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Case Study – Child Healing

Article by Jhilmil Bhalwar


During mid of May 2015’ we received a request from a lady requesting us to send healing for her 4 year old son. Her son had become very aggressive, stubborn and mentally unstable. He would trouble her over petty issues and also end up throwing things. All his teachers complaint of him hitting/biting all his classmates. He never obeyed anyone and if forced he would cry continuously for hours. She was really disturbed and started crying over his behaviour. So we decided to take up the case and help her.

Let’s call mother Isha and her son Ravi.

We set up a two months healing plan for Ravi. This is how we started:

1. We requested Isha, mother of Ravi to give rock salt water bath daily praying to god and archangels to cleanse his aura and chakras and requesting mother Earth to please transmute negative energy into positive energy.

2. We first scanned his chakras and aura. We found lots of blockages in all his chakras and aura also had lots of holes due which was affecting the child mentally and emotionally. The child was under severe psychic attacks. We did two days of cord cutting where we sensed energetic cords. First day we connected to the child through HSZSN and drew all symbols we were guided to and with the help of elongated nails pulled out all unwanted cords where the presence was felt and requested violet flame to transmute it into positive energy and filling the space with healing positive energy. Second day we called upon Archangel Michael and requested him to do cord cutting and visualised him removing all the cords with his swords and filling Ravi with its beautiful light and energy.Child healing

3. We were guided to give 3 days violet flame bath to Ravi. Where we visualised Ravi being bathed in violet flame with all 40 violet flame Reiki symbols in the flame. Violet flame is important for deep karmic cleansing and removal of stubborn blocks. Its important to give violet flame to children preferably when they are sleeping as it makes them weak and sleepy due to intense release of all negative blocks.

4. After this we started our daily schedule till next 55 days.

a. We did shielding by assuming that Ravi is inside a protective white bubble of energy with all Usui Reiki symbols on the bubble. We affirmed only positive energy can enter this shield X 3 times. Alternatively you can also call upon Archangel Michael to shield you and protect you. There are many methods of shielding.
b. Ravi’s inner child was badly hurt and broken so we sent energy ball filled with loving energies of Reiki to the inner child and visualised inner child being enveloped in this warmth of love.
c. We added him in our Reiki box / crystal grid with positive intention and affirmations and then we started sending him all combinations of Reiki that we were guided to along with his chakra balancing and grounding.
d. We also asked Isha to place Antahkarana symbol under Ravi’s pillow for removing all negative thoughts and behaviour through his sleep.


Got a call from Isha in 3 days that Ravi would wake up feeling scared in the middle of the night which meant all his fears and karmic issues were being removed through dreams and later after a week he started sleeping peacefully. After 10 days Ravi fell sick with high temperature and severe cough and vomiting which made Isha disbelieve in powers of Reiki, we made her understand that all toxins are coming out and his soul has suffered some trauma which is getting cleansed so requested her to continue her rock salt bath with positive affirmations for Ravi with full faith. Ravi bounced back to normal health in 2 weeks. Soon after 40 days we got a call from Isha saying Ravi has drastically changed, he has become more polite, obedient and calm. We continued another 20 days healing for Ravi and released his issue to the universe affirming that he is a happy and healthy child.


We request parents to please spend time with your children. The more time you spend with your children the stronger and healthier will be the bonding. Talk to them about their needs and feelings. It is advisable to dedicate complete half hour to one hour to communicate with your child (keep aside all electronic gadgets and everything, it should be just parent and child interaction). The child needs your love, he is not as mature to do everything right way as we do but its our duty to guide him and make him a responsible citizen. Indulge with your children, become a child when you are with him, jump around, laugh, play etc. This will also heal parents’ inner child. Also please do not hit or physically harm you child for mistakes they make. Try to teach them in a gentle way if they are doing wrong. The child feels very insulted if you hit him or scold him and this eventually hurt his inner child. Remember we cannot return a person his childhood, so please make your children’s childhood a HAPPY and MEMORABLE one.

Love and Light!

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Jhilmil Bhalwar
Jhilmil Bhalwar

Jhilmil Bhalwar Jhilmil Bhalwar has done graduation in Civil Engineering followed by Post graduation in Construction Management. She quit her job in a renowned Real Estate company to follow her passions as a spiritual guide, blogger, website designer and digital marketer. She chose the Divine path of Reiki that changed her life for good in many ways. She specializes in Divine Light Ascension, Magnified Healing, Usui Reiki and more than 30 different healing modalities. She, along with her sister Charisma Phatak, own Supreme Reiki Center at Pune, India.
She can be reached at supremereiki.com/.

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  • nivedita October 5, 2016, 6:28 pm

    Beautifully explained case study with minute details. Thanks

  • Ujjwal October 6, 2016, 2:18 am

    Wah.. superb…

  • Mani Tata October 6, 2016, 9:39 am


  • Jhilmil October 8, 2016, 4:50 pm

    Thanks a lot:)

  • Jessica March 22, 2017, 3:17 pm

    Hi Jhilmil. I am happy I found this story because I am dealing with the same issue with my child and I am at a loss to what I can do to help my son. He is only 3 and has an EXTREM issue with being violent towards me, his father, and friends. I am being told all the time that I need to be physical with my son to change his behavior, but it just doesn’t FEEL like the right thing to do. I have a feeling he is carrying negative energy from a past life. Please can you help me heal my son? Do you have an e-mail I can reach you at, or a phone number? I do not have Facebook…

  • Mohinder April 13, 2018, 9:56 am

    Very very good article. I need badly.

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