Reiki and Addictions


Article by Jason Grace

Addictions are horribly difficult diseases to treat. They are not easy work at all. We must bring to bear all our tools that we can. Reiki is one extremely helpful tool in recovery. It treats other aspects that are normally missed with conventional methods. In this way providing the additional care for an easier recovery. There are a few different techniques that we can use. Which ones you choose depends on the disposition and needs of the individual. All four is ideal as they support different aspects of recovery.

• Aspiration and Affirmation
• Distance Reiki
• Full Body Sessions
• Specialized Hand Positions

Aspirations and affirmations are used on the mental body to reprogram the habits. This is working with the mental and emotional bodies. It is essential that all aspirations and affirmations are positive in nature. Do not include any negative parts of speech. For example, if your client is quitting smoking you would use an affirmation such as “I am free of smoking”. These are essential as an inner dialogue to replace the normal one of addiction. When the little voice starts going, you repeat the affirmation to counteract it and negate it. When giving the affirmation to your client or using it yourself, draw the Cho Ku Rei Symbol on the roof of your mouth with your tongue before speaking.

We can use the distance Reiki symbol to treat the events and causes in space and time that are the foundations for the addictions. Send Reiki back to the past, to the time the addiction began to treat those conditions. You can use Sei He Ki to send emotional and mental healing to retrieve the lost energies that allowed the addiction in. Draw the power back that was once given away. Sometimes people will recall past traumas as they release them. This is always a very moving experience.Reiki and addiction

The full body session is always a safe bet for treating addictions. There are so many underlying causes that contribute to the state of addiction. It is necessary to treat the whole body. This is to treat all the stresses and toxins stored in all the different areas of the body. It can be related to any different area depending on the addictions foundation, trust your intuition. These sessions can be a safe harbor on the rocky seas of recovery, an hour of peace. They can become a rock to rely upon and a foundation can be built upon the peace experienced.

There are a few hand positions that are particularly helpful and beneficial for addiction and the side affects of withdrawal. These should be used in addition to a full body treatment if at all possible.

  1. For the first hand position, stand on the persons left side. Then, place your left hand across the forehead and the right behind, cupping the back of the skull with the pinky finger touching the base of the skull were it attaches to the neck. Activate CKR and SHK and let the energies flow through your hands creating a circuit that washes away the residue of addiction. Send the energy back and forth until the flow moves freely in both directions.
  2. The next position is the heart. If your client is laying down, starting on the front make “T” with your hands and place it so the heal of your palm covers the heart and the top part of the “T” is just under the throat. Use all the symbols in this hand position, placing them within the heart. After that, have your client turn over and place your hands across the tops of both shoulder blades. Again, place all the symbols into the shoulders. Then, move them to the next spot down. A lot of tension and stress resides here during recovery and is a position that should be focused on over the long term.
  3. The last position that we will talk about is covering the kidneys. The kidneys are very stressed during recovery and should be treated frequently. They help with the cleaning of the system and need a lot of love during this time! The stress and anxiety of recovery releases much that needs to be filtered, so make sure that the client drinks a lot of water, at least one bottle after the session.

This just scratches the surface of supporting those in recovery. Bringing these methods together is ideal for treatment. Though sometimes what is needed is just to be there, not doing anything, not offering any advice, just be there. Each person is unique and everyone will require something a little different. Listen to your guides and your inner voice of compassion. May these teachings serve to benefit all! Thank you for the opportunity to share them with you.

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Jason Grace

Jason Grace

Jason Grace is owner of The New Hampshire Meditation and Spiritual Center. He is a Western Vajrayana Buddhist Ngakpa who has been practicing for over 25 years. His focus is on ancient practices that can be applied to any tradition. These practices are to reconnect us with our true selves, nature, nirvana and to relax into our natural state of being. He also does energetic work using several different lineages of techniques like elemental recovery, Reiki, sacred sound and crystals, just to name a few. The karmic vision of his tarot readings is truly unique in its scope and application. His main goal is promotion of peace, healing and harmony through practice and development of our spiritual qualities. Reach Jason at, by email at and on Facebook

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