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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #47: I’m Looking for a Job Change. How Can Reiki Help?

Reiki Job Change

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Question by Manjunath:


I’m desperately looking for a job change. What do I do in Reiki to achieve that?

Answer by Ashwita Vajandar:

Hello Manjunath and thank you for asking your question.

Before we begin, I hope you are already practicing Reiki self healing every day. If not, it is very important you spend at least 30 minutes every day healing all the chakras on your body, front as well as back.

Now, assuming that you already have a steady practice, the real problem that I see here is not so much that you are desperate for a job change, but that your current job situation is such, that you’re seeking some sort of relief.

The important question in this context is WHY?

Every situation in life brings us valuable life lessons, and if you practice Reiki regularly and are still unable to find a better job, it is important to review your current situation and ask yourself what lessons this current situation might be bringing for you, and focus on learning those lessons.

Every morning, when you reach work, ask yourself: if you were at your new job, how would you feel this morning? Great, right? So, tell yourself that you aren’t going to wait for a new job to feel great. You’re going to feel great right now and start your day off on that note. The rest will take care of itself.
In case you find that you’re not feeling that great, just tune into your body, see if there’s any sensations, any heaviness or discomfort anywhere. Give Reiki to that part of your body and request Reiki to resolve your emotions.
Along with this, you could also spend some time creating an intention slip where you write something like: Manjunath has a good job with pay at high industry standards, with a supportive boss and colleagues, with a work profile that challenges him and helps him grow personally as well as professionally. Something like that.
If you have learned level two, you could draw the Reiki symbols on the back side of the paper and just give Reiki to this paper every day.

Ultimately it’s important to remember to surrender to the plan that life has for you, and also to the results that Reiki brings when you start asking for help.

Good luck with your job change!

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