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Be Creative and Blend Reiki with Meditation

Article by Ashima Gautam

Meditation always gives you soothing experiences and Reiki is a wonderful form of healing in itself. But have you ever tried merging Reiki with meditation? After getting attuned to this divine energy in 2007 I used to practice both separately. But after few months of practice, when my chakras started getting better due to Reiki practice I started getting more imaginative and creative in all aspects of my life. So once while meditating, my spiritual guides advised me to be creative and call Reiki too. I did that and I felt calmer and more relaxed than before. Not only this, Reiki when merged with meditation helps you to have the lesser traffic of thoughts while meditating. Because Reiki relaxes you and prepares you to have a better meditation experience. Although doing self-Reiki or giving a session to others is a meditation in itself because you channel divine energy and during meditation you feed your soul by divine energy too but still as per my experience so far, I found it a really good mixture.

So here I’d like to share the steps on how to blend both divine practices together and have miraculous experiences.

  • First of all, whenever you are ready to meditate sit in a comfortable position. Be conscious while you are inhaling and exhaling. When you inhale, just inhale all the positivity and when you exhale, imagine you are releasing all kinds of negativities holding you. Do this for initial 5 minutes.
  • Now connect with the divine Reiki with distance symbol or simply by intention. Also, connect with your spiritual guides, angels, archangels, holy spirits and saints and request them to be with you during the session.

    Blending Reiki with Meditation

    Image by suc

  • Thirdly, request the Reiki to help to forgive all those who have hurt you intentionally or non-intentionally. Because you can not be positive if you are holding grudges in your heart and don’t forgive those who have hurt you in any way.
  • Next, visualize a Reiki golden ball entering through your Crown chakra and slowly traveling down to Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root respectively.
  • Request the Reiki to wash away all the negativities attached to your aura. And also request it to make it a healthy aura.
  • Imagine your body filled up with divine golden light. Bring your awareness to every single part of your body and refill them with the life force energy.
  • If you have any problem in any specific part of your body, just stop your awareness there for a while and keep blessing it with gratitude and request the Reiki to cover that portion of the body with divine aura and take away all the negativity in there. You can also use any symbol you feel guided to.
  • After all these steps are done, just move your awareness in between the brows where your third eye is located. And just focus on the light you see there.
  • Keep on focusing there as long as you feel like. Don’t worry if the thoughts bother a little bit. Because you have to fill the gaps in between the thoughts.
  • If you have any particular question that you need the guidance for, simply request Reiki, your guides, and all the angels surrounding you to guide you for your question. You will get your answer for sure. Because answers come only when your mind has less traffic of thoughts and this is the time when the guides and angels have the chance to reach you by different means.
  • When you have decided to end up this session, thank all the energies that were present there to help you meditate. Also thank yourself and the universe.

To conclude, I’d say this is a kind of guided meditation and another way to heal your chakras, aura, and the body parts when you are lacking time but you want to do Reiki, meditation, cleansing of your chakras, auras and wash off the grudges. I do this all in one meditation when I’m occupied with so many things and can’t find time for each of these individually. Actually, I got an insight of sharing this technique with all of you while doing this meditation and here I am with another article for my fellow souls. Love you all.


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Ashima Gautam

Ashima Gautam

Ashima Gautam is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She is also practicing Karmic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Angel Reiki, Money & Abundance Reiki, Aura Brushing, Dowsing, Cord Cutting, Chakra Healing and Crystal Healing. Ashima has been practicing Reiki since 2007. Reiki is her passion. She is also a clairvoyant Tarot cards reader, an Angel whisperer and she reads Angel cards too. She has done M.sc in Mathematics and B.ed from India. Right now Ashima is living in Vancouver, British Columbia with her family and writing articles for newspapers. She loves reading, writing, art & crafts, singing, cooking and studying. Reach Ashima at ashimagautam43@hotmail.com, at Divine Light Reiki & Crystals on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divinelightreiki43, on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Ashima_Gautam and on her blog here: https://soulmindandheart.wordpress.com/.

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