Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: Karma Clearing / Healing the Past


Article by Anamika Mishra

In today’s fast paced world we put our heart and soul to achieve our goals and manifest our desires, yet are unable to do so inspite of best our endeavours. Many a time , the problem lies far beyond the present ….. in the past and /or our own karmas. We can use the distant healing symbol, used for healing beyond time and space, HSZSN.

Read the below-mentioned points to heal your karmic blockages:

  1. Call Reiki (Attitude of Gratitude)
  2. Invoke HSZSN and intend to connect to all your past lives till date. Then intend to remove all the blockages that are affecting the concerned areas of your life.
  3. You can also use colour therapy along with Reiki.
    Karma Clearing Healing the Past
    Image by axinia+

    a. Red colour for issues related to Root Chakra
    b. Orange colour for issues related to Sacral Chakra
    c. Yellow for issues related to Solar Plexus
    d. Pink and you can even use green for issues related to Heart Chakra
    e. Blue for issues related to Throat Chakra.
    f. Indigo for issues related to Third Eye Chakra
    g. Violet for issues related to Crown Chakra

  4. Keep on chanting the name of the symbol as you heal the situation. Once you feel that you have completed seal it with CKR and the Master symbol, if you are attuned to it. You may use any other symbol if you are guided to. You may invoke angels or any higher being if you guided to.
  5. Call off Reiki. Express your gratitude.
  6. Grounding is a must after this.
  7. Do this process for a span of at least 11 days to a maximum of 40 days.
  8. In this way we can, to a great extent tend to get rid of our problems that we face in our present life because of our past karmas(even coming closer to manifestation).
  9. Intention and faith are keys to achieve anything in the world.

Divine Blessings. Namaste!

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Anamika Mishra
Anamika Mishra

Anamika Mishra has been a teacher of English. She has done her Masters in English and M.Phil. in Education. She has been accredited by the WMA and American Council of Holistic Healers. She is a certified Fairyologist by Doreen Virtue. Anamika is a Usui Reiki Grandmaster, Angelic and Crystal Therapist and Trainer, Tarot and Angel Cards Reader, Lama Fera Teacher and Healer, Yogmaya Teacher and Healer and Akashic Records Reader and Trainer. She also teaches Crystal Ball Gazing and Automatic Writing. Anamika Mishra is also a certified Life Optimization Coach. Her mission is to make people self-reliant, realize one’s own divinity and power and live a life filled with peace contentment and happiness. Feel free to connect to her at spiritualcafe111@gmail.com. For more information visit her website www.spiritualcafe111.com.


  1. Hi Anamika, thank you for your insight. What I did in my own life was use HSZSN to cut ties and all oathes and promises made in those lives. Also cut all ties and obligations written before this present life. I feel my life is much clearer now and driven by my own present intention, not those made in the past. I am more in control of my own life and my healing abilities have gone from strength to strength.
    Happy new year. Namaste.

  2. Thank you so much Anamika for this simplified technique. Also thanks today Graham for elaborating more on this topic. Love light and peace to you. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016

  3. Thank you Anamika for this wonderful meditation. I really like the meditation n will try for 11 days.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Dear Anamika, thank you for this deep insightful article on how we can self-clear our karma. I would add one element to really empower this practice. We have received our karmic lessons based on mistakes made which have hurt or harmed others – inlcuding people, animals, nature, and more. We must learn these lessons. That is the purpose of karma. In order to become ‘free’ from these karmic debts we must be forgiven by those we have hurt or harmed. I would add forgiveness to the practice. Try it and see if your blockages don’t clear much quicker. There’s a great book on forgiveness and the self-clearing karmic process in Divine Transformation by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha (2008). I have cleared many blockages which were impossible to clear before by adding in sincere forgiveness. TYTYTY LYLYLY

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