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Three Easy Questions to Forgive Yourself

Article by Gec Diaconu

Let’s face it: we are far from perfect. We have hurt other people in the past, and we have probably hurt animals too. Surely, we have hurt ourselves at some point.

Healers know instinctively that it is very important to forgive ourselves for the harm we have done to ourselves and to other beings. However, forgiving ourselves is not as easy as it sounds.

My Creative Consciousness® coach has taught me 3 very simple questions which I, and others who have tried, found to be priceless when it comes to forgiving ourselves.

Step A: Think of a situation or action you haven’t forgotten yourself for. Let it stay in your mind for a while. Allow the sensations to flow through your body, notice them, do not resist the sensations. Immerse yourself in the feelings. If there is guilt, shame, anger, or anything else – observe them and let them be. Relax the shoulders, relax the body, keep the situation or action in mind while you observe the sensations.

Step B: Call upon your Reiki Master, their Reiki Masters, and all the lineage of Reiki Masters all the way to Mikao Usui. Call other higher beings, angels, enlightened ones. Humbly ask them to stay with you.

Step C: Ask yourself the three questions and answer each of them. Take your time and think carefully about each answer:

  • Question 1: If you were in the same situation today, would you decide or act differently?
  • Question 2: Back then, did you have the knowledge and awareness you have today?
  • Question 3: Could you have decided differently back then? / Did you have the power to make a better decision back then?

Step D: Breathe. Integrate the answers. Surrender. Allow the high beings invoked, which are by your side, to hold you, to help you heal.

Step E: If you feel forgiveness is complete and healing has occurred, put it behind you. It is over and done with, and it is time to move on. Do not dwell on it again. If you feel forgiveness is incomplete and there is still healing to be done, repeat the procedure when you feel ready.

Step E: Thank Reiki, thank the high beings, thank yourself. Breathe. Namaste.

If forgiving others is important, then forgiving ourselves is paramount. I am grateful for having been taught these three blessed questions.

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Gec Diaconu
Gec Diaconu

Gec Diaconu is the Founder and CEO of Reiki Rays. He was attuned to Levels 1 and 2 in 2007 and practiced self-Reiki on and off ever since :-), occasionally sending healing to his friends and family. He got his Master attunement in 2016. Gec started Reiki Rays in 2012, after working as a software engineer for more than a decade. Apart from his work on Reiki Rays, Gec is also very passionate about the Diamond Cutter, the spiritual business management system created by Geshe Michael Roach. Gec offers 1:1 spiritual management business coaching. You can reach Gec at gec@reikirays.com.

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