Reiki and Archangel Jophiel for Glowing Skin


Article by Sheetal Sapan Mhatre

Reiki as we all know is an intelligent energy. What if we combine this energy with that of the divine angelic realm?

Well the answer is simple…Magic will begin. Today stress takes a huge toll on one’s skin and I was no exception to this rule. I decided to fix this with the help of Archangel Jophiel and Reiki. Archangel Jophiel means beauty of God. This lovely archangel looks after beauty. Archangel Jophiel can help to beautify one self. I started combining both Reiki and Archangel Jophiel’s energy to heal and beautify my skin. My skin from being dull went to glowing and beautiful.

Let’s see how we can combine the beautiful divine energies of this angel to get a beautiful young skin.

Archangel Jophiel means beauty of God
Image by bluesbby
  1. Clean your face and hands.

    It’s very important as we would be touching our face and we want to keep germs and bacteria away.

  2.  Draw Reiki symbols on your palms

    Draw the Power symbol (Cho Ku Rei), the Mental/Emotional symbol (Sei He Ki) and the Distance symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) on both your palms.

  3. Place your palms on your face and say

    “Divine Archangel Jophiel beautify each and every pore of my skin in such a way that my skin looks young, healthy and beautiful.”

  4. Receive Reiki on your face for 10 minutes.

    It is advisable to lie down comfortably during this whole process so that Reiki and Archangel Jophiel can work their magic.

  5. Repeat the same for neck.

    Continue the above process for neck as signs of aging appears on the neck as well.

Do this every day and witness the transformation. The only side effect is lot of compliments.

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Sheetal Sapan Mhatre
Sheetal Sapan Mhatre

Sheetal Sapan Mhatre is a Reiki Usui Master. She is also a Certified Angel Intuitive from Doreen Virtue, MBA in human resources and Masters in Commerce. She is a certified Train the Trainer. She takes workshops on Angel Guidance, Prosperity, Tarot, Goddess Lakshmi and Angel Magick. She is also an Angel and Tarot card reader.  Sheetal can be reached on Facebook page at Spiritual Retreat by Sheetal Sapan Mhatre.


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