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Reiki and Crystal Energy

Article by Lisa Rose Lodeski

I’ve always loved crystals, rocks, minerals, and colorful gemstones. So, for me, Reiki and Crystal Energy were natural companions for a healing Reiki sessions since the early days of my practice. In December, 2013, I received my certification as a Reiki Crystal Healing Practitioner and started working with crystal grids in my Reiki practice for the benefit of my clients. In this article, I share with you two ways that I work with crystals. The first is using methods I learned in my certification training which are proprietary to Laurelle Shanti Gaia; and the other is my own method of letting the crystals do the talking. Let’s start there.

The first in my family of crystals was rose quartz. I was in a crystal shop in Hawaii feeling around in bin of tumbled rose quartz when one of the pieces I touched seemed to buzz. I held onto it, pulled my hand out of the bin and had a look. It was pretty. It felt good in my hand. The stone had an energy that felt like it wanted to work with me. That’s the key. Felt Like It Wanted To Work With Me. There was no doubt that this particular crystal was going to be the first in my collection. That day, I also found a set of 10 crystals that were round, about the size of a quarter, polished, and came with a travel case shaped like a folding wallet with each crystal in it’s own little velvet pocket. I took each crystal out and felt the buzz. Sold. Reiki and Crystal Energy were now my partners in practice. But, how would I know which crystals to use in sessions?

After buying and thumbing through The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, I quickly decided there was no way I was going to be able to memorize every description, and recommended use for each crystal in the book. So, I decided to let the crystals tell me what I needed to know before, during, and after a Reiki and Crystal Energy session. Here’s how I do it.

After purchase, I clear my crystals with Reiki, a 24-hour rest in sea salt, and a Full-Moon bath. Before use, I check each crystal with dowsing (using a pendulum) to be certain they are clear. If not, I clear them again with Reiki. After I create an energy field of Reiki and welcome my client to the table, I go to the crystals, all laid out on a nearby table, and pick-up each one for a quick feel. The crystals that are ready, willing, and able to work with me on that day feel for this particular session feel alive and energized vs. feeling like dead stone. After working with crystals for a short time, you’ll begin to quickly recognize the difference between working and non-working stones for your session. Because I’m also an intuitive, I “see” in my third eye where to place the crystals, be it on or near the physical body of my client during the session. Sometimes I place the crystals before I formally start the session, sometimes I place them after the start, as guided.

Occasionally I will use a special crystal form in a Reiki and Crystal Energy session, such as a pointed or Vogel crystal to assist with a particular job like amplifying Reiki energy at a specific chakra or within the aura. Broken hearts hold a rose quartz as that particular crystal seems to be helpful in the in the love department. I might also create a stand-alone crystal grid, infuse it with Reiki, and slide it under the Reiki table to work from the bottom while I work from the top. I often use clear, crystal quartz for it’s ability to hold and direct energy. It’s an interesting practice because crystals have their own energy; they absorb and radiate energy; they can be infused or cleared of energy; and recharged with their own energy. Although I try not to get caught up in particular descriptive meanings about crystals from books, it is at times helpful to understand the natural vibration and traditional or ancient uses of crystals for natural healing work.

I’ve noticed over time and many sessions that some crystals are hot when I remove them after the session and usually the temperature corresponds with the amount of Reiki energy that was pulled into that area. This confirms for me that the crystal was doing it’s work and also that what I was intuiting during the sessions was correct as I directed Reiki energy to my client.

When going “by the book” for Reiki and Crystal Energy sessions, I refer to my Crystal Healing manual from my certification class which uses specific, tried and true, crystal grids designed in various combinations of crystals that basically do all the work while I deliver Reiki to the grid. It is an amazing experience!

During my Crystal Healing training, I experienced the many ways that crystals and crystal grids could be used instead of the traditional hand positions in a Reiki session. Working with partners, we created crystal grids around the person receiving Reiki and beamed Reiki to the grid which did the heavy work. The particular grids we learned to use are proprietary so I can’t share them with you here, but I can describe the effects and how it felt while working with them.

In one-session, for example, we were using clear quartz crystal to direct energy as part of a grid. I was on the floor receiving Reiki and I felt energy crawling up my legs as if there were bugs or ants underneath my skin. I didn’t know which way the crystals were set up to move energy, whether it was up or down, as that was part of experience. I felt the energy moving up. When my practice session was over, and I was able to view the grid, I saw the crystals were pointing up. This experience was repeated accurately with my fellow practitioners also being trained. So, I was sensitive to the movement of the energy through the crystals and through my own physical body. I’ve found this to be true in my own practice with clients. They feel the direction of the energy without knowing the direction of the crystal points in the grid. We learned how to create a variety of grids for different types of results: Chakra balancing, aura clearing, strengthening the etheric field, mental/emotional cleansing and re-patterning, and manifesting for example.

Whenever I know the reason why someone is coming for a session in advance, for example, to alleviate grief, I’ll do my research in advance online or in The Crystal Bible to discover which crystals have a historic healing use for that issue to use in the session. I also will infuse a crystal with Reiki to give to my client for home use. I love using crystals and crystal grids in my practice and my clients do, too. It’s a wonderful addition to a Reiki practice.

For the skeptics! Crystals have been used for their ability to hold and direct energy for a long time. Ever hear of crystal quartz watch? It’s not the glass cover on the face of the watch that is the crystal! It’s a clear, quartz crystal installed inside the watch that regulates an electronic oscillator creating a precise frequency that keeps perfect time. Quartz is used to keep time in computers and most appliances with a clock. Quartz is interesting in that if you squeeze it, it will create a tiny bit of electricity. If you send electricity through quartz, it vibrates at a precise frequency depending on it’s shape and size. Quartz works with energy! Reiki is energy. Great match, natural combo. And that’s just one type of crystal!

I hope I’ve piqued your interest in Reiki and Crystal Energy today, and that you’ll give it a try in your practice! Thank you for reading. I appreciate you!

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Lisa Rose Lodeski
Lisa Rose Lodeski

Lisa Rose Lodeski is an Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master practicing and teaching in California and Hawaii, and by distance around the world. She is also an Intuitive and Soul Coach. Lisa Rose is preparing to launch an online class, Awaken Your Natural Intuition. To get in touch with Lisa Rose or to learn more about this class, visit her website www.trulyliving.net.

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  • Krista Diamond March 11, 2016, 8:17 pm

    Thank you so much for this, I am incorporating crystals with my energy work!

  • Viol August 28, 2016, 11:34 pm

    It’s there a place on line for me to buy the quartz like the one you have in your article. Also, we’re can I take a crystal healing course online. Thanks. My email is violawiley@gmail.com

    I liked your article very much !

    • Lisa Rose Lodeski March 12, 2020, 8:33 pm

      Hi Viol,
      Thanks for reading my article and leaving a comment! The quartz crystal you see in the pics can be found any crystal shops with a wide inventory of specialized crystal shapes. You may find one online. My Crystal Healing course was in person; I don’t have a recommendation for an online version.

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