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Reiki & Astrology: Blending Universal Wisdoms

Article by Isabella Dove, Reiki Master

Many seem to agree on the fact that astrology is often considered a spooky practice and suffers from lack of credibility by tenets of scientific practices. Whether stigmatisation is scientifically based, voluntarily or not, the very fact of considering astrology a non-scientific practice is equivalent to a denial of its origins in astronomy, which is a scientifically acclaimed theory connected to astro-physics.

Maybe the fact that mainstream-astrology-as-we-know-it tends to break down complex formula of planetary movements into simple reader-friendly literature probably disturbs the so-called scientific crowd. Alternatively, an over-simplification of astrology readings is perceived as charlatanism. Well this often applies to many practices beyond astrology as a matter of fact! The art of divination is invaluable though and even emperors kings, and political leaders of several centuries in a row used it and still use it to a certain extend as a way to add parameters to strategies and deal agreements. They may not admit it openly, though! There is a sort of accepted wisdom within astrology, regardless of what scientific tenets may or may not agree upon.

Astrologers and healers alike put forward endeavor to describe and present the invaluable assets of their practice and in my view are allies in these efforts. Healers would go at great length to present to you the inherent value of wisdom within natural healing, likewise astrologers who would explain to you in details if you let them do so, the great benefits you can learn to observe in your life just by considering to give attention to planetary movements. Wisdom is an ability to see reality as it truly is in its essence and to uncover acceptance and interest in seeing reality as such. As a result a sense of well-ease [as opposed to dis-ease] will flow giving a sense of detachment from a self-centered experience. In other words, be conscious of creating a reality and detach from the sticky ego-label.

Let’s clear the bush a bit on the connection between planetary movements and our life. First of all, astrology is a technique that uses astronomy data and scientific calculations to interpret the influence of planets on life and events. These influences can be measured, and astronomical events can be observed, some of them even at naked eye, such as eclipses. The fact that there is an interpretation to these events has often given astrological divination a sort of faith-based label. Believe it or not, indigenous populations in many parts of the world have come a long way in using these divinations for constructing complex cosmogony systems. Yet, those who criticised astrological interpretations as “possible truths” often tend to also deny that there are traditional ways in the human collective consciousness to refer to cultural habits that are deeply connected to the cycle of nature. Examples abound with agricultural crops – sowing seeds before full moon and not after respectively for some crops and not for others – traditional tales about having a haircut before a full moon to see them grow faster and after full moon if you don’t want that – animals are also known to be sensitive to full moons. In ancient India, the Vedic used to refer to the planets in their research on chakras, and resonance with human bodies and consciousness. Vedic astrology is strongly connected with natural healing techniques such as ayurveda and it is quite regular to have an ayurvedic doctor inquire about your astrological sign.

In Ancient China, Emperors used to refer to the Yi-King and had their own personal astrologer to ponder about decisions on wars, agreements, land sale, auspicious days for trade deals, weddings, funerals and crops. The Buddhist calendar in South East Asian Countries such as Thailand, Lao and Cambodia is still part of daily life and rhythms holidays as much as the moon rhythms offerings to the temples. Islam also has its share of tales originating in astrological background. So mainly it is a form of intellectual supremacy of some sort that probably stigmatised “randomness” from main critical thinking trends over the years of evolution. Waiving consideration to holistic practices and astrology often goes hand in hand with rational thinking. Now let’s try to see how we can integrate them, instead.

Image by andyarthur

Experience and observation may indeed provide invaluable insights on how to the combination of data may bring evidence of the connection between holistic therapeutic practices and the use of astrological tools.

Some of these tools or parameters are

  1. Calculation of the Rising Sign;
  2. Positions of the houses or areas of the astrological chart that influence respectively some areas of life;
  3. Positions of the Moon in the Sun sign and Rising sign;
  4. Aspects between Sun and Moon with key planets;
  5. Transits of planets at a certain time of life on the position of natal planets.

From our point of view, holistic practices call for stretching limits in many ways. It has little value to remain fixed in one’s own practice and it is far more enriching to develop a complete holistic perspective and consider a person as a hologram rather than a standardised human form of energy. Being involved with holistic practices is a fertile ground of experience and observation where each client is a different reality and a different system of bio-energy. This approach allows to explore the uniqueness of the person in many possible ways. The broader the mapping on the condition of the person, the greater the chances to compound it and treat it. Working by inclusiveness of practices is a great way to add value to any holistic practice.

