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Reiki and Visions

Article by Alejandro Sánchez Martínez

We all receive messages in several ways all the time but when we are practicing Reiki we may notice these messages more often, especially when meditating or when doing long-distance sessions.

If you are meditating or doing therapy you may receive messages mainly in 2 ways:

1. Visions, things you see/ hear/ feel
2. Entities, you see an entity and he/ she tells/ gives/ shows you something

Visions show you something you need to see when you need to see it, you may see things as the are, as they were or even as they are going to be, but in order to have a better understanding of these visions you must really understand the difference between a vision and your imagination.

Imagination shows you the things the way you want to see them, shows you things you want to see or even shows you things you don’t want to see, imaginary things are created by your material/ physical mind and are usually things according to your daily life.

Reiki and Visions

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When you have an actual vision you can feel it in your heart, in the deepest part of yourself.

Visions usually are more profound and even hard to understand for most people, since sometimes the message is not very clear and it needs to be deciphered in some way, usually by yourself since you are the one receiving it.

I’m going to try to make it simpler with an example:

Let’s say you are looking for a job and just had an interview at the company of your dreams, so in case you think you did great at the interview you might have a “vision” of yourself signing a contract with that company, or the contrary, in case you feel you weren’t that good at the interview you may have a “vision” of you not getting hired.

Those 2 “visions” are just based on what you saw, what you lived, based on your own experience at the interview, only based on your feelings, fears and desires.Reiki and Visions

Now, imagine that in this example there was an actual vision for you about you making your own company or something different. But since you got excited about visiting the company of your dreams you started creating ideas in your mind, and then when you had your “vision” maybe you started feeling happy since you could “actually see” you signed the contract, or maybe are concerned since you “saw” you didn’t get the job, those ideas just blocked the actual vision of you doing something different.

I can tell you in my own experience that most “visions” we have with material things, things of this physical world, are mere imagination.

A real vision comes from the Universe, or from high-level-entities, maybe from your inner guide and trust me, in their “realm” what you consider a big problem here usually is not even a problem for them. Do you think a high-level-entity is worried because you haven’t earned a lot of money? If you are actually fated to get it later, you will, but if you are not, it’s never going to happen. I suggest you no to try to force things to happen, trust the Universe, God and your guides and you will find just what the Universe has for you.

As a Reiki practitioner you have experience meditating and you already have had some experiences with imagination and visions, and are starting (or maybe already know precisely how) to understand, how to difference one from the other. It takes practice at first but after some time you may learn to actually quiet your mind and to start having visions, and maybe with the proper practice someday you might be able to see just what you want to see!

Alejandro Sánchez Martínez
Alejandro Sánchez Martínez

Alejandro Sánchez Martínez is an Engineer, Hypnotherapist, Reiki master and freelance writer. As a Reiki master he teaches and practices Reiki on daily basis because he loves helping others, especially when he can teach them how to help themselves. Alejandro likes talking to others about spiritual things. Because of his Reiki practice he has been able to have visions of other realms, and angelic entities who usually help him and guide him during his practice. As a hypnotherapist he discovered he loves helping others live their lives the way they want to live them, and by using Reiki he has discovered he can help them achieve that on a much deeper way.

You can find more of his works on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Iris.ASM and on Twitter twitter.com/asm124.

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  • Brenda August 5, 2016, 2:49 am

    Great article Alejandro liked it very much I don’t practice reiki but I try to be in tune with my spiritual side. And thank you for explaining the difference between the two..
    Much light and peace…

  • ishamreiki March 13, 2017, 7:06 am

    I fully agree with you & discourage the idea who say that manifest more money with reiki .
    Reiki is not about greed but about the needs … & universe & higher entities know well about our needs

  • freda March 26, 2018, 4:31 pm

    that was enlightening and to a certain degree I can resonate with it however to have a dream and to visualise the end result is something we all need to do as it in itself is a powerful way to invoke visions of what the future holds and if we feel it in our hearts well anything is possible (only my opinion)

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