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Healers and Money

Article by Angie Webster

Is it wrong for healers and spiritual teachers to make a living helping others? Many struggle with this question. When we fall into the belief that we cannot use our talents to heal and make enough to live on, we limit how many we are able to offer healing to. We are, in a sense, rejecting our talent.

A living must be made in order for a healer or teacher to have shelter, food and clothing. If basic needs are not provided for, the healer suffers. The only option is to heal or teach less of the time so that a living may be earned another way. This means fewer are helped, healed and taught.

When healing work is done with a sense of service and gratitude, there is no need to feel that what we are doing is not important or should not be rewarded. We have all been given a talent and a calling to use it for the good of others. Allowing ourselves to be provided for through this type of work is showing gratitude for our talent and our ability to serve others. It ensures that we will continue to be able to serve into the future in health and well being.

Holding ourselves small and afraid of making full use of our talents and of receiving the rewards from doing so creates the inability to allow our talents to help others as fully as we can. It ensures that we don’t have enough. It ensures that those we could potentially serve don’t receive enough of our abilities. This serves no one.

If we allow ourselves to be supported by our talents, we show appreciation for them. We can help far more people when we allow ourselves to receive in return for our gifts. This honors the Divine flow of giving and receiving. There is nothing wrong with not charging, when you feel called to, or charging less for those who have little. But when you feel it is wrong to accept money for your healing talents, it might be a good thing to examine where this belief comes from.

Some have a hard time with this because they feel the talent comes from God. However, all talent comes from God. Talent for music, writing, healing, teaching, working with machinery, gardening—all these and more come from God. We aren’t meant to starve or suffer while we use our talents and we are not meant to stifle our talents. We are meant to share our talents with others and allow them to share with us as well.

Some also feel it is wrong to be fully open to our talents or to have enough. It may seem contrary to being on a spiritual path. In truth, it is more opposed to spiritual growth to refuse to fully acknowledge our abilities and to be open, receptive and grateful for the rewards received from putting them to use for the greatest good.

When we offer our gifts, we honor the Divine. We do the same when we receive abundance through the Divine flow of giving and receiving. Allow yourself to be open to receiving all of the gifts the Universe has for you.

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Angie Webster
Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Author. Angie’s primary focus is animal Reiki, which she adores. She teaches online classes on energy healing, flower essences, herbalism, and personal growth. Angie often works with nature healing and Earth healing, hoping to better understand our connection with Mother Earth. Angie is the author of Animal Reiki: How it Heals, Teaches & Reconnects Us with Nature and Reiki from A to Z. You can follow her at: angie-webster-healing.teachable.com and on Facebook (facebook.com/angiewebsterhealing).

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  • Jomar September 2, 2013, 8:34 am

    If doctors and other healers are allowed to make a living out of healing others, they why can’t the alternative healers do the same?

    • Angie Webster September 2, 2013, 9:02 am

      Yes, Jomar, you are right. When we allow that we all need to share our talents and we all need to make a living, then we can share in the benefits of each others gifts. Doctors, mechanics, teachers, farmers, cooks, all sorts of healers—we all have something important to give the world.

  • Julia Wooster September 2, 2013, 2:14 pm

    Agree Angie – I’ve heard some say that they never charge for Reiki but that goes against what Usui taught. What is given away isn’t valued.

    I also do hypnosis and if people don’t pay for their hypnosis session, they aren’t invested in it and won’t make the changes they need to make to be successful.

    • Angie Webster September 3, 2013, 12:32 am

      Julia, I agree that services are valued more when there is an investment in them. That’s not to say that I think someone who was unable to pay (such as the homeless or very poor) would be unable to appreciate it and gain benefit. We invest different things in different ways. But regardless, healing work of any kind will be more successful when the person receiving it is open to and invested in their own healing.

      • Dominic February 3, 2015, 2:36 pm

        I agree that everyone has thier place and there should be an exchange whether monetarily or other. I am a recent Reiki 3 practitioner and love it i am trying the best i can to reach out and help people. Out of curiosity how long did it take you toget established and offer reiki for a living?

