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Reiki and Acrochordan

Article by Chanchal Gupta

Reiki is the miraculous practice and this spiritual practice is an end to each and every discomfort and dis- ease living beings can suffer from, it may be emotional, physical, spiritual or karmic. Of course it does work positively for all the accessories used by the living beings. Reiki practice totally works on our intuitive level. So practice Reiki and live a blissful life.

Today I am going to share the Reiki technique to remove the acrochordon also known as skin tags. Skin tags are the small fleshy growths that hang off the skin and somewhat look like warts but they are little bigger than warts. Mostly these are harmless but yes give a shabby look and one always try to get rid of them. There are many techniques and medicines available in the market to get rid of these unwanted tags, but I feel that Reiki is most convenient and easiest therapy without any side effects.Reiki and Acrochordan

How to remove skin tag using Reiki

  1. Sit or lie in you Reiki self practice position with a calm and soothing back ground music.
  2. Play ‘AUM’ chant.
  3. Take three deep breaths.
  4. Connect yourself to Supreme power via Antahkarana rod. See the golden light entering your body through Sahasrara chakra. Surrender to him and ask for his guidance.
  5. Invoke Reiki, the Sanjeevani sakti. Draw all the symbols you are attuned to. Visualize a big AUM.
  6. Place your hands on the affected part. Draw Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei He Ki, Cho Ku Rei on the part where skin tag is. Give healing for three minutes.
  7. Hold the skin tag in between your thumb and index finger, draw symbols #1 #3 #2 #1 on the acrochordan.
  8. Now intentionally see the distant symbol penetrating the skin very slowly and steadily till the root of the skin tag, see it in the shape of pliers and visually pull off the root and see the tag is gone. Fill the empty space with energy.
  9. Repeat the above process three times.
  10. Give healing for one minute.
  11. Seal the area with Cho Ku Rei
  12. Do heal the skin tag till it is removed off completely and wholly.

Stay blessed, happy, safe and healed always.


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Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta (M.Sc.) is a Reiki Master. She is a science teacher and also Masters in Mathematics. These days she is practicing, exploring and trying to connect every aspect of Reiki with science. She is from Chandigarh and lives in Hoshiarpur (Panjab) with a family of :) :) :) :) . Reach Chanchal at Reiki Miracles do happen on Facebook.

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