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Reiki Master Training: Top 10 Lessons Learned in Thailand

Article by Asha Surti

“Your job is to not be a healer. Your job is to simply be a channel for the healing to occur.” These words spoken to me by Nicholas Harris, RMT, resonated greatly with me as I sat in the Chiang Mai Wellness Centre in Thailand, as a Reiki student there to learn at the master level. I traveled approximately 8400 miles and three plane rides from New Jersey to take a week long course with Nicholas, and I certainly knew at that very moment why. I wanted to not just complete my Reiki Master training in my own state, but to immerse myself in hours of one on one learning in the most spiritual city I knew to exist. I am so happy I did.

Here’s a bit about my travels and a few key points I learned about Reiki from 8th generation RMT Nicholas Harris:

Create a calm and positive space. Set a space to promote healing to occur. This may include lighting incense, burning white sage, setting dim lighting, hanging spiritual artwork, and putting on soft background music. You may also want to meditate in the space, as the strength and quality of intention is important in the development of your Reiki practice.

Pray before and after a session. Create a protective bubble around the client. I do this by mentally stating my affirmations and thank you’s when opening and closing a session.

Opening prayers may include:

  •  Only the best energies are coming to me. x3
  •  I am a clear, open channel for Reiki for the benefit of everyone.
  •  I am divinely guided, protected and supported. Thank you.

Closing prayers may include:

  •  Thank the client for receiving the Reiki treatment.
  •  Thank yourself for having given the Reiki treatment.
  •  Thank the Reiki energy for channeling through you.
  •  Thank the Reiki energy for continuing to work with the client for as long as is needed.
  •  Consecration. “I dedicate the fruit of this healing to the divine. Please accept.”
chiang mai

Image by Henry_Wang

Imagine a bubble surrounding you and washing any of their energy away to disconnect from the session. In addition, it is important to remember to wash your hands with cold water to disconnect from the energy.

Ask the client for permission. This includes either doing an in person healing session, or for distance healing. Ask your client if they are OK with you touching them, if you are guided to do hands on Reiki. It is comforting for the client to know what to expect, and more importantly– feel safe. When referring to distance healing, ask the universe for permission. You will know whether you feel guided to channel Reiki to the person, animal or object. I remember once attempting to do Reiki after my level 2 training towards a family member, however the universe shut me down immediately. Every time I pictured her, I just could not connect. I knew that the individual may have not been ready for the healing process to occur, and just ended the image by surrounding her with love and light.

Follow your intuition during a session. During my past trainings, I was constantly preoccupied with following the outlined hand positions along the chakras. Trust yourself, your intuition and the universe to the positions guided to you. Healing will most definitely reach the areas it needs to go. If you feel a magnetic pull along certain areas, stay there as long as need be. I learned not to rush through the positions but to follow my instincts. If thoughts go astray, remember to come back with visualizing and repeating Cho Ku Rei. It will realign your mindset and energies to continue with the healing process.

Integrate Reiki as a part of your life experiences. I found myself using Reiki during my travels, whether it be visualizing Cho Ku Rei’s in my hotel room to protect myself and my belongings, or seeing it before and after stepping onto the plane for my close to thirty hour journey. I used Sei Hei Ki to beam Reiki to a small child who was screaming and crying on the plane and had difficulty calming himself. I watched him slowly fall asleep into his mother’s arms a few minutes later. I used Cho Ku Rei when I heard the ambulance from my room in Old City, assisting a woman loudly shrieking at 4 a.m. I imagined a woman being surrounded and protected by the symbol and drawing it along the streets surrounding my hotel for safety and protection.

Continue to practice self Reiki daily. Remember that we also need to constantly tune our energies, protect, and continue our journey of healing ourselves from within. It is a constant practice, and keeping balanced is vital to being a practitioner. I generally have an evening session of self Reiki for about twenty minutes, laying on back with one hand over my heart and the other wherever it may fall. It also gives me a sense of calm, allowing me to feel warm and protected as I fall asleep.

Live in moderation. I initially thought it was very important to engage immediately in a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising, meditating, and avoiding alcohol. I realized although lifestyle changes are important and need to align with the work you are practicing, it is important to enjoy life as well, in whichever form that means to you! During my week in Chiang Mai, I enjoyed my green curry and rice regularly, meditated in temples, received daily massages, and even had an occasional drink while listening to jazz music alongside some locals. I realized as long as I listened to my body, I would naturally come into balance and alignment. This allowed me to not just enjoy my week of training, but practice self care in a meaningful way as well.

Listen to your body. There will be points in time, we ourselves will feel drained, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. If you feel yourself beginning to get ill, take care of yourself and needs first. I’d consider this extremely important as a practitioner. Midweek during my training, I begin to feel as if I was coming down with a cold and fever. I was honest and open with my teacher, who encouraged me to take time to myself to recharge. I used the day to sleep in, eat well, meditate, go for a walk, attend an herbal steam (which was glorious) to detox. I accepted that it was OK to take care of myself, and came back to the course with a clear mindset and more energy than when I first started!

Leave time before and after a session for conversation. Many practitioners make the mistake of limiting a 45-60 minute time slot for one client, which mostly encompasses just Reiki. I remember receiving Reiki for the first time a few years back, and the practitioner barely spoke to me. It did not allow me to feel safe, protected or connected in any form. I would generally book a 90 time slot if possible, stating to the client that the Reiki session itself will occur for approximately 45-60 min, with time before and after for questions and comments. This also allows you to create a rapport with the client, and it is more likely for them to return for a session in the future if they also feel a sense of trust.

Lastly, keep it simple. Trust your intuition and the universe. Let go of all ego. Again, it comes back to not being a healer, but simply a channel for healing to occur. Remember you did not choose Reiki, it chose you. And you’re off! Many blessings to you! A special thanks to Nicholas Harris for inspiring me to write this, and guiding me to continue on my personal journey with Reiki.

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Asha Surti

Asha Surti

Asha Surti is an Occupational Therapist who studied at Boston University, and a Reiki Master currently practicing in Hoboken, NJ. She completed her training with leading RMT and Hypnotherapist Nicholas Harris in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She was inspired to integrate holistic healing practices into her work by her late aunt, Urmila Surti, who was a RMT in India. She believes everyone has the ability to heal themselves, and feels guided to assist others in their journey; she is currently researching integrating two of her passions, OT and Reiki in serving children with special needs, particularly on the autism spectrum. She can be followed on Instagram @ReikiTraveler, or contacted at www.reikitraveler.com

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  • Maria Bateman April 2, 2016, 9:32 pm

    Thank you Asha, I practice in the same manner, its lovely to hear a fellow practitioner with the same experience. Love & Light

  • Darshna Rana April 3, 2016, 8:02 pm

    Asha I loved reading about your experience. As always, your words are like food for the soul. It’s so inspiring that you’re trying to incorporate your experience with RMT into your OT sessions with your students. Great job!

  • SerenaRaye April 4, 2016, 3:43 am

    Thank you for this article, it contained everything I needed at this present time! Amazing how the universe aligns us with our needs so perfectly when we listen! Blessings to you xx

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