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A Reframe in Love

Article by Joanne Prendergast

It is widely accepted that we are infinite souls having a human experience. We value our true essence which is love, by agreeing upon soul contracts that take us through a journey of amnesia and through an illusion of separation. For as long as I can remember, I found it difficult to accept the message of God being thought in my Irish home, school and church. To me God was simply unconditional Love, where sin and fear had no place. Through the years I have found my truth in Reiki.

Every time I connect with Reiki, by giving or receiving, I am in awe of the transformational effect it can have on the physical, emotional and mental body. The practice develops awareness by tuning into the subtle etheric body and the benefits are manifested on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. In order to harmonize our physical and spiritual nature, the lower chakras related to basic survival instincts are equally as important as the higher chakras that govern our mental characteristics and feelings related to thought and consciousness. This results in a wonderful feeling of wellbeing through a merging of our higher self into the stream of universal consciousness. In a world filled with noise and chaos it is easy to cease listening to the song of our souls and become disconnected and ungrounded to the cosmic forces of the universe.

A reframe in Love

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One year into my marriage to my partner of 12 years, father to my 3 children, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Another year down the line and still working towards a cure, I have had massive leaps of growth and expansion within this experience. Last year, in the face of this diagnosis I decided to welcome this crisis as a blessing and all that we or I was to learn within this. I offered up my pain, fear and struggles to spirit and opened my heart to trust, intuition and learning. It has been a consistent struggle between heart and mind. When I feel the ego mind edging me toward taking on a victim identity having to juggle the entire family, work and care for my husband, I instantly feel the lowering of my vibration. When I reframe each situation in a lesson in love, stop, I am flooded with higher vibrational energies of hope and faith. This discipline is a result of my connection To my higher self thanks to Reiki. This inward shift has allowed me the most authentic connection to Source/God/Love than ever before in my life. That’s where you observe the life unfolding as a witness, with no judgement just acceptance. That’s when you align with your true essence of LOVE and reject the opposite which is FEAR. I honour my Reiki journey and trust I will be taken to the next stage when I am ready.

Joanne Prendergast

Joanne Prendergast

Joanne Prendergast offers treatments in Reiki and Divine Essence Crystal Healing. Joanne discovered the profound positive effects of Reiki in 2012 and extended studies at the Dublin Holistic Centre where she attuned to Reiki Mastership. Joanne incorporated Crystals to treatments and trained in Divine Essence Crystal Healing where an intimate connection is formed to the crystal kingdom.

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