    • Jacob de Zwart December 31, 2014, 2:39 am

      I call myself an intuitive energy healer after having an intial Reiki Master training. I have not charged for any healing as I find it difficult not to offer up a healing when I sense ann urgency in a person’s aura. I have experienced that the client does not always take responsibility for the opportunity to change/heal. I have come to the conclusion that all energy treatment has to be an exchange so at this time I am adament that the client is to give something in exchange, whether that is by exchanging something of theirs or contributing to some cause .

  • Judy September 2, 2013, 3:43 pm

    Excellent article! I am sharing this and quoting you because there are too many people out there that have the view that it’s all just a racket, etc. We do honor the divine when we offer our healing gifts.

    • Angie Webster September 3, 2013, 12:35 am

      Judy, That is exactly right! Each of us is given the gift of our talents and we invest them where they are most needed. In return we are rewarded with the things we need to take care of ourselves in life. God blesses us and we bless as many as possible with our gifts and our training.

  • romaa joshi September 6, 2013, 10:41 am

    Very practical approach…..i have taken reiki healing which has helped a great deal…….

  • Tiziana April 8, 2014, 5:55 am

    I agree with the statement, but there’s a simple way of finding a compromise.

    you can tell your “patient” that he pays you what he thinks is right for the service given.
    It might be 1 dollar, 10 dollar, a book, an exchange of service, etc etc

    it’s true that we don’t have to think about return on investment, but using this system, will allow you to continue invest in your practice.

    I’m convinced that Reiki doesn’t mind that something is asked.

    on the contrary, if someone asks 1000 dollar for 60 minutes healing, that is crossing lines.

    I hope this point of view helps 🙂

    • Linda Browning April 14, 2014, 6:49 pm

      Dear all,

      I agree and I use Reiki to give energy to everybody in need. Am not experienced enought to call for payment yet however will use it for exchage for something I will be in need of.
      My partner is Reiki teacher and he is charging for Reiki schooling and also will accept paymant installments to the ones who will have to earn is someplace else.
      We all are going out of our way to help the people as best as we can and are convinced that without money it would be a better place.

    • Dr Abhishek Patel May 10, 2018, 6:08 am

      I am Dr Abhishek, I believe that if u have patients who is poor u may need to charge less if you get rich patient u can ask for much money. . All we need to do this is give them the best.

  • Vladimir April 10, 2014, 9:11 am

    Dear Angie,

    Thank you for your article! The money problem in Reiki was hard for me too for some years.
    Then, when to ask money for the sessions was very difficult for me, I started to exchange my Reiki sessions for some services – for making my own horoscope, for a big collection of stones (13,5 kg from the all Planet), for jam and nut grown my father and so on…

    Now that problem is out. And for coming to get that position I was needed to think exactly as you told in the article:
    >However, all talent comes from God. Talent for music, writing, healing, teaching, working with
    > machinery, gardening—all these and more come from God.

    IMHO, that’s a key to understanding the equal value of Reiki with other services.

    Thank you Angie!
    Many Blessings,


  • Jennifer Devine May 20, 2014, 5:29 pm

    I am a healer I can do distance healing I’ve not taken any Reiki courses. I just use my soul and prayer for this and apparently I’m sought after… I do struggle with charging for this! This article made me feel not so guilty for thinking about it! Where I stand right now I can not even afford to eat! By no means am I a professional but I help friends and family or people that have heard by word of mouth that I can do this. I certainly will be taking courses and get certified before I think about charging for this gift! Thank you for helping me to feel better about this. I do have some that take advantage though and get angry with me if I can’t drop my entire life to help them instantly ! Sincerely, Jennifer Devine ps. My Guides have told me several times that I will teach many how to channel…

  • Anastasia June 25, 2014, 2:11 pm

    I tried to make a go of it full time. It was hard. I was offering treatments by donation for a while. I’m a single mom and was struggling to make ends meet. Suggested donation was 60$. One day a lady gave me 5$ and I tried to smile and be grateful but I almost cried in front of her. I tented space for a reiki share. I advertised and asked for 20$ per person to cover costs. Reiki shares in my community used to be 5$ per person before they stopped. I spoke to the organizers – they considered it volunteer time, they made less than 2$ an hour organizing them. They had to stop when they got burnt out. At the 2 hour reiki share I organized, one lady gave me 5$ because that’s what she’s used to paying.

