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Just for Today, Make Your Business Thrive Honestly Using Reiki

Article by Sam L. Amar

When I first learnt Reiki, I started instilling its beautiful energy into every aspect of my life ranging from food and arts to the way I would actually think, imagine and create a business – I was back then a post-graduate business school student. I combined my expertise in entrepreneurship & management with Reiki to create a unique 6-step Reiki based method that works wonderfully well to make a Reiki business thrive – including yours! You will gain clarity on what you need to focus on and heal right now to take your business to the next level!

All you need to prepare beforehand is a Reiki doll (or teddy bear), a piece of paper, a pen and, of course, Reiki energy flowing through you!

Step 1: Hold the Reiki Doll in your hands and associate it with your Reiki business by saying “I choose to associate my Reiki Doll with my Reiki business”.

Step 2: Take a piece of paper and be honest with yourself about where you truly are right now in your entrepreneurial journey and where you want to be. Identify the challenges you may currently face in your business and the clarity you may need in the following categories:

a) Clarity about the raison d’etre of your business. Why did you establish this business? What is it about and what are your business goals? How does it contribute to making a positive impact in the world? Did your business evolve over time and now you wish to head in a new direction but don’t know where or how?

b) Being clear about your offer (good & services you offer, including healing). What exactly does your business offer? How will it benefit others? Which value does it add (or will it add, if you’re offering a new product/service) in your customers’ lives? How do you make it available on the market (online or in person)? How clear is your branding? Are your products fairly priced to make you at least “earn your living honestly” or more? Are you products fairly priced compared to the “market price” (what other businesses providing the same type of goods or services charge for)

c) Clients/students. Did you reach your fullest potential in terms of revenues and growth? How do you connect with potential prospective clients and how great are you at turning them into actual clients? Do past clients come back to you? (if not, why? How can you fix this?) How can you increase your social media exposure, improve your business’ visibility and reach a larger audience?

d) Support/employees/business partnerships. At this stage, do you have or need a like-minded team to support you? If yes, which skill would be top priority? Do you need to improve your relationships with co-workers? Do you need to establish new long-term partnerships to promote your business?

e) Expenses/Operational costs. Based on your business goals, do you have the financial resources to cover all your basic expenses and investment costs? Do you need more financial support? Or should you review your goals, scale them up and adopt a more flexible long-term approach?

Step 3: Connect to Reiki and send healing energy to the Reiki doll, based on the predominant themes and challenges identified by using the symbols you are attuned to as follow – as if you were about to give distance Reiki healing. Each part of the Reiki doll holds a symbolic meaning and is associated with one the 5 categories explained in step 2. Sending healing energy into the relevant zone will naturally heal any block associated to the challenges you may face. I personally always recommend starting off with the “raison d’etre” of a business – the vision and goals you hold for your business. It’s important to make your business’ “raison d’etre” match the type of life you wish to have on Earth to make sure you actually create a business compatible with your ideal lifestyle.


Step 4: Thank Reiki & Dr. Mikao Usui for their help.

Step 5: Be in the flow in the next few days, follow your intuition and get beautiful things done! Remember that making profits is about lowering your costs (when applicable), boosting your profits, nurturing yourself while creating a business compatible with the life you want to have. When you find the perfect balance between the 5 categories mentioned in Step 2, you naturally get the best unique equation for success. Even though each business is unique and, therefore, each equation is unique, Reiki is universal and can help you adjust and balance all the parameters.

Step 6: Repeat the process as much as needed – ideally 10 to 15 minutes daily, before starting off your day: nowadays, the Reiki principle “just for today, earn your living honestly” can also mean “just for today, make your business thrive honestly thanks to Reiki”. Connect with amazing people and let the beauty of Reiki help you take your business to the next level!

Enjoy and make great positive things happen through a successful Reiki business!
And just for today, make your Business thrive honestly thanks to Reiki!

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Sam L. Amar

Sam L. Amar

Sam L. Amar (postgrad & MSc) is a Rainbow Energy Healer, Certified USUI Reiki Master, Transformational Coach and Music Composer. She loves blending her gifts and understanding of the world to serve artistically. Her purpose is to make people smile & shine beautifully above all!

You can connect with her through www.facebook.com/SamLAmarOfficial/

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  • Mahadev April 30, 2016, 6:25 am

    Hi..,really needed one,it motivates me a lot,thanks for sharing wonderful thought.

  • Tina Warren May 2, 2016, 12:05 am

    This idea is awesome. I am learning energy healing and helping people. Not a biz yet, so this will help me get it going. In a way I had not contemplated. sending you Love..

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