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Reiki to Live in Gratitude

Article by Ricci Nava

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I pray for you to receive the most benefits from it. So much has been written about “Gratitude” but it is never enough because thanking is an express way of connecting to what I like to call The Source of all Creation (you can call it God).

However, complaining and criticising are two fast ways of getting disconnected from The Source of all Creation.

In life I have found that there are two major groups of people:

First group of people complain daily about their experiences and their existence. They forget about thanking. They develop the habit of not seeing what is good around them. They keep training their brains to automatically respond to external stimuli in a certain way that is not beneficial. They live in an almost permanent state of disconnection from The Source of All Creation. Normally, those people end up in life having more needs and lacks than everyone else.

The second groups of people are those who choose to see good in their everyday life. They develop the habit of gratitude to everything and everyone that comes in or out their way. They train their brains to respond to external stimuli in a way that is absolutely beneficial to them and everyone around them. Normally, this kind of people end up living a fulfilling and meaningful life. They are full of purpose. As they get louder in their thanking abilities, they get more and more blessings coming into their lives. It seems that their needs are always covered no matter where they go. Everything is provided accurately and in perfect timing. They live in a permanent state of connection to The Source of all Creation.

Reiki Gratitude

I am a yoga practitioner. During practice we perform something called “Puja”. Puja means energy retribution to the yoga teacher. I send the teacher orange energy before the practice as Gratitude for all the benefits I am about to receive. I have noticed, that the students who practice Puja are always making more progress in class that those who don’t. Puja is always performed before the practice. Why before and not after the practice? Why is it important to thank in advance? Most wise and saints have always taught about it in different religions, philosophies and traditions. You have to pray for something and thank as if you already have receive it. In that way you shall receive it. This is why, in every Reiki activity, I recommend you thank before. Also Reiki is an intelligent energy. It needs no instructions to perform a great job. It is about giving yourself completely and surrendering to this beautiful energy. Trust me you do not know better than Reiki.

Reiki is a powerful tool to change habits and increase gratitude. I recommend this activity:

1. Initiate Reiki Flow as usual. Ask the Source of all Creation that this work may be done for the greatest good of everyone involved.
2. For a short moment, focus on emanating gratitude to The Source of all Creation for all the transformation you are about to receive.
3. Draw a CKR symbol, say it three times, and ask it to draw a protective circle of energy around you.
4. Inside the circle, draw and say three times each symbol you have already received and ask them to do whatever is necessary to create and increase gratitude in you.
5. Close your eyes and let the symbols work freely for 30 minutes.
6. Draw a CKR symbol and ask to seal all this work in white energy.

Love and light,

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Ricci Nava

Ricci Nava

Ricci Nava is an electrical Engineer with a Master degree in Marketing. In 2008 she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The homeopathic doctor prescribed Reiki Sessions and Yoga practice. After a year she was completely healed. Ricci is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Acupuncturist and Yoga practitioner and a vegetarian. She practices the Trascendental Meditation taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogui. She also practices radiestecia in different ways to reprogram the unconscious mind, release ancestors issues, past lives issues and specifics organs issues. Ricci works with Bach flowers to help rebalance the emotional body and with Crystalotherapy and Chromotherapy from the Casa of Dom Inacio in Brazil (World Known healing Center).

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  • Dennia Zamora March 4, 2016, 6:49 pm

    Great article. Thanks.

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