    Usui actually never said to give it for free after experiences he had with homeless people relapsing. He said people must take ownership in their healing.

    For me when the money pressure set in, I had to stop. I felt I was giving reiki for the wrong reasons. To pay my rent became priority over helping others. I scrambled and took jobs in retail, random promotions jobs. I took a break for 3 years while I got back on my feet.

    It would be best if there was a non profit orgNization that could allow reiki healers to work in their full light without having to worry about money. With a set income. By donations and someone else setting up the payment plans. So they can just do good and take the pressure off.

  • Michelle Kirchner July 4, 2014, 1:28 am

    I have been struggling with this for years… I have shared Reiki with so many and am now starting to teach it. So far I have asked for nothing in return. I blessed enough to have a great job in another field and I make decent money… But I could definitely use a little extra. I’ve just always felt that my calling to help others heal is not something they should have to pay for. Not sure how to get over that. And then, for my clients that are used to getting their Reiki for free, not sure how I can start charging them now….

    • Sam July 20, 2014, 7:26 am

      Just a thought but you could start with asking for a donation, as you are looking to make the swop from full employment to working for yourself. Most if not all people would be happy to help you make the change then set your lowest limit donation gradually moving to set fees.

  • Julia Wooster (@ReikiInOakville) July 4, 2014, 10:49 am

    This video by William Rand is quite good about a successful Reiki practice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZnXcIofw0U

  • ambrish tiwari August 3, 2014, 1:56 pm

    This is really a nice article. I has cleared by doubt. Charging for reiki is not a sin rather it just like other services e.g astrology; terrot; yoga and hearler should charge for it. People don’t care for things they get for free. Oxygen is freely available to all but we don’t care for natures gift while gold is not available for free thats why people keep it in locker. Art of healing is livegold for mankind. -ambrish ; india.

  • Tayya August 4, 2014, 8:21 am

    This was a great article for me to read. It clarified a lot for me. I was always on the fence about payment for healing services and it felt kind of wrong for me to even do it. But you helped me understand it a lot better than I used to. Thank you.

  • Jacob August 18, 2014, 6:02 pm

    If Society would include energy sessions, alternative healing, into the healthcare system, energy practitioners would have no problem charging for the session. But in order for energy sessions to be included they would have to be defined, thus boundaries would have to be set up. And it is with the lack of boundaries we, as energy healers, have freedom to be guided by Spirit.

  • Rocques August 18, 2014, 11:15 pm

    Great article, thanks you for this! I have been level2 for about 3 years now and because i lack experience, and dont practice half as much as i should, i never charged for healing but would like to earn extra income but i always felt bad about it.

    I was indeed tought the Usui way that charging would make the recipient apreciate it a lot more. Now to get back on the boat and star practicing more and more(its been almost a years since last healing).


  • Tana August 27, 2014, 4:05 am

    Thank you for this article. We need more people coming into the light saying this.

    I spent money and time – years – learning the art. I spend money creating the sacred space. I am required to pay insurance. I have typical business expenses.

    I have a set hourly rate. If someone expresses an inability to pay that, I accept a lower hourly rate but I have had to establish what that rate is. When I leave it up to the client, sometimes I do not break even.

    It isn’t wrong to want to be self-sufficient and pay my bills and take time off once in a while. I offer a service and it isn’t free for me to offer that service so I must receive payment. It is that simple.

