understanding of Reiki and create group support for any problems you might encounter. When working on healing, it’s very important to get together, share your experiences and become inspired from the stories that are safely shared there. Especially at the beginning, to keep going on this path, it’s important to be encouraged. If you are among those 29% who have meetings, be joyful because you are blessed, whether you are currently attending them or not.

Reiki Survey Meetings

10. “Many paths, one destination”

There are many tools and tips to navigate through the self-healing Reiki realm. It’s very important to choose the right one for you, the one you feel comfortable with. The more comfortable you feel with it, the more chances you have to keep practicing it daily and stay committed to your spiritual path. The most common technique regularly used for self-healing is hands on method, almost 91% of respondents. The podium was completed by distance healing (51%) and Reiki meditation (47%). Many of us use multiple healing tools – one of the amazing benefits of Reiki is that it works well with virtually all other practices.

Reiki Survey Techniques Reiki Survey Techniques

11. ”In union there is strength”

As you can see in the graphic below, most of us usually combine Reiki with other forms of healing therapy to achieve deeper and more profound healing. Over 74% of respondents said meditation is their first option when we speak about practicing other healing method. This happens because meditation is also a valuable tool for relaxation and stress relief. When Reiki is combined with meditation, the body is better enabled to heal itself at all levels. Second place is claimed by crystal healing therapy with more than 50% of respondents, closely followed by the third choice, aromatherapy. Let’s face it, most of us have built at home a fortress made out of crystals, incense and smudge sticks and different oils.

Reiki Survey Healing Methods

Reiki Survey Healing Methods

12. ”Be proud of yourself, be proud of your work”

Almost 50% of us are feeling the people around are accepting Reiki and they are also inquisitive. That’s great! The interesting part is that this percentage is doubled by one in which those around us show a mix of positive and negative reactions when they hear about Reiki. That’s normal, don’t be disappointed. It’s something new and it works like magic. Here’s the illness and here it goes away. All these energy healing methods are building faith inside us. And faith is very important, it can move mountains, right?

Reiki Survey Relate to Reiki Reiki Survey Relate to Reiki

13. ”Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World”

According to the survey’s results, over 96% of us will recommend Reiki to others. So get prepared because our family is about to become even bigger. Once you have experienced the benefits of Reiki, you feel inspired to share it with all your friends and family, you want to offer this wonderful gift to others too. Reiki is indeed a powerful tool for self healing and personal transformation. Welcome in this amazing light family! Once you step inside, everything will change in your life!

Reiki Survey Recommend

Hope you enjoyed all the insights, and many thanks to each and every single one of you for being a Reiki channel in the world.

Love and Light to you in your journey, no matter where you find yourself right now.

PS: The image at the top of this article shows the most common first names among our subscribers.

Free PDF download: We’ve created a PDF file with this article, and offer it for free to all our newsletter subscribers. Click the image below to subscribe and download the PDF:

Download this PDF file!

Anna Marks

Anna Marks

Anna Marks is part of the Reiki Rays Team since 2016. She is a freelance writer and a freelance soul. Although she got in touch with many healing methods and teachings, her journey made her realize we are our own authority and there is only one Truth that unite us all – unconditional love. She has only one thought for you – Learn to love yourself just as much as God loves you. Reach Anna at anna@reikirays.com.

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  • Deborah Lloyd October 22, 2016, 7:36 pm

    Very interesting survey results – and the graphics were great too.

    Thank you, Anna


  • Sreekanth k.g October 23, 2016, 2:12 am

    Interesting article. I am a reiki master level practitioner and cant understand why 3.9% do not recommend reiki to others. it might because some peoples expecting miracles in a very short period of time which will not happen in everybody’s case and they loose trust in reiki. Many friends i reccomended experienced vibrations,colours,lights during their attunements which i did not.Honestly say I am not a regular practitioner but it gives wonderful results whenever I starts practicing for a few days . Some of the experiences are more than just healing and very hard to explain through words. The time needed for better results will not be the same for all individuals. Please keep practicing and reiki will work for highest good. Spread the love of supreme power around us as much as possible. Thank you and god bless you all☺

  • Yvonne October 23, 2016, 3:10 am

    Thank you so much, Anna! Love and light to you!
    <3 ?????????

  • Serena October 23, 2016, 8:31 am

    It’s nice to know I’m among so many who practice Reiki the same way as I do! This was wonderful and so interesting… Thank you! 🙂

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