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Divine Symbols Blessed By Kuan Yin – Part II: Ganesa, Ved Ganga, Sheree Vishnu, Shivoam

Article by Vidyaa Bunty Talreja

Lavender Flame Attunement is a life changing event in my life. I was able to connect with Mother Kuan Yin so easily to get the divine guidance for myself and others. I am indebted to my teacher Charisma Phatak and Mother Kuan Yin for helping me out in every phase of my growth.

Mother Kuan Yin guided me to few Karuna Symbols during my auto writing process post my lavender flame meditation. I have immense trust on Mother Kuan Yin. So I started my search based on her inputs. Mother Kuan Yin led to me Spanish document containing the list of symbols names she has whispered to me. And further to my amazement, I found all those whispered symbol names in that document along with the detailed notes and usage. As guided by the divine, I am sharing it here so that it can benefit all.

I am listing here the guided symbols for your valuable reference.

1. Ganesa

  • This Karuna Symbol is called “Ganesa”.
  • This is a symbol for awakening wisdom every day.
  • Meaning:
    It is a symbol of good fortune. Attracts to us the luck and success, both material and spiritual level. It is aligned with the figure of the Hindu god Ganesh, the elephant god, who represents wisdom and prudence.
    It is a symbol of Ganesha, the Hindu god of wisdom and prudence, who is the son of lord Shiva.
  • Mantra or intention:
    The Karuna Reiki mastery of this symbol lies in controlling the instincts, emotions and ego, so that your actions do not create karma and can be free to love.”
  • Benefits:
    Allows us to be active and practical on a daily basis.
  • How to use:
    Draw the symbol on air above the person. The Infinity represents the opening of transpersonal chakras that descends through the central channel to the heart or sacrum.

2. Ved Ganga

Ved Ganga
  • This Karuna Symbol is called “Ved Ganga”.
  • It is a Symbol to heal the blame through forgiveness.
  • Meaning:
    This symbol is aligned with the figure of Ganga, the goddess River Ganges. Legend has stories that the goddess had the ability to purify everything she touched. It is therefore a symbol that helps us to purify people, objects and places.
  • Mantra or Intention to Chant (When using this Symbol):
    “The initiation to this symbol is like a second birth that brings unconditional love and helps in the purification of our own faults. “
    Start with this chant when using this symbol on your own self.
    “Hi Divine Ganga Maa,
    I, being your being (say your name),
    Request you in forgiving me and releasing me from my past, so that I am are free now and free to love and start a new life without fault, joy and consciousness. “
  • Benefits:
    Connect to the transpersonal heart.
    Purify our intention.
    It allows us to love unconditionally.
    Removes Guilt.
  • This is a beneficiary symbol for the healer.
  • How to use:
    Projecting it on the body, especially on the Heart chakra to experience a transformation.

3. Sheree Vishnu

Shree Vishnu
  • This Karuna Symbol is called “Sheree Vishnu”.
  • It is a symbol of constructive force.
  • This is a Symbol of protection and materialization of projects.
  • Meaning:
    Feminine energy Pronounced “siri visnu” is the symbol of the god Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, his spouse.
    Sheree Vishnu is considered the symbol of preserving and protecting human energy.
  • Mantra or intention:
    “I, your being, protect you again to trust life and live without fear”.
  • Benefits:
    Works especially in awakening the feminine energy;
    Increases the creativity and intuition;
    It is also a symbol of protection away from the evils and ignorance;
    It can be used to undo energy work;
    It can be used to materialize a wish also; and
    It is a symbol of protection serve to eliminate fear.
  • How to use:
    Project on the body, especially on the 1st and 2nd chakra.

4. Shivoam

  • This Karuna Symbol is called “Shivoam”.
  • This is a symbol of destructive force.
  • This is a Symbol of the destruction of illusions.
  • Meaning:
    It represents the energy of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of delusion and negativity in humans.
    “Shivoam” means “I am Shiva”. This symbol mirrors the Hindu god Shiva.
  • Mantra or intention :
    It helps in accelerating the change by getting rid of the unnecessary and helps in the essential evolution of the soul.
  • Benefits:
    It helps us making the necessary changes for the soul evolution.
    Works on increasing the masculine energy.
  • How to use:
    Project on the lower chakra, especially on the third chakra.

People who are attuned to DKM Symbol can self-attune themselves to all the above listed symbols. Others can get it attuned by a teacher or can request Mother Kuan Yin to bless you in getting attuned to these symbols to get the desired benefits.