  • Clare September 6, 2014, 7:11 am

    I feel that healers should be paid for their time and expertise. I work that an exchange needs to be made and if people cannot afford to pay me I will work for a cup of coffee as I don’t want to turn people away. I am now in Malta setting up my Spirit and Soul practice Treating The Whole Person With Love kindest regard Clare

  • Joanne September 28, 2014, 5:20 am

    A number of us go with donations only or use a barter system. Having an income per say would cause some to loose there means of income SSD/VA/etc. all is good as long as it is with love and respect for what is transitioning.

  • Roni October 2, 2014, 3:41 pm

    I have been a Spiritual Healer for 15 years, trained with a Medium and Healer in England. This was a huge question in my mind – and while I was still working, I did not charge for Spiritual Healing. I then took my Reiki courses – and I was still working, so again, did not charge for my sessions – which were at the time mainly friends, who needed my help – one I treated twice a week as he was fighting cancer – the only relief he seemed to get was when I worked with him. His wife and I were in a card stamping group, and she often bought me stamps she knew I would like – after the first time she put $20.00 in a card, which is still in my reiki book – but I told her not to do it again, I did this because of my love for the two of them.
    I am now 72 – my partner of 43 years has vascular dementia and they took him away and he has been in a home for over 3 years, just moved to another home because of the violent parts of this disease will not allow him to stay where he was – it has been hard and I did very little with my gifts during this time.
    My time is now, and as I have always questioned the money thing – when I read your article today, and the comments made, I realize this is just the right kick start I needed to put it all into perspective – I have been preparing my room, have my cards made up – last decision, was this one. Thank you soooo much! God always answers my questions, when the time is right, and today your article in my inbox – was my answer.

    • Angie Webster October 5, 2014, 11:42 pm

      Roni, I am deeply touched by your story and to know that my article helped you to move forward in taking you life in this new direction for yourself. You will help so many others! And you will be happy as well. As you said, your time is now. Bless you.

  • Ad Reid October 6, 2014, 2:45 am

    I remember years ago a healer saying that, “the healing is free, but my time is not.” That is the way I look at it, too. As a registered massage therapist I charge $69/half hour or $99/hour. If I am going to transition from being an RMT to a Reiki practitioner, then I expect to be paid for my time and effort. If YOU do not value yourself, then you can be sure no one else will, either!

  • Nina Bhatty October 6, 2014, 6:36 am


    I’m so thankful for all that you share about Reiki. I’m also a reiki master and therapist. In addition I’m an independent behavior and autism consultant as well as co-director for an amazingly loving non-profit org. that serves families with autism and differing abilities.

    I have practiced reiki for over 15 years and found it’s benefits to be extremely healing and am wanting to offer it to the autism community. Little information or research is done with autism and reiki (especially since evidence-based, peer reviewed and scientifically-validated interventions are mostly used for this population). I have personally seen the benefits, however, when using reiki for few families that are open to this wonderful healing modality.

    May I ask you to check out my website and I would absolutely love any feedback you can give me to assist my ability to spread reiki to this population, as well as individuals with ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, Social-Communication or any other neurological dis-orders…and their families. It’s so essential to their physical-mental-emotional-spiritual well-being.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope to connect with you soon!

    Peace & Love,
    Nina Bhatty, M.Ed/ABA, RMT
    Autism & Behavior Consultant
    Co-Director, CAST
    East Bay, California
    (925) 389-8999

    • Angie Webster December 30, 2014, 11:47 pm

      I am sorry for not seeing this comment and getting back to you sooner. I will be in touch very soon. Please contact me through my website if you don’t hear from me by the middle of January 2015. http://www.energyhealing4all.weebly.com. In the meantime, I think it is wonderful that you are incorporating Reiki in your work! May I suggest that you recommend that as many parents as are receptive to the idea seek Reiki training at level one or two so they an offer Reiki to their children whenever it is needed? They would also have it readily available to treat themselves which could only be a great benefit to any parent!

  • Gillian October 22, 2014, 6:31 am

    Thank you I found this article helpful – easing the guilt around money & healers – namaste

  • mark chamley October 29, 2014, 3:09 am

    Excellent well written useful article, we need to balance the genuine caring healing time we give to clients with consideration to our practical ability to offer these treatments in addition we all have a duty to maintain a level of value to the therapies we offer.

