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Creating Magic with Reiki

Article by Reiki Master Moumita Rudra

Being a Reiki practitioner, the most frequently asked question is “Does it create magic over night?”

My answer is, Yes and No at the same time!

You might have heard, in Reiki the most important aspects are regular self-healing and intention. We learn everyday through various experiences – some good and some challenging.

It’s the challenging time which teaches us the most. And most of us tend to lose faith during this time. We are programmed to think short term and think negative immediately. So let’s create magic with the practice of Reiki, especially who have started practicing it recently!

First and foremost thing, if you want to create magic, you need to believe in magic!

I am sharing a few very simple methods to follow on a regular basis.

  • When you get up in the morning, even before opening your eyes, just say thanks to the Universe and any Deity / angels / ascended master you are working with, for the beautiful new day. This helps you to start your day with a new hope!
  • Before you start your day, draw the power symbol around you and ask Reiki to keep you safe. If you are a level 1 practitioner, simply have an intention that Reiki is keeping you safe.
  • Whenever you are having water, infuse emotional Reiki symbol into the water and ask Reiki to keep you in good health. You can do the same with you food. You can either energize your palms with the symbol and give Reiki to your food or drinking water or mentally draw the symbol over food or drinking water.

    Creating Magic with Reiki

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  • Choose a time according to your convenience – when you can relax and won’t be disturbed. Think of one issue that you want to heal, be it your finance, health or relationship. Take a pen and a paper, write down the issue. For an example, you need a good job. In the left hand side write down the probable reasons / obstacles of not having the job, you can use black ink for the same. And at right hand side, write down how you can you achieve your goal i.e. to get a good job. You can write the same with blue or green ink.
    • Sit comfortably. Ground and shield yourself. If you are attuned to Karuna® Reiki, draw Rama symbols on your feet and on the walls around you. You can call upon Archangel Michael to protect you during the entire session.
    • If you use candles during your prayers and meditation, use a white candle. Anoint the candle. Pray to the angels, the guides, ascended masters and Reiki to bless the situation and clear the obstacles.
    • As the candle burn, visualize the written obstacles are being absorbed by the flame of the candles – the black alphabets is vanishing in the air as black fumes! Now tear off the left hand side part where you have written the obstacles.
    • Burn in the flame of the candle. Be careful when you are doing this. For safety, you can do this on an open space, terrace, and balcony!
    • As the candle burns out completely, give thanks to the universe, Reiki, ascended masters, your guides and angels – whom so ever you invoked.
    • Now, take the right hand side part where you have written the possible ways in green ink. Read them out loud. Draw Reiki symbols mentally on that paper. You can also draw the symbols at the flip side of the paper. Keep giving Reiki to that paper for 10 minutes. Pray “Dear Universe, Reiki, Archangels, angels, Ascended masters (or any particular Deity that you believe) – Thank you for showing me the possibilities and the unlimited strength you have given me. Help me seeing my path clearly to reach my goal. This or better, Thank you Thank you Thank you.”
    • Keep this paper in your altar or Reiki box. Keep giving Reiki regularly.
    • Don’t expect an immediate result. As it may create stress and restlessness in you. During any challenging time, we tend to look for a quick fix. Don’t! Just have faith.
    • Be attentive to the signs you get – trust me, you will start getting signs in various forms. Open up. Be more receptive towards the guidance you get.

Now I wish to share that even healers too go through challenging situations. However, it’s ok to face challenges but the difference lies how soon we can turn a challenge into learning and excavate our faith. The above mentioned method is very helpful and has helped me a lot. It does create a magic. May not be an immediate one or may not be the exact way you have been expecting. However, over a period of time, Reiki will give you the wisdom to understand the situation in a better way! And that’s when you will realize you have created a magic already!

That’s why, once again I emphasize on regular self-healing, healing mother earth and practice attitude of gratitude. I thank my Reiki, my masters, my fellow healers to help me evolve every day.

Happy transformation towards creating the magic, with Reiki.

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Moumita Rudra

Moumita Rudra

Moumita is a Reiki Master Teacher, a spiritual healer who practices Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing, Soul Mate Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and some more. She is also a tarot and oracle card reader. She offers in online/distance tarot consultation healing, as well in-person consultation. She also communicates with angels and believes that the angels are always around us looking forward to guide anyone who needs it.
Her journey into healing has been magical where she was chosen by Reiki over various situations and gradually revealed beautiful insights of life, spirituality and healing.
She is now a fulltime mother, raising her daughter with love, kindness and compassion with a dream to pass on the beauty of healing to her offspring.
She quit her 12 years long corporate job recently to spend more time with her daughter and doing things that she really loves and enjoys doing. Healing is one of them.
She created her Facebook page The Healing Space by Moumita in 2015 with a dream of spreading more joy, love and awareness. She believes that we all come to this earth to spread love and spiritual awareness can help to spread love.

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    Very interesting and Powerful!! Thank You!!

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    Thank you for such a helpful tip

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    So wonderful!
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