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Article by Ashwini Chubé

Transmutation: What and Why?

We as human beings face fear, anger, pain and suffering. These are 3rd dimensional ego based emotions and are not heart based; hence must be released and transmuted. Energy cannot be made, created nor can it be destroyed. It can however be transmuted.

Transmutation is a process of changing fearful thoughts and feelings into a loving vibration. It is like alchemy where base metals are turned into gold. Transmutation raises your vibrations and raises the soul to a state of unity with divine.

How do we transmute the lower vibrations?

There could be many ways to do this as eventually it is all energy. However, below are stated a few ways in which you can transmute energy. I would suggest you use the best technique which resonates with you.

1. Violet flame and Silver – Golden and the Cosmic Diamond Violet flame

The Violet Flame is a divine healing as well as transmutation tool given to us by Ascended Master Saint Germain. It is a sacred flame of transmutation that exists only on the Higher Dimensions. Some call Violet Flame as the Spiritual Alchemy in action. Just as Alchemy is said to turn Lead into Gold, the ultimate purpose of the Violet Flame is to turn the Human into the real crude divine human form.

The history of violet flame goes back to the era of Atlantis. The high priests of Atlantis used the violet flame as a healing and transmutation tool. However, later fearing its misuse, it was withdrawn by the great masters. It was again brought to planet earth in the 20th century in the 1980s. Since then the violet flame wave has been spreading all over the planet by the light workers.


Image by h.koppdelaney

One can be attuned to the energy of the violet flame by a master. When you pass the level of violet flame, raise your vibrations and ascend yourself, you become eligible yourself for the silver violet flame. Just like violet flame, the silver violet flame needs a master to attune you after which you yourself can attune others. However, with the Gold violet flame and the Diamond violet flame energies auto attune you when you are ready.

You can consult a violet flame master to get yourself connected or attuned to the energies. Also, there is a lot of material available online by Elizabeth Clair Prophet, Diana Cooper and many more spiritual authors. Read it and if you feel the calling, seek a master to learn it.

2. Fire

Fire is known to transmute the lower vibrations and raise the frequency. Fire can really burn away debris of dark struck energy and replace them with beautiful positive force. Ancient religions of the east have been worshipping fire as a source of cleaning and transmutation.

When we cook food on the flame, the same principle follows, doesn’t it? We put all the raw ingredients in the cooking utensils or on a raw flame and they come out as cooked and in an edible form. Even when we sterilise the utensils or medical devices by putting them in boiling water, it is the energy of the fire that transmutes the impurities in it.Young children and infants are many times given ‘boiled’ water. It is actually a process of transmutation itself.

Fire both in its physical and spiritual form can help us burn unwanted stuff to get rid of it. In case you are facing any fears, troubles or worries, you can write them on piece of paper and set them on fire. This works like anything.

3. Dragons

Dragons are higher dimensional beings who are said to be very powerful. They are pivotal to transmute dense lower vibrational energy. Many religions of the east give special importance to Dragons and worship them.


Image by Josch13

The Elemental Dragons as the name suggests represent the 4 elements and are said to be 4th Dimensional beings who help you transmute dense dark heavy energy. They can be specifically invoked for clearing the negativity.

Elemental Dragons are of 4 types:

Elemental Dragon



Burning negative energy


Protecting lands and territories


To replace old energy with new energy


Development of creativity and emotional balance

4. Reiki and Karuna Reiki

Reiki symbols can act as major transmutation instruments. Remember intention is everything.

Usui Reiki symbols like Dai Ko Myo and Cho Ku Rei, can help you transmute lower energies. In addition to that, if you are a Karuna Reiki practitioner, you can use the Rama symbol.

The Karuna Reiki symbol Rama can help burn lower negative energies. Rama works in specific capacity to burn negative energy specifically in the lower chakras. Tune in Rama for 21 days at a stretch to clean yourself completely of negative energy. Just keep on giving Rama symbol to yourself and take a salt water bath and a gargle regularly. You will feel lighter. Ask Rama symbol to replace negative energy with positive each time you do it.

