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The Full Moon Bonfire and Archangel Nathaniel

Article by Ashwini Chubé

We all know that Full Moon is a time to let go of all that does not serve us. The upcoming Full Moon on 23rd March 2016 is also a special one. Not just because it is close to the equinox but also because it is the festival of Holi in India and many cultures. Although Holi is more about the festival of colours it is also the night of bonfire in which all the families dispose of all the old and worn out things in order to make room for the new. Also the bonfire consists of dried leaves, twigs, branches of tree etc. The entire cluster is set fire to and people worship the fire and throw coconuts in it as an offering.

This Full Moon we can do a small ritual along with Reiki symbols and Angels. This ritual can be done by anyone and everyone irrespective of your religion and faith.

Of late I have been getting a lot of guidance to take help from Archangel Nathaniel to manifest. Nathaniel means “Gift of God”. His colour is red and he helps you manifest desires and letting go of all the garbage. In today’s article, we’ll talk about him and how can we seek his help in doing a fire prayer.

The Full Moon Bonfire and Archangel Nathaniel

Image by KKatek8

How to Do the Ritual
  1. We are first going to decide what we want to manifest and then find all that acts as an obstacle in the process and then to let go of them. If you want you can write it down on a piece of paper, which can be burnt off in the fire.
  2. Make sure you go to an open space or a garden or a park or a beach.
  3. Next gather wood or twigs or papers and put them all together.
  4. Now add Reiki symbols to the ingredients. If you are a master you can invoke the Dai Ko Myo and ask all masters to bless you.
  5. Ask your guardian angels, masters and Archangel Michael to protect you as you do this ritual.
  6. Light up the fire and add rock salt to it. You can further add dried herbs of your choice to add aroma.
  7. Look at the Full Moon and ask her to support you in this ritual.
  8. Next invoke Archangel Nathaniel, the Angel of Fire and the Angel of Purification. He is also the angel of manifestation. Ask Archangel Nathaniel to help you focus only on that which you desire or on what you wish to manifest. Ask him to remove fears and self-doubts from your mind. Ask him to burn all obstacles with his fire. If you have written on paper, add the paper here. Imagine all the obstacles getting burnt. If you are not sure of what are your obstacles, ask Nathaniel to identify those and burn them.
  9. Thank the energies and the angels.
  10. Let the fire burn off completely.

Thus this ritual will help us let go of all our issues on the Full Moon day and help us being clear of our manifestation goals. Hope this article helps.

Here is wishing happy Holi to all who celebrate and everyone enjoy the bonfire!

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Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube

After doing her MBA in finance and working for 8 years in investment banking Ashwini discovered her life purpose and decided to make a choice to be a transformational trainer, life coach, motivational speaker, and a spiritual teacher. She says Reiki helped her find her soul mission.
In 2016 May Ashwini founded Unicorn Insight – a corporate training company. Unicorn Insight trained over 100 people in the first 15 months. Ashwini also founded and runs a recruiting and networking firm – Tree of life. Ashwini has co-founded Urja Wellness and Joy for wellness and all these brands are now part of the Unicorn Group.
Ashwini is a master teacher of Usui Reiki, Violet Flame healing, Angelic healing and is an Access bars facilitator. She has been certified as a trainer by Dale Carnegie. Ashwini is also a mind trainer, an angel card, and tarot reader as well as a teacher and conducts workshops on Reiki, Violet flame, Law of Attraction, Gratitude, Vision Boards and Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Akashic records and is a certified Fairiologist. She is a regular speaker at HELP talks Mumbai. The Breakthrough workshop is a life-changing workshop where she teaches tools to empower and change your life.
Get in touch with Ashwini through her Website: www.unicorninsight.com or at ashwini.chube@unicorninsight.com. Her Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/unicorninsight

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  • Dhwani March 23, 2016, 6:15 am

    Awesome Ashwini…. 🙂

  • nivedita March 25, 2016, 9:33 am

    Useful article Ashwini but what if someone miss the bonfire? Can we do d same ritual at our home with some little fire like our daily aarti

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