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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #58: How Do I Heal Past Karma with Reiki?

Past Karma and Reiki

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Question by Divya:

I have learned Reiki second degree. How do I heal my Past Karma with Reiki?

Answer by Ashwita Goel:

Hello Divya.

Thank you for your question.

In India we’ve projected karma to be like something that just hangs out there in space waiting to make our lives miserable. Karma plays a role in our life both ways actually, it brings us good as well as bad things. Ever felt that you got a bit more than you have worked for? That is also past karma. And we can pretend like we can wipe out the negative karma only from our past, but that doesn’t happen, when you wipe karma out you wipe both. That is way it is very very important to let go of desires and attachments because that is what Karma really is. And that’s why nobody else can release your Karma for you. How can somebody else release your desires and attachments?

So, if you really want to work on your past karma, work on the feelings you experience in your present. These are nothing but manifestations of your past karma. Healing past karma is especially powerful when someone or some situation triggers strong reactions in you. For example, if you hate someone today, that hate was what you attached to this person in a situation in the past. Today that person may be completely different, but we continue to hate the person based on the impression we created in the past. This is a simplified example, but this is how we program our reactions to various situations in life and that is what karma is.

If you are ever stuck in a situation where you really want to change things, but nothing seems to be happening, then that is a great time to heal all your feelings about the situation, because your resistance to the situation is nothing but past karma.

Think about the situation and experience the feelings that you feel when this happens. Of course if there are difficult situations you’ve experienced in the past that still bring up reactions you can do this with that as well. So feel all these things and then practice your Reiki healing, request it to heal you and bring you into balance.

Don’t have an agenda when you ask this or a result, for example: I will feel happy at the end of the session. This can speed up the healing more than your body can handle and can create strong emotional or physical reactions. Take it at a pace at which it naturally happens. So, just invite Reiki in and request it to heal you and your feelings and to bring you into balance. Give it a couple of months and then you’ll start seeing the shift quite easily.

If you have no triggers at the moment, but you just want to start healing your past karma, when you are practicing your daily self healing request Reiki before you start to help you release all attachments and desires.

That’s all you have to do.

Good luck!

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