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The Color Red

Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

The color red is a vibrant color, full of energy. We have strong associations with red, both negative and positive. Negative vibrations include those of danger, anger and fiery heat. There is a reason why stop signs throughout the world are red, and the image of an evil devil is shown in red. Red is an extreme color, often representing both sides of a coin at the same time. A perfect example of this is our own blood. Blood is a very important substance, as circulating blood sustains life in our physical bodies. Yet, when blood is not healthy, due to poor nutrition, heart disease or cancer; or, it leaves our body due to assault or injury, it can lead to physical death.

In human relationships, red can represent love, or anger. Frequently, we express love through red roses, a special Valentine card, or a red heart-shaped box of chocolates. Red is associated with sexual expression in ways, both positive (luxurious red silk nightwear) or negative (red-light districts). Anger is also expressed within the context of human relationships. “He was so angry he saw red.” “She was caught red-handed.”

As Reiki practitioners and students in deepening our understanding of energy, let us focus on the positive aspects of red. Focus on its warm, earthy tones – the reds of a sunset, or the richness of autumn leaves. Associated with the Root, or base chakra, it can help us to feel more secure and grounded. Our anxieties lessen, and our strengths grow as we learn to embrace life’s problems. When problems zap our energy levels, causing tiredness and apathy, a good dose of red vibrations can improve energy levels. Stability, as well as passionate, motivating energies can be restored.

The Color Red

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In our Reiki practices, it would be helpful to consider the color red more often. Generally, we focus on the colors more frequently associated with healing, such as purple, blue and green. Because each person is a spiritual being living within human conditions, life on earth can certainly be difficult. We can lose a job and feel insecure and anxious, wondering where to find money to pay our bills. We are frightened by crime rates in our cities and terrorists throughout the world. We worry when a natural disaster hits close to home. Embracing the color red can help us to find peace and security in our lives. We can intentionally bring red vibrations into Reiki sessions when we are giving Reiki to areas associated with the Root chakra. It seems almost every client has some physical issues associated with legs, knees, ankles or feet.

One of the most fun ways to enhance red energies is through food – so many delectable selections. There are tomatoes, red peppers, beets, apples, strawberries, cranberries, radishes, the list goes on. Wearing the color red brings vibrant energy into your aura, as well as to the environment surrounding you. Politicians and other persons in powerful positions often wear red items to enhance their strong image. It is no accident that so many national flags throughout the world contain the color red.

There is a belief that every thought a person has is either based in love or fear. Within a few minutes, each of us can have thoughts within both realms. We can choose to live in love or fear; bringing the positive aspects of the color red into our lives will increase the thoughts of love, and decrease the ones of fear. Live within the positive energies of red!

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Deborah Lloyd
Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master and certified holistic therapy practitioner, providing Reiki sessions and training in Asheville, NC. Deborah is the author of two books, 22 Messages from the Archangels; and, Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons. She is also one of the co-authors of Reiki 101: 101 Answers for Your Reiki Questions. Reach Deborah at http://www.deblloydhealing.com/, deb@deblloydhealing.com and at Deb Lloyd Healing on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/deblloydhealing)

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