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Release and Resolved Relationship – March 8th and 9th Eclipse Time

Article by Dhwani Parikh

Solar Eclipse has one of the biggest transformational energies. The eclipse will begin at 23:19 UTC on March 8, 2016, and its maximum point will take place at 01:59 UTC on March 9, 2016. Totality will last for 4 minutes and 9 seconds. In the solar eclipse, the moon is coming in between of the sun and the earth. The moon has the most powerful energy at this time because it gets all the energy from the sun and brings it to us in the calm and peaceful way. We feel hot when we get energy from the sun directly, whereas the energy from the moon calms our minds. Many people believe that it causes blindness by seeing by eyes and many evils are out. Many of the religion people do different rituals on this day. This time, we have a full solar eclipse of about 4 minutes and it is followed by the New moon on 9th of March. This is very auspicious time for all the Reiki healers.

The solar eclipse brings the energy which heals us in a different ways. In this time, we need to look inside deep down and bring all the negativity, issues and anything which is bothering us from inside need to be communicated and healed. Many of us have problems with the life partners or problems with any other relationships. We compromise a lot to balance our relationship in a daily manner. As each and every one of us is unique and different, we have to accept this variability to run our life smoothly. This is time to communicate the things which are buried deep down in our hearts. Due to lack of this communication, we had many break-ups and heart breaks in different relationships. This could be a mother-daughter relation, in which, they haven’t communicated what is really needed and that’s why missing the real love which is already there. Many of the times, we don’t know how to communicate or what to communicate.

Today we are going to do a meditation which will not only guide you, but also bring the best out of each relationship.

Release and resolved Relationship- March 8th & 9th Eclipse time

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This meditation technique is Gendai Reiki Ho originated by Mr. Hiroshi Doi in Japan. This method of Reiki cleanses our body and channelizes all the energy in the proper flow. With this meditation, we will have Gassho which is also like Namaste in India. A similar position of the hands is kept during this meditation. Gassho denotes reverence and gratitude for the Reiki healing energy and healing to us and our clients. In this meditation, waka is also recited. That is a different set of poems written by Emperor Meiji. We can use affirmations if we want to.


  • Sit peacefully on the ground and ground yourself. Breathe deeply.
  • Make a funnel-like shape with your palms and face them to the sky to absorb all the energy from the eclipse.
  • Do your Reiki prayer and get all the energy from the eclipse.
  • And after that come to Gassho position. Make sure your biggest fingers from the both hands reach to the third eye chakra.
  • Now, call all angels and ask their help to guide you throughout the meditation.
  • For your clients, you can perform the same meditation by asking them to visualize the same.
  • Now think about all the relationship which is bringing poison to your life. Think about all the people who brings you only negativity. Cut all the cords with them mentally and release them. Think that they are going too far from you and even in their presence you are perfectly fine.
  • Now, think about the relationships you really love in your life. But due to some issues, they are in trouble. Think of the memories which make you feel trouble. Ask all the memories to dissolve all the negativity and have peace with them.
  • Think about the things you are not communicating to people and because of those, you are facing a lot more issues and have to compromise. Tell your angel to guide you to communicate with the concerned person.
  • Make peace with all the relationship issues with this eclipse. Like the eclipse is over and new moon is coming, all the problems and hurdles will over and new bonds are strengthening.
  • See yourself at peace with each and every relationship and have gratitude for all the people who bring every single happy moment to your life.
  • Feel the gratitude, say thanks to angels and make new intentions with the new moon and put them into the wish box and give Reiki every single day.

Reiki is not only divine energy which heals, but it also makes our thoughts in action and gives power to the vibrations of the thoughts and sends them faster to the universe to manifest for the highest good.

Lots of love and light!

Stay Blessed!

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Dhwani Parikh
Dhwani Parikh

Founder & CEO of Race is Not Over, Astrologer, motivational speaker, counselor, pharmacist & Reiki Master Dhwani Parikh is the founder of "Race is Not Over" and a pharmacist by profession, attuned to master level Reiki. She has started her journey with Reiki nearly 14 years ago. She has given at least 4-6 Reiki healing sessions per week globally from these many years. She is an astrologer and gives remedies based on planetary positions combined with Reiki healing. She has an in-depth understanding of chakras, natural healing, energy healing, effect of planetary position on Reiki energy and healing. She has travelled across 18 countries. She is voracious reader and university topper in her studies. She has reduced 14+kgs of weight using Reiki and natural remedies. Also, consulted for weight management and healthy living successfully. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada.
You can reach Dhwani on reikimasterdhwani@gmail.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/raceisnotover/

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  • Ashwini Chube March 8, 2016, 12:18 pm

    As always …brilliant!!
    thanks for sharing and stay blessed!!

    • Dhwani March 8, 2016, 1:20 pm

      Thank you Ashwini… 🙂 God bless you!

      Lots of love and light!

  • Hemali March 8, 2016, 12:48 pm

    Thanks for the guidance.

    • Dhwani March 8, 2016, 1:21 pm

      Thank you Hemali and god bless you!!

      Lots of love and light! 🙂

  • Dhruv Gajjar March 8, 2016, 4:13 pm

    awesome article… keep it up and keep sharing such information with all of us.

  • Abhishek March 9, 2016, 2:10 am

    Thankyou Dhwani for sharing this article and I thought eclipse is always inauspicious.

    • Dhwani March 9, 2016, 2:54 am

      Thank you Abhishek for your comment. You are right in a way as we are not starting anything new in this. Only once new moon started, but that energy helps us to leave all negative behind..

      God bless you

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