  • Valerie O'Donnell November 6, 2014, 7:32 pm

    I am a Reiki master and also a hairdresser, I always say that people don’t expect to come to my salon and get their hair styled for free, why should they expect to get a Reiki session for free. These are both gifts I have received from The Divine. As we live in the physical world, with the need to support ourselves, we have the right to be paid the currency of this world. Those who do not expect payment for their God given gifts, regardless of what they are, undermine it for all others who honour the Divine by sharing their gifts with as many as possible. To do this you need to charge, you can’t pay your supermarket bill by trading a Reiki session.
    Love and Blessings,

  • Denise November 7, 2014, 4:39 am

    Awesome perspective…thank you!

  • Marnie November 14, 2014, 8:46 am

    I had a free Reiki session at work when we held an alternative therapies day in our community mental health team. It was beyond life changing & I can truly say I am eternally grateful.

    My partner has now also taken up Reiki. I would be more than willing to pay for sessions and have since done so.

    Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day.

    • Angie Webster November 14, 2014, 6:06 pm

      Marnie, Thank you so much for you comment. Yes, there is great value in offering Reiki on a volunteer basis. I do this also and most practitioners I know offer a great deal of free Reiki. My own first Reiki session was free and I value that very much. My hope is that those practitioners who feel it in their heart that they are meant to offer the blessing of Reiki to many others would never feel they have to starve or be unable to pay their rent in order to only offer Reiki for free. Even having a proper clinic space cost rent money, liability insurance and the equipment costs as well. It definitely goes beyond only offering Reiki energy. And the shift of time and energy available to earn money other ways has to be made up somehow in order to be available to provide Reiki to as many as possible, including those who it is volunteered to for free. All things are a git, including life. We must all support our lives with food and shelter so that we can spread our gifts well. Some people don’t understand, but my hope is that the guilt some practitioners feel about having enough to live be eliminated and relieved.

  • Patrick December 30, 2014, 9:42 pm

    My rationale is the reiki is free, the fee is for time, expenses and experience. I don’t charge anything because of an instinct not to, at the moment, and because I feel I’m still in “training”.

  • Angie Webster December 30, 2014, 11:49 pm

    Patrick, You will know when they time is right for you to charge for your services. If it doesn’t feel right by your own intuition right now, then you are doing the right thing for yourself at the moment.

  • Eva January 5, 2015, 5:52 pm

    There is nothing wrong with charging money for healing. But some people just ask too much. £40 for Reiki session, £30 for tarot reading..If they would ask half of that, they would still survive o.k. and it would be affordable for people.. £200 for Reiki Level 3..It’s lots of money. Doreen Virtue is asking $1000 for course of Angel healing..So it’s fair to ask for money, but it’s not ok to be money hungry machine. People need to work hard for many many hours to get one of these things.

  • Aum Jah June 1, 2015, 8:21 pm

    I struggle with this myself. Oddly, I have no problem charging for Reiki Training and Certification, but have a huge problem charging for healing. One of the stumbling blocks may sound silly, but it goes like this:

    “You can’t afford it.”

    Grandiose? Not really … I have had the pleasure of participating in healings of life long illness, all in a single session … I have had the pleasure of participating in cancer dying instead of the person … again in a singular act on my part.

    We suggest to charge for Reiki Healing … a person will spend 10K or more fighting cancer through conventional medicine … whom among us shall say we will charge 10K to provide our gifts?