5. Crystals

Crystals like Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and Amethyst are known as transmuting agents. You may spend minimum 15 minutes daily with the crystals to help them clean your aura and transmute the negative energies.

Seek help from a crystal expert on their usage. Remember to cleanse the crystals with water or candle light or by burying them in mother earth or by incense smoke each time before using them.

6. Herbs and Plants

Nature has a big share in transmutation. It could be surprising, but Mother Nature has her own solution to every problem. Herbs and flowers like lavender, rosemary, orchids, sage and cloves act as big healing and transmutation agents. They can be either used as herbs or flowers or burnt or used as essential oils.

7. Angels

My favourite and the best and easiest way to transmute energies. We can primarily seek assistance from 2 archangels: Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Michael. Simply light a candle and ask the angels to transmute anything that doesn’t serve you.

  • Sit in a comfortable position either sitting or lying down.
  • Call upon your higher self and guides.
  • You can burn a violet candle or a violet teal light.
  • Violet is the colour of transmutation.
  • Now invoke the presence of Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Michael.
  • Ask them to help you transmute all that doesn’t serve you.
  • Imagine you putting all the dark areas in your aura in a box and handling that box to Angels.
  • Now ask them to fill your aura up with their light.
8. Rock Salt and Salt Water Bath

One of the most effective way to transmute dark energies is to rub rock salt in your aura or even better take a rock salt water bath. You can add the Reiki symbols to the bathtub. This is an instant way to transmute the negative energies.

Finally, know that intention is everything. Although the above mentioned list acts as a guide, there may be more methods to transmute. Do whatever suits you the best. Keep your vibration high. In case you are bogged down by lower vibrations, immediately detach yourself and ask the energies to help you stay aloof. Wishing you all the luck and love as you raise your vibrations.

Love and Light!

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Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube

After doing her MBA in finance and working for 8 years in investment banking Ashwini discovered her life purpose and decided to make a choice to be a transformational trainer, life coach, motivational speaker, and a spiritual teacher. She says Reiki helped her find her soul mission.
In 2016 May Ashwini founded Unicorn Insight – a corporate training company. Unicorn Insight trained over 100 people in the first 15 months. Ashwini also founded and runs a recruiting and networking firm – Tree of life. Ashwini has co-founded Urja Wellness and Joy for wellness and all these brands are now part of the Unicorn Group.
Ashwini is a master teacher of Usui Reiki, Violet Flame healing, Angelic healing and is an Access bars facilitator. She has been certified as a trainer by Dale Carnegie. Ashwini is also a mind trainer, an angel card, and tarot reader as well as a teacher and conducts workshops on Reiki, Violet flame, Law of Attraction, Gratitude, Vision Boards and Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Akashic records and is a certified Fairiologist. She is a regular speaker at HELP talks Mumbai. The Breakthrough workshop is a life-changing workshop where she teaches tools to empower and change your life.
Get in touch with Ashwini through her Website: www.unicorninsight.com or at ashwini.chube@unicorninsight.com. Her Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/unicorninsight

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  • nivedita March 5, 2016, 5:51 am

    Superb article Ashwini thanks for sharing

  • Ripan March 5, 2016, 8:49 am

    Very nice article. Articulated tough subject in simple language

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    Superb article Ashwini… 🙂

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    Thank you so much for sharing this excellent informaion.It will help others a lot.

  • Rathi June 13, 2016, 12:58 pm

    Awesome…. Great tips very innovative to practice.
    Superb ashwini ji.

  • Roni Feit January 1, 2018, 5:53 pm

    Please clarify. On May 15,2014, there was an article written on using the Violet Flame for removing blockages. In this article it was stated we need to be attuned to the Violet Flame. For the past 3 years I have been using the Violet Flame in my healing sessions. I sometimes feel called to ask St Germain for assistance other time AA Zadkiel. Am I not using the Violet Flame energy as I thought? Is asking for AA Zadkiel’s assistance for transmutation not being used? Thanks for your guidance.


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