To illustrate this approach here are some tips on how to blend the wisdom of Reiki and Astrology:

  1. Be as comprehensive as possible when meeting a client for the first time and taking in a preliminary briefing on the purpose of the visit, ask the person’s astrological sign and if known the rising sign which is calculated through the time and location of birth. This may result useful at later stage;
  2. Whether you already have some knowledge on astrological data or not, you may find yourself in a situation where this could be useful to help your client through a situation. There also are good reliable sources on the internet where you can find basic data on Sun Signs and Rising Signs;
  3. Particularly for non-physical overall situations, the fact of looking at astrological data, can give useful hints when drawing a map of the clients, situation for instance in relation to blockages, patterns of behaviour, dreams and ambitions.

There are trends that are marked by some general influences of positions of planets and here are some of them:

  • General traits are given by Sun Signs – the position of the Sun on the sky map at the time of birth;
  • When visiting a Reiki practitioner give that astrological information as part of the general briefing of you know it, it’s of great value and also shows the practitioner your openness to be as inclusive as possible in your own assessment of your experience;
  • Emotional general traits are given by Moon signs – the positions of the moon in the sky map at the time of birth; they are also given by the position of Venus and Mars;
  • Tendencies to dream and be intuitive are given by the position of Neptune and its aspects with Venus and Saturn;
  • Tendencies to independence and autonomy by the position of Uranus and so forth;
  • Major aspects such as conjunctions or oppositions of planets – meaning they either are located in the same sign or at opposite locations in the chart, may also give hints on either strong energies or paradoxal behavioural patterns.

There are only basic examples useful for practitioners wishing to deepen the mapping and briefing of their client and willing to search on reliable astrological sources some information and user-friendly explanations on key aspects to be taken into consideration for drawing basic astrological charts or simply understand major influences. Astro-readings not taking into consideration Rising Signs will remain vague and give only a blurred vision into those influences. So as much as possible try to obtain at least those two basic data from the start. In our practice we do include astrological data as part of the briefing as well as we do consider it part of the parameters when reviewing the experience and the progress of the client with the treatments received.

Reconnecting with our primary nature as energy being and acknowledging that we are receptors and emitters of energy does involve looking at many sources of information also beyond our own practice. Lastly, we also would like to point out that current shifts in energies, major transits of Uranus – sudden changes – in tight aspect with Pluto – transformation and regeneration – and aspects with Saturn and the Sun, make it that we all are under strong influences at this point intime of our evolutionary journey.

Some peoples seem to sail through smoothly through the shifts, while others seem to have a hard time. Remember that our scenarios are unique, our karma our free-will are also unique as is our essence and our connection with the soul of the Universe. Hence we all have our own unique way to connect to these influences. As in healing, and as with a Reiki treatment it is our own decision to let events of life be interpreted with more or less parameters. Relying only on one is as narrow as eating every day the same meal. Our organism likes diversity so we do encourage you to be as inclusive as you can and navigate through the wisdom of life by reading all the signboards along the journey. Let’s celebrate inclusiveness and in so doing our connection with the central heart of the Galaxy as much as we celebrate our connection to the divine and infinite wisdom within the natural healing system of Reiki.

Isabella Dove

Isabella Dove

Isabella Dove founded Healing Mudras a small studio acting as a hub for holistic artists and healing arts in Vientiane, Lao PDR. She practices Reiki since 1999, lived in 15 countries over 4 continents and brought Reiki as an ally to experiences several realities. After becoming a Usui Reiki Master Teacher in 2008 she travelled to Hawai’i and studied directly with William Rand, Founder & Director of the International Center for Reiki Training (US) and trained as Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher in 2010. This was a breakthrough and a further leap in the practice as Karuna® Reiki brings a firmer alignment and synchronicity with grounding bodhisattva energies. Isabella is a Certified Personal Integral Coach and teaches Reiki, Yin Yoga and DancEnergetics. Visit Healing Mudras at http://thehealingmudras.blogspot.com or http://www.linkedin.com/in/healingmudras

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  • Judy August 8, 2013, 7:01 pm

    Excellent article. Makes total sense to give such an in-depth treatment to include astrological factors into Reiki healing.

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