    I have no answers yet, as I said, I am still struggling with this. I have made changes to resolve my acceptance of the abundance of the Universe, and it has been clear with me in most cases … but on this one, I realize I need to examine my resistance deeper yet. So thank you for the post …

    Guru Aum Jah here …

    • Angie Webster June 1, 2015, 8:40 pm

      You’re right that charging $10,000 for a session is excessive, but you are comparing that to charging $10,000 or more (it’s usually far more) to fight cancer with medical means alone, which incredibly expensive and overpriced. As Reiki practitioners, we have the ability to ask to be paid for our time and also to cover the expenses of room rental, liability insurance and other expenses that go with having a practice, but since we don’t do medical diagnostics or prescribe or administer medication, there is no need for additional expenses or fees. A modest charge to cover our time as we administer the service is sufficient. Of course, if a practitioner doesn’t feel comfortable asking for money, barter or exchange of some kind, that is up to them. Many have shame attached to asking for any reimbursement or support in relation to any kind of spiritual healing work. But all talents are offered through the same Source and we all must support ourselves with food and basic shelter, though we don’t need to be wealthy. There are some who assume that all healers are wealthy, which simply is not true in my experience. Those that are doing better than average are usually working another job in addition to their healing work.

  • R DeTrolio July 3, 2015, 4:56 pm

    Your article is very timely, and excellent. It’s a struggle I’ve had to contend with through my own spiritual business. I’ve concluded that my time is worthy. those that don’t value it, will slip away and others take their place. I was surprised that when I slightly raised my cost, I had more business.
    Thank you for posting your article.

  • Lori July 9, 2015, 1:20 am

    While I do agree – if you are doing this full-time and earning a living of course you need to charge …you will have expenses associated with this as well as personal living expenses. But I disagree that if someone gets something for free they don’t value it. That’s a generalization and does not justify exorbitant prices. I would love to learn reiki but can really not afford to on what I make …I have found some free sites that do distance attunements and I highly value this! I have worked as a hair dresser for 35 years – in a small poor town and I barely make $12 a hour after expenses. But I can’t ask more because there are so many salons in my town …and people ARE poor here. Self included. I have learned to live simply and am happy …I have no problem bartering …but if I do a perm for $40 – which takes 2 hours of my time …then I owe you 2 perms for an hour of reiki …IDK …that seems an unfair exchange of energy …but I know there are a lot of arguments and I certainly do agree with charging for a living …just keep it reasonable so the average person working for $12 or less a hour can afford it some how. Just my 2 cents worthless. 🙂

    • Angie Webster July 9, 2015, 10:55 am

      I am not of the opinion that all who receive something for free don’t value it. That is an ideology that has estabilished itself in the Reiki community. I find that there are people who are quite committed to their healing path and simply have little or no means, financially. The ideology that something isn’t valued when it’s free sprang up because many times people take something that is offered for free on a whim and since it is free, they don’t put much weight into it. This is actually true a lot of the time–though not always. It can be even more true with something that is intangible, non-material liek Reiki. I offer lots of volunteer Reiki, personally, as discounts to those people who are interested but not able to afford–seniors, disabled, students,etc. In my opinion, when money truly can’t be offered, sometimes it helps the person feel more connected to the energy they are receiving when they are asked to give something–a hug, a smile, something bartered (it can be small), or even to pay it forward. I surely agree about exhorbitant prices! There is no need to charge excessively–for Reiki or anything, in my opinion. Greed is rampant in the world. Balance is needed.

  • Lori July 9, 2015, 11:56 am

    Thanks for your kind response Angie – was not meant to insinuate that you felt this way but many comments here do … and I understand that it is often true. With my income and the cost of living in general, it isn’t something I can afford to do more than 2 or 3 times a year …the going rate here (or within a reasonable drive ) is $65 – $85 an hour session. But I am grateful for the free 1st attunement I just received and am so excited to begin learning and have this gift. I do understand and agree with the need to charge …just for me, (as well as yourself) …if the time comes that I offer it to beyond friends & family, I will keep it affordable and try to have perhaps a suggested donation – but pay what you can truly afford …for some it may only be $5 – and human nature often leads us to take advantage … I hope their conscious would be their guide. Not always the case I know. – Blessings!

