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Reiki and Ganesha Consciousness

Article by Vidyaa Bunty Talreja

Ganesha, also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka is a renowned and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. Ganesha is also known as the God of intellect and wisdom. Ganesha is the bringer of good luck, fortune and abundance.

Here I am going to suggest you few ways that you can work with the Ganesha along with Reiki to see some instant results.

1. Pick up a little idol of Ganesha for daily practice. Place this idol in your home or altar table. Beautiful Ganesha idols made of marble / stone / wood / crystal/ clay are available in many shops. You can pick an idol that you resonate with.

2. Put a nice red colored satin cloth on your altar or in a box or in any sacred corner of your house. Now place this Ganesha on the cloth.

3. Let this be your sacred place where you won’t be disturbed when connecting for a while. Always try to connect at the same time if possible.

4. You can light a candle or an incense stick to making your healing space effective.

5. Now place crystals in your altar next to your Ganesha according to your creativity. This makes your place attractive making you in connecting with positive consciousness and the placed crystals facilitates to your healing needs too. Some of the crystals that you can use could be

  • Clear Quartz (that assists in manifestation),
  • Amethyst (that assist in opening your Third Eye / wisdom),
  • Rose Quartz (that assist in healing your emotions or blockages),
  • Green Aventurine and Tiger’s Eye (that assists in bringing good luck and fortune)
  • Carnelian (that assist in career progress and opportunities)

6. Now consciously connect with Ganesha using the distant symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and request him to assist you in sorting out your issues. You could say this prayer: “Dear God Ganesha, I am consciously connecting with you now and invite you into my space to assist me and clear all the obstacles on my current life path to lead a comfortable life for my highest good.”Ganesha - Ganesh
7. Now pour out your situation to Lord Ganesha by verbally connecting with him or by writing a letter and keeping it in your altar space. Believe that your issue will be sorted out. And you can realize that things are moving in your favor for your highest good.

8. I suggest you to connect to Ganesha energies using the distant symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Now use the Shika Sei Ki symbol along with Sei Hei Ki symbol and request Ganesha to clear your emotions or blockages stored in your Heart chakra and help you in being positive. Moreover Shika Sei Ki symbol helps in getting closer to divine. It also helps in developing unconditional love for oneself and towards others. This practice helps in building positivity within oneself; thereby helping a person in manifesting their wishes quickly.

9. I suggest you to use the communication symbol Shika So and request him to communicate back. Having a firm belief that there is going to be an effective communication between you and Ganesha will help you in receiving right messages for you at the right time. Believe me. This symbol works awesome. And, this will deepen your connection with Lord Ganesha. Journal all your channelized messages.

10. I suggest you to connect to Ganesha energies using the distant symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Request Ganesha to send you a golden red ball of energy. Draw the power symbol (Cho Ku Rei), the mental/emotional symbol (Sei Hei Ki) and the distance symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) on the received golden red ball you have received and place it in your palms. Now request Ganesha to work on your Root chakra by saying this prayer: “Dear God Ganesha, I request you in clearing out the blockages from my Root chakra that have been accumulated in this present life or that have been carried forward from my previous lives, so that I lead a life with good health, happiness, comfort, peace and prosperity .” Since Lord Ganesha is the god for muladhara chakra, he can assist you in clearing all the blockages and help you with your manifestation.

11. Now pick up any of the listed Ganesha mantras to achieve the desired results according to your needs.

Mantra Purpose
Om Gajananaya Namaha Helps a person to live a humble and dutiful life leaving ego
Om Ganadhyakshaya Namaha Helps in building the leader qualities in oneself
Om Ekadantaya Namaha Helps in living a modest and righteous life
Om Vignanaashanaya Namaha Helps in improving interpersonal relationships. Makes a person sociable
Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah To get Ganesha’s blessings for the positive starting of any venture
Aum Gam Ganapatye Namah Clears all obstacles and blockages on the physical and astral body thereby helping a person manifest their goal
Aum Vakratundaya Hum Helps in straightening and healing any deficiencies in a work
Om Vikataya Namaha Helps in achieving long-term goal. Helps in attaining salvation
Om Gajkarnkaya Namaha Shields a person from external negativity
Om Lambodaraya Namaha Allow a person to love and be one with the universe
Om Sumukhaya Namaha Helps a person to improve upon inner beauty


