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How to Get the Most from your Reiki Session

Article by Paula Vanderzon

If you are a Reiki practitioner giving a treatment to someone, the most important thing you can do for your client and for yourself is to connect with your own energy first. This is something that may not be taught in Reiki classes, but if you can connect with yourself, centre your energy in whatever way feels best for you, and then connect with your client, you will remain in energetic integrity throughout and after the session.

It is like putting on your oxygen air mask in an aeroplane emergency before helping children put on theirs. If you check in with your energy first, before connecting with someone else, you will be able to help them from a much more powerful place.

Dr Usui taught the Gassho meditation to his Reiki students, not only as a daily meditation practice for their own spiritual growth, but also as a technique to use before giving Reiki to others. The Gassho is a way to not only connect with Reiki more deeply but as a way to connect to your own energy.

Many people do connect with Reiki energy before giving a session and this is good practice, but if you take it one step further and connect with your own inner Reiki, or your own inner unconditional love, or your own inner soul – whatever wording feels best for you – then you can not only bring the highest vibration of healing energy through you for your client, but you stay in energetic integrity as well.

How to get the most from your reiki session

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If you can stay in energetic integrity during a Reiki session this means you will not feel drained after a healing session or take on your client’s energy, because you are doing the session and offering healing energy from an empowered place. You also cannot successfully interpret your client’s energy if you have not first established what is your own energy. When you connect with your energy first it gives you a baseline, so that whatever energies you feel during the session you can know belong to your client and not to you.

It is so simple and yet so effective to connect with yourself before connecting with anyone else. This process can be used not only before giving a Reiki session but before you leave your house and interact with people. Especially if you are sensitive to energy or an empath, the simple act of connecting with your own energy will keep you “protected”, empowered, strong and whole energetically.

There are many ways to connect with your own energy including a meditation (like the Gassho) or any other type of meditation where your intention is to connect to yourself. If you have trouble with meditation you could visualise the “inner you” or your higher-self or soul and form a connection visually. Or you could simply just state “I am now connecting to my own inner energy”, then take a few breaths and feel your energy. This doesn’t have to be complicated and can be achieved through any method that is easy and fun for you.

Although giving Reiki to someone is about caring for their needs, you can help them even more if you care for, acknowledge and connect with your own energy first.

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Paula Vanderzon

Paula Vanderzon

Paula Vanderzon is a Reiki Master/ Teacher from Adelaide, South Australia. Facing a debilitating health condition in 2006 Paula was lead to Reiki for self-healing and has been on a deep spiritual energetic and physical transformation since. A teacher of Reiki since 2008 and Isis Seichim since 2009 Paula also teaches Soul Writing and is passionate about helping people discover who they are at a Soul level so they can be their unique selves in life. Connect with Paula through her website www.paulavanderzon.com.au or Facebook www.facebook.com/paulavanderzonhealing.

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