Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #48: Why Am I Falling Asleep During Self Healing Sessions?


Reiki Fall Asleep

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Question by Bella:

I hold third degree of Reiki. Although I don’t practice, many times I give Reiki to myself. I observe that many times when I’m giving Reiki to myself, I often doze off. I would like to know why this happens, and how do I overcome this. Thank you.

Answer by Deborah Lloyd:


This is Deborah Lloyd from Reiki Rays. Thank you for your question, Bella. I often have clients fall asleep during Reiki treatment sessions. I like to use Reiki for myself, at the end of my days. Like most people, I have a busy life and sometimes it is hard for me to turn off my thoughts and fall asleep peacefully. I find using Reiki at bedtime calms me, and I get a better night’s sleep when I am connected with the Universal energies.

I do not think your dosing off is something to overcome. I wonder if you might be worrying that Reiki is not working in your self-treatments, because you are no longer able to intentionally place your hands in certain positions. However, the Universe is aware of your initial intentions and will continue to work, even if you fall asleep. In fact, the Universe may have wanted you to fall sleep.

Whenever someone falls asleep during Reiki treatments, I view this as the physical body needing that kind of peaceful rest. Also, I think specific energies focused on particular physical benefits may need the body to be at total rest to be most effective. The sleeping body will accept these energies more easily, and physical healing will happen at a faster pace.

Restful sleep is always restorative. Combining that kind of sleep, with the healing and loving energies of Reiki, is a great way to achieve a true balance of mind, body and spirit healing.

Bella, please know that Reiki always heals. In your case, it is likely sleep is an important ingredient for your healing to occur. Many blessings to you.


  1. Hi Deborah,

    I experienced the same in all my self healing sessions recently and I am grateful to have found your response to this experience.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Dear Kiran,

    It seems perhaps you may have just listened to this podcast, or read the transcript. It is exciting to me that Reiki Rays followers delve into all the information on this website!

    Many blessings to you,

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