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Why Reiki is a Critical Part of our Self-Care Regime

Article by Chyna Honey

One of the more chronic problems affecting people today is something we either hear very little about or have sadly accepted as just the way things are. The problem inherent in this unacknowledged acceptance is that it limits our access to better information and so keeps us struggling with this common, chronic condition. A condition that at its core is the cause of many of our ailments, injuries, and woes. This chronic condition is our failure to relax, naturally and on demand.

Some call it stress, others call it being high-strung, or controlling but all descriptors don’t have negative connotations. Some are positive, such as being someone who is driven to succeed, or being the person everyone can count on. While the descriptions may change what is clear is that the person who is all of these things isn’t relaxing. This is of great personal value because our ability to relax naturally and on a daily basis is at the core of our well-being.

Our failure to relax naturally and on demand is among the reasons we don’t sleep well, or feel satiated in the things we do. It’s among the reasons why we drink too much but not of the right things and so feel dehydrated. It’s why we eat too much or too little but rarely feel fed. It’s why we will engage in activities that we know aren’t good for us, as a way to relax, and then feel that we’ve failed when those activities don’t leave us feeling rested.

As a culture we’ve learned how to disengage our innate ability to relax naturally and on demand. In its place we’ve been taught, driven even, to depend on artificial or outside influences to engender a sense of relaxation. This faux relaxed state that has come over us, or really forced upon us, is then used as a means to dampen the effect our world is having on us. This leaves us feeling even more drained physically and then our emotional states feel the impact.

Examples of outside influences used to place us in an artificially induced relaxed state include things like drugs (both legal and recreational), a glass or three of wine each night; or maybe you’ll indulge in a dessert, perhaps a bit or ten bits of chocolate to ease the pain. For some it may be hours spent playing games that help you escape into a virtual world, while others may feel compelled each night to seek different ways to remedy imbalances with their sex drive and through anyone of these activities find enough relief to fall asleep each night.

While on the surface it appears that little harm is done engaging in any one of these activities, and if the result to is relax, you may feel such activities help you to succeed in this worthy and necessary goal. And in part you’re right. These activities in and of themselves are not harmful when done with balance and responsibility, however, when one engages in activities outside of oneself to relax, what is achieved is an artificial state of relaxation.

The caution inherent in this is a simple one: Every artificially induced state of relaxation will come with side effects that will then require other methods to correct and the cycle of using outside stimulus to just get through the day has started. The effects of this cycle are cumulative and over time imbalances such as these embed in the body and often result in ailments, injury or dis-ease.

Instead striving to achieve a natural relaxed state enables us to maintain balance even and especially when we are caught in the middle of our maddening world.

One way that is sure to provide relief and support in engendering a naturally relaxed state on demand is the regular and consistent use of Reiki. An ideal natural state of being is one that gently ebbs and flows as it vacillates between states of activity and relaxation.

Reiki is a natural energy healing vibration that provides remedy and repair to your physical body and part of your energy system caused from the daily wear and tear of daily life. Reiki will relax the body naturally and will bring it back into a state of balance. Naturally is the key word here! When we engage in natural relaxation something some might consider magical starts to happen, but really its quite a mundane part of being a human living in a more natural state which is: Natural relaxation re-engages our natural, innate healing abilities and once again the effect is cumulative.

So by now you’ll see our choices around how we relax have a cumulative effect on our well-being. Faux or artificially induced relaxation has a negative impact, while natural relaxation has a positive one. One is digging us ever deeper in a hole while the other is enabling us to get the most out of our experience.

When we are in a natural relaxed state, our innate healing abilities are engaged and start to provide the healing and recuperation our system needs. This is a completely natural process that the body and the energy system seeks out on a daily basis.

To begin using Reiki on a daily basis a Reiki attunement is required. If you’ve received one but haven’t used Reiki in a long time, don’t worry. Whether you’ve used it or not, you are still an effective channel for Reiki and all that needs to happen is for you to start using it.

If you haven’t had a Reiki attunement or you’re not sure you’ve had one, it’s relatively easy to find a Reiki Master Teacher in your area and most Reiki Master Teacher’s provide Reiki attunement classes and workshops.

If you’re interested but not sure you’re ready to commitment to being attuned, considering seeing a Reiki Practitioner in your local area and book a Reiki treatment. The most common comments shared by clients following a Reiki treatment is that they feel relaxed. Some will even fall asleep. This is a common description many share of their first time within the Reiki community. The exceptionally good news here is whether you simply relaxed or relaxed to the point of sleep, your healing went deeper and engaged your natural innate abilities.

Reiki does many things and the more you use Reiki the more you begin to feel and understand those benefits, but the starting point for anyone using or studying Reiki or for anyone seeking to understand human health and well being is to understand the importance of a person’s ability to achieve natural relaxation on demand and on a daily basis.

Chyna Honey

Chyna Honey

Chyna Honey is the co-founder of Healing for People, an Energy Medicine clinic in Marin County, CA and author of Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine. She teaches, mentors and inspires to help people go beyond the mundane aspects that define their lives so that they may better know and enjoy themselves and the world they are a part of. She can be contacted through the clinic’s website, www.HealingforPeople.com (http://www.healingforpeople.com/).

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