  • Armin July 24, 2015, 8:42 am

    Hello.thanks for your article.I think it’s just about giving and receiving…you know it has not to be money…it could be just learning.you do reiki healing session and you learn as a level one or two practitioner it’s more valuable than money for me and when i come to more understanding and using reiki I live to receive books or little lively tumble gemstones.that’s enough for me because I have a job.but if you want to become a full time healer you need to make a living and then I also prefer to receive money for my treatments…many thanks friends

  • Jaya September 30, 2015, 2:38 am

    This is really in reason that every one needs his or her livelihood and manage well to help others. so it is taking up the issue of good reason and the transformation of energy into money or need. very excellent article

  • Jeremias Tuazon December 9, 2015, 4:40 am

    Everyone have different opinion. I respect them. For me, giving healing is better not to charge. Teaching is another way, charging is a must.

  • Sharon Smith March 2, 2016, 1:01 am

    Interestingly this morning whilst doing self healing this came up as an issue I struggle with, not just in regards to healing but as a spiritual person is it alright to have wealth?
    I let go of my blockage regarding wealth and abundance. I realised that as healers and or spiritualist we don’t need to be Ghandi. ????
    We do live in the physical world and as such have to pay for the necessities of life.
    My guide has let me ve comfortable with this.
    In love and light.

  • Ashley March 2, 2016, 6:48 pm

    I look at it as charging for my time, not the gift of Reiki. Anyone can learn Reiki; it’s not a gift exclusive to me. However, If they come to me for a session, then the exchange is their money for my personal time that I take to share the energy with them. If I teach Reiki, then I’m sharing both my knowledge and my time. As others have said, there are few other services where one would suggest practitioners give away their time as a rule.

  • Vishnusmaran Dasa September 9, 2016, 10:14 am

    People don’t value free things, many a times people take it granted. Charging is any time best option. So person value time and energy invested by other. And they will respect Reiki Energy also

  • Reiki Temple September 19, 2016, 12:20 pm

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  • Justin Martin September 23, 2016, 4:50 pm

    infinite blessings Angie (:

    this has been a aspect of recent insights that have been on mind in recent moments, thank you so much for ones wisdom and insight this rings true in ones heart, thankyou for confirming so much for this one I love u and much gratitude and peaceful blessings <3 Namaste xx

  • TeeJae October 18, 2016, 2:26 pm

    I have no problem charging strangers, as they have come to me for treatment. But I don’t feel right charging friends and family, especially if I approach them to offer treatment. In those cases, all I ask for in return is a written testimonial (description of experience, how they benefited) that I can use in future marketing materials. However, I won’t argue if they insist on paying me, because I understand the spiritual importance to them of that exchange.

  • Anthony April 27, 2017, 1:54 pm

    I completely agree. With that said, how much should you charge for a session?

    • Angie Webster Healing April 28, 2017, 1:55 am

      That completely depends on the practitioner and the area they are practicing in. There is no set rate that is absolutely correct.

  • Jim Mroczek August 18, 2017, 9:21 pm

    I have no problem with changing for Reiki services, especially if the fees are necessary for the practioner’s personal needs. I am in a very fortunate situation where I don’t need to charge. However, I do believe that reiki should be a shared experience, and I ask the people I service to reach out to a stranger in the next week and do a good deed. I believe that is a part of the healing process.

  • Katharine Lee August 23, 2018, 8:50 am

    I grew up with the believe that medicine isnot going to work if it is not paid for. But with Reiki, that’s a different story. I normally do not practice on human except immediate family members. I offer reiki to animals that approach me, with or without owner, I do not charge because I know they are in need. Dr. Usui had never said we “have to” charge. Love from animals is one way of energy exchange as well.
    Unless one practice Reiki for a living, otherwise charge or not is up to the practitioner’s free will.

  • Diane I. January 28, 2019, 5:27 pm

    I agree with this article about charging for Reiki. But….when the money becomes more important then healing we become off our chosen path. I am witnessing this a lot lately.

  • Tripti Dayal September 25, 2019, 6:55 am

    I feel uneasy in taking money for Reiki, specially since I am not be bread-earner in the family. But I do understand that freebies are not valued enough. So, I take a middle path – no charge or pay-in-kind for healing, but charge fees for learning Reiki. This seems to work fine for me now.

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