How to Save your Troubled, Broken, or Falling Relationships with Reiki


Article by Nikita Dudani

Reiki is a wonderful and handy tool. All those who practice Reiki daily, would know how beneficial it could be.

Being into Reiki practice for last three years, my clients have mostly came up to me with relationship issues. There can be no hiding from the emotional and physical turbulence a troubled, falling, or broken relationship can bring. While avoiding them is not in control, we can definitely control how it manifests and how we seek solutions to it.

Reiki being a magical tool can help you pave a clear path of healthy relationship while going through rough patch.

Here is how you can use Reiki to heal your relationships

Step 1: On a sheet of paper, write down the problem you are facing in a particular relationship. If you are having trouble in more than one relationship, it is a good idea to use a separate sheet for each one of them.

Step 2: Below the problem, write down what kind of healing would like to see within the relationship in near future and with help of the relationship. Remember to make it crisp, short, and precise, as you have to chant it. For example – if you are having troubled relationship with your husband, write down what solution deems fit for you. How would you like to enhance the relationship from both ends?

Step 3: Once the problem and the solution are in place, read it without having any negativity inside you. Start saying in your mind, “this is for my utmost benefit. I promise to stay positive throughout the process.”

Step 4: Pick a comfortable spot where you would be doing Reiki for coming seven days. Cleanse it with help of sage or sea salt.

How to save your Troubled, Broken, or Falling Relationships with help of Reiki
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Step 5: Fix a specific time, when you would be offering Reiki. Sit or lie down, as you prefer in the cleansed spot.

Step 6: Take breaths to calm yourself down.

Step 7: Use the five Mantras to begin the Reiki.

Step 8: While setting your intuition at the fourth mantra, set intention such as: “I pray to Reiki to heal my relationship with <insert name>. I request Reiki to remove all the negativity, bad thoughts, miscommunication, misunderstandings, and any external and internal factors that are running this relationship. I hope with the coming time, the Reiki cleanses our relationship and makes it stronger, deep, and forever.” Also, repeat your written solution along with it.

Step 9: If you have learnt Level 2 and 3, use the symbols as needed and taught.

Step 10: Feel and see the golden and/or white Reiki light filling your relationship and around you and your partner, (whoever it is). See all the negativity draining out from your relationship.

Step 11: Once you have seen the Reiki light around everything, you can stop your meditation.

Step 12: Balance the Reiki. Offer your thanks to Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui, and God.

Repeat this procedure for at least seven days to see changes happening in your relationship. If you do not see desired result, continue the Reiki procedure. Ideally, this should be done for one month to completely heal your relationship.
Hope this helps!
|| Hare Krishna ||

Nikita Dudani
Nikita Dudani

Nikita Dudani is a Reiki Practitioner & Therapist residing in Ahmedabad, where she touches many people’s lives through Reiki & intuition. She practices in-person healing and distance healing. She is also a Tarot Card Reader, Intuitive, and an Anthropologist. Reach out to me at and/or


  1. Hi,

    Have you learnt Reiki?
    Because these Mantra’s can only be used by those who have learnt it.

    But I am sharing here, so you can have an idea.

    They are thanksgiving Mantra’s.

    1) I thank myself for doing Reiki
    2) I thank my God for helping me in doing Reiki
    3) I thank Reiki, which is going to help me with my issues.
    4) You set your intention here. So, it can be as per your issues/problems.
    5) I thank my Guru Path (Guru means Dr. Mikao Usui and/or The Guru who taught you Reiki. Path is your way to your spiritual progress.)

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