Reiki Novice? Rule 1 – A Must for All New Comers!


Article by Urvashi Gupta

I have heard and read many a times that Reiki chooses you or comes to you. Anybody whom Reiki chooses is fortunate enough as he or she is being diverted to a divine path leading to divine destination where only the lucky ones are invited. Some people chooses to be healed by Reiki through a healer and some chooses to be attuned to Reiki, therefore healing one-selves. Both the options are okay depending upon the needs and circumstances.

During this process an experienced healer would be aware of all the necessary steps towards healing but chances are that many novices might not be aware of certain basic rules and steps towards healing. Healing include both – healing our own selves or healing others. When we don’t follow few basic rules, chances are that energy works too slow, might not seem working or we might accumulate unwanted energies and also might pollute the people around us. This leaves us disheartened as the desired outcome are hampered and thereby diverting us away from the divine destination.

To avoid all this, first and the foremost important basic rule is grounding. Grounding is basically aligning with the earth’s energy. Just as in scientific term earthing leads to sending excessive electrical current to the earth, in the same way grounding leads to balancing of the excess or deficit energy in our energy and physical body. This rule though quite simple and overlooked, is very powerful tool for a healer. It’s saddening that most of the novices are unaware of this basic rule. Reiki Rays has published some of the very fine articles relating to grounding.

Reiki Novice, Rule 1 A must for all new comers
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One of my Reiki masters Charisma and Jhilmil gave a very beautiful insight of what grounding is and how and for what it is used. In order to take your Reiki practice to the next level every healer must use grounding techniques. To name a few, you can use:

  • Rama symbol of Karuna® Reiki at your foot chakra to ground.
  • Imagine roots coming out of your feet and being firmly grounded to mother earth.
  • Walking bare foot.
  • Using grounding crystals etc.

Refer to various articles related to grounding at Reiki Rays for more Information. Therefore I request every healer specifically the novices to keep themselves update regarding grounding and please please must use it in their daily practice. I was guided to write this article for all the new comers who might miss on importance of grounding. If you have any doubts regarding grounding one must approach their respective masters to seek guidance.

Remember, Reiki is a divine gift, don’t let it go. Make it more powerful day by day and to ensure this kindly follow all the basic rules towards hassle free healing.

Urvashi Gupta
Urvashi Gupta

Urvashi Gupta is a traditionally trained Usui Reiki Master, Karuna® Reiki Master, pranic healer, lavender flame of Quan Yin. She resides and practices in Dehradun, India. She enjoys all types of Reiki and particularly loves using Reiki on animals and plants. She also loves combining crystals with Reiki. Reiki came to her when she was quite depressed with the situations and ups and downs of her life. She feels Reiki is magical, comes to surprise us and give us what we least expect.
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  1. I enjoyed your article. As a teacher I emphasise the importance of grounding to my students and suggest they ground themselves as soon as they make it part of their morning routine.

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