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Keep It Simple with Reiki

Article by Julie E Brent

Over 25 years ago I started my self-healing journey with earnest when I discovered that I was hypo-hypoglycemic. The words of the enlightened doctor rang in my head, “there is no medicine to take for this condition, you must change what you eat and your lifestyle.” That was the first time that anyone had ever said that I was personally responsible for my own healing. Whew, what an empowering thought!

This idea propelled me into the natural healing modalities, reading labels before eating foods, stopping consumption of sugar and studying yoga. I learned that those things that were complicated did not appeal to me, so I let the ideas and healing techniques I learned quickly drop away if it smacked of ego or it told me to “beware” because it may hurt you. It finally became obvious to me that the often used phrase “Keep it Simple Silly” was like a prime directive for me in nearly everything.

I went to school to learn therapeutic massage and became licensed, but I gravitated toward the energetic modalites. I studied healing touch, polarity, and discovered that I had a natural instinct to put my hands just where the client ‘needed’ energy. Then I went to a introductory lecture on Reiki at my massage school. Now this interested me because of two important things, Reiki could “DO NO HARM” and that I did not have to know the diagnosis to be able to offer Reiki. Reiki, I was told would work with the body intelligence to go first where it was needed no matter where I put my hands.

Keep It Simple with Reiki

Image by Yogendra174

This was the first modality that I had encountered that fit my prime directive of KISS. It wasn’t long after that introduction to Reiki that I was enrolled in a Level I & II workshop so that I could practice Reiki.

One of Dr. Usui’s principles, “Do not worry and be filled with gratitude”, comes to mind when I offer Reiki for healing, knowing that I can follow my inner knowing and that powerful healing does not have to be complicated. I was taught that Dr. Usui had a mission to find our “lost” gift of healing and he discovered what he called Rei-Ki. It is this Universal Life Force that anyone can use for personal healing, so I took this path also, of using Reiki for self first so that I can be well.

I have learned while using Reiki that if I am ‘full’ and giving myself access to this Rei-Ki that I have more to offer those who are also on the journey to health and well being. Imagine you are like the vessel that is full of old stale contents and you are attempting to refill it without emptying out the old stale contents, what you are pouring in will just overflow! If you are new to Reiki or a practitioner I encourage you practice self-care, as it will only enhance your highest health and healing, as Dr. Usui instructs us “Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others” from the Reiki Principles.

In Light ~ Julie


Julie E Brent

Julie E Brent

Julie E Brent has been sharing Reiki and teaching Reiki since 1997. Reiki is an essential part of her daily life, teaching and living Self-Reiki. She opened the Reiki Center of Fairhope in 2012 and hosts Reiki Shares, gives Reiki sessions and teaches workshops. In 2011 she developed additional ways to enhance Reiki with Earth-Heart Codes and Earth-Heart Breathing. She also teaches Karuna Reiki, Reflexology and Earth-Heart Series. Julie works with the Archangels & Guides and is a Conscious Channel, Empath and does Emerald Ray Coaching to assist those ready to grow spiritually and energetically. Julie is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Alabama LMT#3435, Member of ABMP. Reach Julie at www.julieebrent.com and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/JulieEBrent

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