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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #50: Why Am I Falling Asleep During Self Healing Sessions?

Fall Asleep Reiki

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Question by Bella:

I hold third degree of Reiki. Although I don’t practice, many times I give Reiki to myself. I observe that many times when I’m giving Reiki to myself, I often doze off. I would like to know why this happens, and how do I overcome this. Thank you.

Answer by Angie Webster:


This is Angie Webster with Reiki Rays. You have expressed concern because you fall asleep during self-Reiki treatment and asked how you can overcome this.

It is actually OK to become very relaxed and fall asleep while you are doing Reiki self-treatment. It is very normal for anyone receiving Reiki to become very relaxed and many become sleepy and drift off. It’s no different when you are receiving Reiki directly. Open your self-treatment session by asking to be an open channel for Reiki to flow into you for the greatest and highest good. Then rest in the knowledge that you are being supported in the best possible manner during and after the session. If that includes sleep, then that may be what is best for you in that moment. Don’t worry about changing hand positions; remember the Reiki is intelligent and will flow where it is needed.

If you self-treat at a time of day when you need to stay awake, such as in the morning before work, then consider setting an alarm so that you won’t be late if you fall asleep during Reiki. You might also consider doing your treatment at another time of day when falling asleep won’t matter very much to your schedule. Another option you could consider is to treat yourself while sitting up, or while following a video with prompts. I will include a link to my favorite self-treatment video in the written transcript for this answer.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Thank you for your question. Many Blessings to you. Namaste.

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  • Sheila October 17, 2015, 9:41 pm

    I’m on a journey to be the person I’m supposed to be. Loosing my only daughter to illness 18months ago, my husband of 33 years choosing a high school roll after someone did her 4 months later have devastated me. Now divorced, he lives on my family farm. My 3 sons no longer want anything to do with me and do not talk about their sisters death. They’re rallying around their father continuously to make sure he’s comfortable. May I add he’s a recovering alcoholic & 59 years old. I’ve lost myself and the betrayal by him and the passing of my daughter has paralyzed me, I don’t know what my future holds, therapy, my faith and keeping busy is all that’s holding me together. Any help would be deeply appreciated. I haven’t had a relationship with anyone since I asked him to leave our bedroom 1 year ago.

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