I request all of you to use these symbols and reap the desired benefits. Happy Reiki Practicing!

Love, Vidyaa Bunty Talreja

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Vidyaa Bunty Talreja
Vidyaa Bunty Talreja

Vidyaa Bunty Talreja is an IT Consultant by profession. She has studied Psychology and was introduced to Reiki in 2011 by her aunt. Now Reiki became an integral part of her life from then on to change her life and the lives of others. Vidyaa is a Usui Reiki Grandmaster, Money Reiki Grandmaster, and a Karuna Reiki Master level Practitioner. She has learned and practices close to 25 different types of Reiki like Lavender Flame of Mother Kuan Yin, Shaman Reiki, Dragon Reiki, Gajanan Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Unicorn Healing, Angelical Akashic Registers, Telepathic Reiki, DNA Healing Reiki, Wagle Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Acu Reiki and Deep Healing Reiki. She is also a Tera Mai Seichem Reiki and Spiritual Healing Practitioner. She reads Tarot and Angel card. She does auto writing using Reiki along with card reading to get accurate guidance for an issue. She draws and interprets Mandalas. She uses mantras, bach flower remedies and crystals in her daily practice. She practices Eknath Easwaran’s Passage Meditation, Praveen Rishi’s Ashtamangal Meditation and Mantra Meditation. She practices Forgiveness meditation and gratitude exercises to enrich her day-to-day life. She lives in Chennai, India. Vidyaa can be reached via email at vidyaa.btalreja@gmail.com or through her Facebook page KishanGanga - Divine Mystic Haven

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  • Rajiv Mehra January 12, 2016, 5:58 pm

    How can I request mother Kuan Yin to bless me in getting attuned to the above symbols.

  • Abhay Namdeo January 13, 2016, 3:49 pm

    How can I contact mother kuan yin??

  • Vedant January 14, 2016, 5:07 am

    Lovely article Vidya…. Simply amazing

  • nivedita January 16, 2016, 3:48 pm

    Thanks for fantabulous article Vidya God Bless you

  • BGenie January 19, 2016, 9:03 pm

    #4 Is incomplete. Without the 4 dots, the gammadion becomes a swastika, changing it’s meaning from good to evil. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika

    • Nicole Newsom James August 13, 2017, 3:40 pm

      Hitler took a spiritual symbol of Life the USA Native American Indians religion, altered it by slanting the symbol. The slanted symbol then became evil when his evil deeds were associated with it.
      The four dots added to this symbol represent a different version of this same symbol from a different religious group.

  • BGenie January 19, 2016, 9:07 pm

    I don’t understand what you are trying to do here. These are not Reiki symbols, they are Hindu symbols.

    • Nicole Newsom James August 13, 2017, 3:49 pm

      1) Reiki is a word used to describe Universal Life Force, which has been around forever. 2) What people forget is that Reiki is also the name of a System of Teaching that Sense Mikao Usui developed out of his channeled experience of the energy. The original symbols for Reiki have been traced back to a combination of Japanese Kanji fonts, Tibetan & Sanskrit symbols/words. Sanskrit can trace its linguistic ancestry back to Proto-Indo-Iranian and Proto-Indo-European.

      So the English word Reiki is understood to represent both:
      1) Universal Life Force – which every religion uses in its teachings; and
      2) A System of Teaching how to access and use Universal Life Force

  • Ankita February 12, 2017, 2:15 am

    In the above article it’s said you can self attune… How to do that secondly do we need to do 21days detox and practice what do u suggest please help me with your reply

  • Nicole Newsom James August 13, 2017, 4:06 pm

    In order to self-attune, you must have been taught how to do an attunement in your Reiki classes. Some teachers teach you how to attune the Reiki energy at Reiki level 1. Many teachers wait until you have been attuned to the first three levels before teaching you how to self-attune.

    I would suggest going back to your reiki teacher and asking her about the attunement process. You may need to continue your Reiki studies before you are ready for this level of energy.

  • Umakant Prajapati December 3, 2018, 3:37 am

    Really very usefully information, thanks

  • Agnes February 16, 2019, 5:21 pm

    Is this related to Chinese religion?
    As I understand kuan yin is Buddhist

  • Rakhi Saxena February 18, 2019, 1:36 pm

    Lots of gratitude for the article Vidyaa, I have been dealing with the issues related to success and forgiveness lately 🙏🙏

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