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A Reiki Shield a Day Keeps Skin Cancer Away!

Article by Sam L. Amar

Just for this lifetime, despite that every hour one person dies of skin cancer [1], do not worry and do your best preventing skin cancer in a Reiki-friendly way, for yourself and your clients!

Most skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiations from the sun. Although soaking up the sun is essential to stay healthy, as it’s a great source of vitamin D, soaking up too much UV radiations can be harmful for the skin. Nowadays, with climate change and the complex ozone depletion, the skin is even more exposed to these UV radiations: adopting simple preventive Reiki based measures can only play in our favour!

On a different note, skin problems are symbolically associated with identity and how a person relates to the world. The skin is the first contact zone of the Body/Mind/Soul with the rest of the world – including family & friends. It’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin. Healing the relationship you have with the world can help your skin glow and stay super healthy – and energetically prevent cases of skin cancer.

Reiki Shield

So, how concretely can Reiki be used to prevent skin cancer?

1. Sending Reiki to Your Skin Creams & Sunscreen for Sun Protection

To keep soaking up the amazing nutritious sunrays without harmful UV radiations, use the intention of UV protection along with the Reiki symbols you’re attuned to. Ideally go for natural, organic and environment friendly skin care products.

2. Adding a Reiki Skin Shield Step to Your Self-Reiki Routine

Boost your vitamin D with limited UV radiations side effects by envisioning a Reiki Skin Shield at the end of your Self-Reiki routine. I’m sharing with you a 4-minute Reiki Music Guided Mediation I created to protect the skin with a Reiki Skin Shield. A Reiki shield a day is very likely to keep skin cancer away!

Link to immediately access the Reiki Music Meditation For Skin Cancer Prevention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8qKppM0mK4

3. Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Using the beautiful energy of Reiki, self-heal any discomfort zone or pattern preventing you from being authentically yourself and, most importantly, feeling comfortable in your own skin.

4. Lastly, But Certainly Not Leastly, If You Notice Unusual & Abnormal Growing Spots on Your Skin

(melanoma), send Reiki to prevent them from expanding and consult a dermatologist as soon as possible: forewarned is forearmed! Skin cancer can be cured: the sooner you can spot it, the faster you can stop it!

Just for this lifetime, do not worry: simply keep an eye on your skin and prevent skin cancer in a Reiki-friendly way!

[1] Skin Cancer Foundation

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Sam L. Amar
Sam L. Amar

Sam L. Amar (postgrad & MSc) is a Rainbow Energy Healer, Certified USUI Reiki Master, Transformational Coach and Music Composer. She loves blending her gifts and understanding of the world to serve artistically. Her purpose is to make people smile & shine beautifully above all!

You can connect with her through: www.facebook.com/SamLAmarOfficial/

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