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Three Action Steps to a Summer of Love

Article by A. G. Billig

Since my teenage years, I lived my best love stories during summer. Unexpected encounters, laughter, passion, joy, new friends, freedom, and even temporary heartbreaks, I remember it all. Would the walks on the beach or the majestic sunsets have been different without a touch of love? Would the ocean breeze have felt the same? Definitely not. Thus, to me, summer remains the season of love in capital letters. Only the way my vision about love has changed.

About love

It was summer in Abadiania, Brazil, when I found out that love is our natural state of being. It was there that I started tearing down the walls I had built around my heart since I was a little girl. I remember sitting in the waiting room at Casa Del Dom Ignacio for the first time. The loudspeakers were playing relaxing music. Before I knew it, tears rolled down my cheeks. “There is nothing to be ashamed about”, my friend told me aware of my embarrassment. “Your heart is opening up”. A couple of days later, I found Lise Bourbeau’s book “Heal Your Wounds And Find Your True Self”. We all have them, often from previous lives. If we want to live true love, we need to heal. All the same, love is mandatory for healing our wounds.

Everything begins with loving ourselves. It’s only when we get in this state of grace that others love us unconditionally and we are able to offer our gift of love.

Remember what goes around, comes around. Our significant other will love us. Our friend will love us. Our clients will love us. Our career will love us. The money will love us. All in all, life will love us.

As healers and spiritual practitioners, it is easy to forget ourselves. We think mostly about how to be of service and overlook the power of the personal example. We cannot teach other people about abundance when we are broke. We cannot show them how to have happy relationships if our personal life is a disaster. Nor advocate the idea that we are the co-creators of our lives, as long as we forget to consciously create each day.

For us as for them, everything begins with self-love. So how about consciously creating a summer of love and joy?

Three action steps to a summer of love with Reiki

Image by TinaKirk

Three action steps to a summer of love

Don’t let a day go by without living by the five Reiki principles
Do you remember the five Reiki principles?

“Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living being.”

Put these into practice every day and the law of attraction will make sure that they return to you manifold. The process of healing your soul will also become smoother. Acting according to the principles is like preparing the soil for sowing.

Use the Reiki symbols to heal your heart

As you probably know, the more you use the Reiki symbols, the better at mastering them you become. Shika Sei Ki (Usui Reiki) and Harth (Karuna® Reiki) are the key symbols for this summer.

SHIKA SEI KI, known as the heart symbol in Reiki Usui, has the power to fill Anahata, the fourth chakra, with light, energy, and vitality. It eliminates the residual negative energies from the heart, making room for unconditional love. Guess what happens when you radiate unconditional love? You can read more about the extraordinary powers of this symbol in this article.

HARTH, one of my favorite symbols I’ve already mentioned in my previous article, boost both the capacity to enjoy life and the intuition. Using this Karuna® Reiki symbol during your everyday morning meditation helps you connect to your heart and pay more attention to its messages. It also supports you in the self-love learning process because HARTH enhances assertiveness, compassion, and self-esteem. Use it for a better communication with your spiritual guides, filling with love the space you are in, and healing relationships.

Make a Reiki project

Whether you use a piece of paper, a box, and a candle or Reiki Rays App, a project is a surefire way for manifestation. Get clear on your intentions for this summer – without mentioning any other names except yours, write them down, and draw – literally or mentally – the Reiki Symbols.

Energize your project with Reiki energy and then release it, trusting the Universe’s support. You may imagine a beautiful Chinese lamp flying up in the sky. Don’t forget to specify that this project should manifest according to the will of God, for the highest good of all those involved, including you.

My project for this summer goes like this:
“I live a summer of love, joy, growth, and expansion in the right places, at the right time, with the right people. I am in harmony with the Universe (and everything in it) and I enjoy every moment. And so it is, with God’s blessings, for the highest good of all those involved, including myself.”

May you live a memorable summer of love! If you have a moment, please share your vision of a summer of love in a comment.

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Andreea Billig
Andreea Billig

A. G. Billig is a Reiki Usui Master, author of the best seller “I CHOOSE LOVE!“, radio host, certified trainer, spiritual seeker, explorer of the human soul, traveller and dreamer. She practices also Karuna® Reiki, Angelic Healing, Info Reiki. A.G.Billig believes that love is your natural state of being. Love that rejuvenates and inspires you, that gives you strength and abilities to defeat obstacles. Since fear and love cannot coexist in one heart, her mission is to empower you to overcome your fears and attract the life you want. You can connect with her on: Twitter: @AGBillig, Facebook: A.G.Billig, Pinterest: AGBillig, Instagram: AG_Billig and A.G. Billig’s Author Website.

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