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Reiki Parenting

Article by Natasha Winsor

As we all know, Reiki has many invaluable benefits both on a physical and spiritual level but one of the areas it can be most useful in is parenting.

Here are some wonderful ways to use Reiki with children which make a huge difference to both their well being and yours:

Reiki Rainbows and Babies

Babies have the most wonderful connection to the spiritual world and see things for what they are without analysing or rationalising what they see. A wonderful way to connect to a baby on a deeper level is to connect to the Reiki energy whilst you are talking to or holding them. As you do, visualise the energy as a rainbow above your head or a waterfall of beautiful white light from the universe into your Crown chakra. When you do this, the baby will notice this shift and will stare intently above your head. They may also look at you with great depth in their eyes and this connection is very special. You can try this with a baby of any age but it works best when they are awake, calm and alert.

Calming Hugs

This is possibly the best tool to use with children as it has an instant effect. If a child is crying, hurt or upset, given them a hug and reassure them by putting your more dominant hand on their back over their heart. The positioning does not need to be perfect as Reiki will always travel to where it is needed but it generally works best between their shoulder blades. Visualise Reiki energy travelling through your hand straight to their heart and they will begin to calm down within seconds. This technique has been used many times on children of all ages and it works a treat. You can also do this with adults as it is very discreet. You will instantly notice that they become calmer and their breathing slows down.

Reiki parenting


Scaring away Monsters

Reiki is a fabulous tool for clearing a room of negative energy and filling it with love and this works particularly well when children are afraid of the dark or monsters. Stand in the middle of the room and stretch your arms out to each corner of the room. Send Reiki energy ask that any negative energy is removed and replaced with magic and warmth. Then using your hands, sweep the unwanted ‘junk’ out of the window. As you are doing this, talk out loud so that the child can hear and see what you are doing as this creates a sense of safety knowing that you have physically done something to protect them.

Bubbles of Protection

It is very important that children learn from a young age to protect themselves spiritually. A vital tool for children (and adults) is to learn to surround themselves in a bubble of protection every day as it allows them to connect with the universe and take control. They can do this by closing their eyes and picturing themselves sitting inside a big bubble or balloon. They can see out of the bubble but it is very strong so nothing can enter. Then tell them to imagine the bubble filling with glitter, or magic dust which also helps to keep them safe. This not only helps them to feel safe and secure, but it also protects them from any negative energy or spirits. Children are becoming more and more perceptive and are much more open to the spiritual realm so it is important that they learn how to protect themselves.

Magic Hands

It would be wonderful if every child learnt Reiki as the world would be a very different place. One way to gently introduce young children to Reiki is to teach them about magic hands. When they are calm, maybe at bedtime, encourage them to place their hands on their tummy, or on you and send magic to you through their hands. Ask them to feel their hands warming up and encourage them by saying that they are sending you love through their hands which makes you feel better. When they are hurt, do Reiki on the affected area and explain what you are doing, or you could get them to do Reiki on themselves and explain that the magic from the universe will help to make them better.

Food and Water

A great way to help the whole family is by doing Reiki on any food and water that you prepare. All you need to do is hold your hand over the bowl, or hold the glass in your hands and send Reiki to it. You could also use draw the Reiki symbols in the air over the food to infuse it with loving energy. This will help to fill your family members with Reiki inside and out and also makes the food more nutritious.

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Natasha Winsor

Natasha Winsor

Natasha Winsor is originally from Zimbabwe but moved to the UK 12 years ago. She is a Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master specialising in Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki treatments and courses and Angel Guidance Readings. She comes from a very spiritual family and has communicated with angels and spirits since she was four years old. Natasha started doing angel readings for friends and family at the age of fourteen and after years of growth and learning, she now does distance and face to face readings for people all over the world with the help of her guardian angel, Archangel Michael. After working in a very stressful corporate environment, Natasha left her job to follow her heart and start practising holistic therapies full time. Her main aim in life is to make a positive difference in the world by helping others to find inner peace through relaxation and guidance from the angels. Reach Natasha on Facebook at Angelic­-Whispers.

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  • Jharna April 22, 2016, 10:34 am

    Hello Natasha, vry interesting article…I want to ask u something..I hv a baby girl nd she is of 1 years but she doesn’t eat well even I charged her food or milk..so pls give me some reiki tips so dat she start taking her meal properly.

  • Yvonne Brewer December 8, 2016, 9:43 pm

    Wonderful article Natasha <3

  • Neha May 26, 2017, 11:09 am

    Hi Natasha, thank you for the lovely article.
    My 6 year daughter Is hyper active and I am very happy for that. However, She dsnt listen and dsnt wanna do reiki. She dsnt feel like visualising any white light or bubble. It’s there a way that i can help her get connected to mother reiki distantly.
    SamAira it’s a poor eater . Even after giving reiki to good, this 30 min of making her eat is the worse time between us.
    Please help.

  • Vidya Sawant November 28, 2017, 6:08 am

    Hi Natasha, My daughter is 1year 4 months old. she also doesn’t eat properly and she is so hyper and starts crying everytime if we do not give things which she wants. This is making me so tensed. please help me in this.

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