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Transforming Negative Experiences with Reiki

Article by Gregory Peters

Lets face it: as human beings living in this world, we have all gone through negative situations in life that have left an emotional impact on us. Unless you happen to be a living Saint, chances are you still hold old emotional scars from some of these encounters. People, places and things that have caused hurt, either to ourselves or to others such as loved ones.

This is all part of life of course. As spiritually awakened individuals, we each strive to manifest healing in our daily lives and relationships, and in our interactions with others. Nonetheless, there are always emotional memories, perhaps deep seated from childhood, or perhaps a once loving relationship that went wrong, or an unthinking word or deed that caused hurt, or even intentionally causing harm in some way.

As Reiki practitioners, is there an effective way we can address these “silent scars” and help heal them? The answer is an emphatic yes!

Through our daily Reiki self-treatments, we already assist ourselves in producing energetic healing currents of light that weave throughout consciousness to heal emotional traumas. Enhancing this with the symbol and mantra of Sei He Ki, we can sweep our deep minds with wave after wave of healing energy.

This process is also used very effectively with Reiki clients, as the healer through the process of entrainment between the healers deep mind and that of the client during a Reiki session, effects an energetic response between both the healer and the subject. There is much to be said in the Latin proverb: “Medice, cure te ipsem” – “Physician, heal thyself”. When the Reiki healer is in a state of equilibrium in mind and emotions, this transfers over to the client and produces extraordinary healing.

Transforming Negative Experiences with Reiki

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With that in mind, it is important as Reiki healers to always be aware of our own emotional blocks or scars, parts of our life that could use extra compassion and insight. And this is key: compassion. It is not enough to provide compassionate healing to others – we must have the same compassion for ourselves. We must be willing to forgive and heal our own mistakes, and those wrongs that have been done to us, in order to truly unlock those layers of emotional energy that are acting as blocks in our consciousness.

Guilt serves no one, and should be removed from your thought process. To continuously be “feeling guilty” immediately closes of opportunity to resolve the issue. Rather, it is healing to look with open eyes at any situation of discord, with an open heart. This is not easy, but if you can look at yourself and the situation with compassion and open eyes, and accept it as is, you will immediately feel a release of weight from your shoulders. The feeling is unmistakable; you will be filled with light and energy. This is because those wounds build up complexes, emotional blocks that fester and build up over time in the unconscious. This cuts you off from your own Self, as more and more of your consciousness is relegated to dealing with uncomfortable memories, nursing the unconscious wound. When that energy is freed up by bringing the thought clearly to light, you will have a tremendous increase in overall vitality.

These emotional and mental scars or complexes not only take away our daily vitality, but often you may find physical tension is mixed up with it. Difficult moments or memories are pushed down into the unconscious, so that we do not have to think about them. There, in the depths of mind, they grow into psychic monsters and often become larger than they were to start with. Often these unconscious block will manifest in the body, for example a stiff neck, sore shoulders, restricted breathing, frequent colds, and so on.

  1. As you think over such emotional wounds, take a few deep breaths and exhale, relaxing the tightness that you instinctively feel.
  2. Breathe into it, and let the tension flow out from your feet, into the earth where it is transformed into pure energy.
  3. Be gentle with yourself, feel love for yourself. It may help to go back mentally and see yourself as a baby, before life began to “get complicated.” Send yourself love, compassion and healing as you dissolve the emotional block.
  4. Continue breathing slowly, relaxing any tensions, while you visualize or draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Sei Hei Ki. Remember, Reiki healing has the ability to transcend space and time. By sending these symbols and loving thoughts to the past of your own timeline, you are creating positive change in the present, and establishing a healthy and vital future. If you like, you might even say to yourself “Its ok, I forgive you” – addressed to yourself.
  5. Feel the lightness, the ease of breath, as the weight of emotion – and it really does feel like weight! – dissolves. In its place, pure, radiant, healing energy fills you and invigorates you.
  6. End your session with Raku, drawing it and saying the mantra three times, to seal off the energy. This is also a signal to your conscious mind to be present, in this moment, with radiant Awareness.

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Gregory Peters
Gregory Peters

Gregory Peters is an Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and Teacher, Esoteric author and traveler. He has over 20 years of experience in Western and Eastern metaphysical systems, and enjoys traveling to sacred sites around the world, exploring spiritual practices from many cultures and traditions.
You can connect with him on Twitter @gpeters418 and Instagram www.instagram.com/ophidianvibrations

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