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Distance Reiki Using a Substitute Focus

Article by Jason Grace

Reiki can be used with a substitute focus. This makes it easier to visualize things that seem far from us or things not available to us. We can use it to send energy to people far away, situations that have not yet occurred or those that happened in the past.

With these techniques, we use all three symbols. We ask CKR to boost the “signal”, SHK to send energy to the past or future and HSZSN as a bridge.

When sending energy to someone far away or to a more abstract idea or time you can use a photo, a model or stuffed animal as support. It all depends on what your goals are.

A photo is the most versatile of them all. You can find a picture of almost anything or anyone you need on the internet. When using a photo, you can beam the Reiki directly at it. Use CKR to charge the photo, then use HSZSN to open a channel or bridge to your subject. If you are sending Reiki back in time or to the future use SHK. The reason we use SHK is that we are healing the imprints created in our emotional bodies by past events and creating the causes and conditions in our minds for positive future events. With this method, using SHK, you can heal all sorts of emotional and psychic trauma originating in childhood or in the past. It is best to use a photo from the time period you’re sending Reiki to. Just relax and visualize the light flowing to the recipient through the photo. See it as a gateway.

Distance Reiki Using a Substitute focus

Image by HeyItzDucky

If you have trouble visualizing giving your client distance Reiki, you can use a stuffed animal. See your stuffed animal as your recipient and do your session on it. You can do a whole body session in this way. It makes it very easy when first starting out doing distance Reiki and is a valuable tool. Begin your session as you normally would such as with the aspiration that the Reiki goes to the recipient’s highest good, whatever that may be. Then, visualizing the stuffed animal as your client, use CKR then HSZSN to open a channel or bridge to them. Do your treatment on the stuffed animal as you normally would. End the session with CKR to close and seal the bridge.

The final method is using a model. So, lets say that there is anxiety around money and the lack there of. Use a proxy or substitute like monopoly money or even actual money. Focus the Reiki energy with CKR and SHK visualizing the yellow golden light of increase infusing the proxy with it. Now give it away! Provide it to someone who needs it. Now you don’t actually have to give it away, though that is a little more effective than just visualizing it. See all the positive that comes from these actions and bathe in the good feelings that it generates. Focus on these feelings. We must create space for the good to come in. If our cup is already full, we cannot accept more. We must continually be open and spacious to accommodate all that the universe has to offer us.

These are very ancient techniques from sutras similar to those in which Reiki originated in. Photos were drawings or paintings, the stuffed animals were wood carved dolls and the models took many different forms. They are valuable practices, and I hope they serve all beings as well as they have served me. I dedicate this to the benefit of all.

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Jason Grace

Jason Grace

Jason Grace is owner of The New Hampshire Meditation and Spiritual Center. He is a Western Vajrayana Buddhist Ngakpa who has been practicing for over 25 years. His focus is on ancient practices that can be applied to any tradition. These practices are to reconnect us with our true selves, nature, nirvana and to relax into our natural state of being. He also does energetic work using several different lineages of techniques like elemental recovery, Reiki, sacred sound and crystals, just to name a few. The karmic vision of his tarot readings is truly unique in its scope and application. His main goal is promotion of peace, healing and harmony through practice and development of our spiritual qualities. Reach Jason at http://NHmeditationcenter.com/, by email at NHmeditationcenter@gmail.com and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nhmeditationandspiritualcenter/.

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  • Yvonne July 5, 2016, 9:42 pm

    Thank you! 🙂 This is really helpful!

  • Atul Sharma September 23, 2017, 6:31 pm

    Thank you for the exclusive use of Distance Healing guidance

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