Money Reiki – Guide to Removal of Financial Blockages


Article by Pinky Punjabi

This is my first article with Reiki Rays so I wanted to write about the Reiki very close to my heart after my Usui Reiki and decided will write on Money Reiki. Money Reiki has brought in tremendous changes in lives of many I have healed and also for me personally. It has amazing energies which will transform all your financial blockages and obstacles from life and help you in exploring your financial growth opportunities.

Money Reiki is channeled by Stephanie Brail, this Reiki will not make you rich overnight (I believe that nothing can make us rich overnight but with Reiki and dedication in our work we will achieve financial success soon). If you follow the Money Reiki methodology systematically you will not only be able to take care of your financial problems pertaining in your life but also be able to clear the blockages you have been facing in improving your financial status. Money Reiki also helps in clearing your karmic blockages which are due to issues surrounding money or any negative money karma attracted by you.

Many healers follow different healing patterns but I will explain here the pattern I follow for me and for others and have seen successful results after giving Money Reiki. I always combine Money Reiki with positive affirmations and Usui Reiki for best outcome.

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Here are the steps followed by me

  • I call on angels and money gods and goddess to assist me and shower me with prosperity and divine abundance (I love calling on Archangel Ariel, Zadkiel and goddess Lakshmi, Abundantia, Fortuna and Lord Narayana).
  • I set clear intentions on what I need in regards to prosperity because I feel if I know what my goal is or focus when it comes to prosperity and finances achieving becomes easier for me. I write my intentions clearly in a piece of paper for example
    “I want to attract more clients for my workshops, my clients benefit from my workshops and enhance their knowledge and are happy to learn from me and refer friends and family members to me”.
  • I start the Money Reiki with The Golden Pyramid symbol as this symbol helps in clearing deep karmic issues and I feel first step towards prosperity is clearing your past karmas and blocks. I imagine myself in front of the golden pyramid and the pyramid is spinning and I feel the pyramid opens and swallows all my karmas and negativity towards money and then it transmutes these energies and releases it to the mother earth.
  • Next I use the Clearing symbol which helps me in releasing any resistance which I have towards attracting money in my life and releases them and makes me receptive towards abundance. I must add here that I keep drawing this symbol in air around me from time to time to clear my debts or any financial related issues in my life.
  • Then I use the Affirmation Symbol and this symbol I use with my positive affirmations for attracting money (for ex. I say Money is coming in my life effortlessly and abundantly) while drawing this symbol. I draw this symbol covering my whole body as so that it acts as a law of attraction for me throughout the day.
  • Last I use the Grand Master symbol and this symbol works like a money magnet in our lives and it will magnetize anything you desire in life from abundance to anything (be it car, home and any object you desire). I finish the Money Reiki procedure here by drawing Cho Ku Rei and the Master symbol at this stage.
  • I now thank all the gods and archangels for showering me with prosperity and blessing me with financial independence and prosperity beyond my expectations.

This is just a brief introduction to Money Reiki. To be able to use it, you need attunement, manual with proper instruction.

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Pinky Punjabi
Pinky Punjabi

Pinky Punjabi is a Reiki Usui Grand Master. She practices also Karmic Reiki, Money Reiki, Imaara Reiki, Amadeus healing, Celtic Reiki, Magic Reiki, Soulmate Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Lavender flame Reiki, Crystal Healing, Dowsing, Tarot Card, Angel Card, Angel Healing, Iching, Runes, Shamanic Reiki, and many more forms of Reiki. She conducts workshops thru skype, whatsapp and in various cities for various Reiki modalities and Color Therapy, Candle Magick and Tarot Reading.
Pinky can be reached via her email address and on Facebook at


  1. Hey am attuned to money Reiki, but never used it the way you explained. It’s so beautiful.
    Thank you and welcome to Reiki Rays. Looking forward to more from you.

    Loads of love 🙂

  2. Thanks Pinky ji for awaited great article,one of the Universal law is what ever you require ,feel & believe abundance of it & give it ,more u give ,more u attract.if u require love,first spread love from bottom of your heart,u will definitely receive it back,same with money energy also
    Thanks again

  3. Thanks Pinky for sharing such a wonderful information. And congratulations.. Looking forward to read many more articles from you..

  4. Have you been able to sort out your financial worries? If yes, will you care to clear up my dues from you?

    If not, why talk of hypothetical things, you haven’t experienced yourself?

  5. I hv not learnt Money Reiki from her,but the other courses i hv done with her are brilliant n gv excellent results. She is a brilliant teacher,thanks for sharing this Pinky,will get in touch with you soon to learn Money Reiki, n i will also tell my friends n aquaintances. Wish you loads of luck.

  6. Hello! Could you elaborate on the techniques you use? Like for how long do you apply a symbol or a visualisation? I am more of an analytical person and although i do understand what you describe it is not clear to me what is the “efficiency” factor? What you describe looks to me like a general guide to use..i would like to understand in a “step by step” style ???? I also have Money reiki but never used it..due to lack of clarity in using it..the manual seems a joke to me as for applying it..also the karmic problems that may appear due to vibrational shift regarding the money in one’s life is a thing that, frankly, scares me because the manual does not give a”back up” solution..i can’t ,for example, loose my job or my house and be like “trusting the Universe” for help and this kind of stuff. In my opinion the manual is serously lacking in giving the answers i want. Thank you for the article and your patience ????

  7. Hi
    I am in need of someone to balance my money flow…which is disturbed badly. Due to this I am busy in money matter rather than enjoying my life.
    What is your opinion and help in this matter? How I can attract the desired money without tension??

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