12. Last but not the least, express your gratitude to Lord Ganesha for the messages you have received or for the wish that got manifested while working with Ganesha Consciousness. You can keep a box or purse. Always thank Ganesha and start putting few coins or a currency note while expressing gratitude for your daily miracle happening in your life. Once in every three months (on the day of chaturthi) collect all the money from the purse or box and donate it in feeding a poor. This activity again brings you lots of positive karma. Moreover, the attitude of gratitude helps you in manifesting your wishes quickly.

Happy Ganesha Consciousness Practicing!

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Vidyaa Bunty Talreja
Vidyaa Bunty Talreja

Vidyaa Bunty Talreja is an IT Consultant by profession. She has studied Psychology and was introduced to Reiki in 2011 by her aunt. Now Reiki became an integral part of her life from then on to change her life and the lives of others. Vidyaa is a Usui Reiki Grandmaster, Money Reiki Grandmaster, and a Karuna Reiki Master level Practitioner. She has learned and practices close to 25 different types of Reiki like Lavender Flame of Mother Kuan Yin, Shaman Reiki, Dragon Reiki, Gajanan Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Unicorn Healing, Angelical Akashic Registers, Telepathic Reiki, DNA Healing Reiki, Wagle Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Acu Reiki and Deep Healing Reiki. She is also a Tera Mai Seichem Reiki and Spiritual Healing Practitioner. She reads Tarot and Angel card. She does auto writing using Reiki along with card reading to get accurate guidance for an issue. She draws and interprets Mandalas. She uses mantras, bach flower remedies and crystals in her daily practice. She practices Eknath Easwaran’s Passage Meditation, Praveen Rishi’s Ashtamangal Meditation and Mantra Meditation. She practices Forgiveness meditation and gratitude exercises to enrich her day-to-day life. She lives in Chennai, India. Vidyaa can be reached via email at vidyaa.btalreja@gmail.com or through her Facebook page KishanGanga - Divine Mystic Haven

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  • Carla September 29, 2016, 4:43 pm

    Such a bizarre coincidence – currently doing my 2nd degree and had an intense reiki session yesterday, last night I dreamt I saw ganesha drawn in the stars

  • Maria Bateman September 30, 2016, 8:53 pm

    Thank you for sharing. I have worked with Lord Ganesha previously and he certainly works fast.

  • Gourav Chourasia November 23, 2016, 8:17 am

    Thank you mam for wonderful article.. Ganesha is everyone’s favorite God including mine.. Please let me know how can I learn Gajanan Reiki. Thanks again.

  • P.V.Ambika January 8, 2017, 1:17 pm

    Thank you very much for a wonderful article.

  • Brad March 30, 2017, 10:25 pm

    There is an image at this link with an image that his energy flows through. Free to download.


  • Jasvir June 28, 2019, 1:34 pm

    Vidyanathan ji, I just came across your article on Ganesha and Reiki and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a Reiki master Usui and have done first level of Karina Reiki. In your article you mentioned some symbols of God Gahanna but did not show the images of symbols. Kindly guide as to how to get the symbols. Is there any arrangements also for Ganesha symbols?
    Thanks a ton. Love, Light and Reiki
    I am Jashvir from Delhi.

  • Jashvir S Teotia April 25, 2020, 10:39 am

    Vidyaa ji, Pranam.
    I am so happy to have found this article thank you ever so much. Kindly let ma know whether or not I can use these two symbols ie Shika so and Shika sei ki. I am a reiki master ( Usui ) and Jaruna reiki first level. Do I need an attunement for these two symbols or can I use these directly. Kinfly donot ignore. It is just a request from the heart. And I seriously wish to go deeper in Ganesha consciousness. Your little guidance can change my life. Also in your experience did you ever happened to see him in meditation or in any other way. Thanks, gratitudes, Love, light and reiki

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