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Healing the Collective Consciousness

Article by Angie Webster

Many who become Reiki healers do so because they or someone they love is in great need of healing. Their wish is to feel better or to have a tool to assist a suffering loved one. But often as we continue on the path, we see that healing ourselves is only the beginning. In fact, we see that healing ourselves and being of service to those around us actually helps heal the world.

Being a practitioner of Reiki, we come to see that are all interconnected. There is no such thing as “they” or “them.” There is only “we” and “us.” We become aware that we are all part of a collective consciousness or life force that runs through the entire world, even through the entire Universe. Each being co-creates it. We can see that we all have the same Universal Life Force energy flowing through and around us. We can see that what affects one of us, affects us all eventually. The need to be kind to all things becomes very real because we can feel that we are indeed hurting ourselves to do otherwise.

As we come to recognize these things, we can begin to see why our own healing is so important, not only for our own individual well-being, but for the ripple effect our individual healing will offer the world. We also begin to see how being of service is a crucial part of our own healing, as we see we are each a part of the whole. We learn to be loving to ourselves and all, as we see that we are all part of one whole.

When a traumatic event happens in the world, it has an effect on the people who are immediately impacted, of course. It also impacts the people who hear about it and those who help. This trauma is stored in the collective consciousness as a memory. We often keep these memories alive much longer by reenacting the negative emotions we felt during the event or feeling anger or vengeance about the event. This prolongs the pain and prevents healing. So often, this leads to blame and further trauma or harm in some new way.

Healing the Collective Consciousness

Image by Anne Worner

At this time in the history of the Earth, there are many centuries of trauma in the collective consciousness. We have stored this in our cells and our DNA. It is stored in the body of the Earth and in the waters. We react to it in unconscious ways because pain or resistance is triggered and we may not recognize why. This is one very important reason for doing our own self-healing. As we do this work, we release and heal the stored negative memories within our own cells and DNA. We are able to begin to see what lies underneath our unconscious reactions. The more we heal, the less pain we carry. The more we are able to see our reactions, the more we can chose to be conscious in our responses.

Aside from doing our own healing work, we can also perform Earth healings to help release the painful energy that is stored in the body and the waters of the Earth. There are many ways to do this, and there are some truly beautiful rituals that can be offered as a loving healing. However, you can simply offer healing to the water that you drink or bathe in, with the intention and request that it go toward all that it touch. You can offer this healing prayer to the rain, as well. Offer healing to the trees, asking that they carry the healing deep into the Earth through their roots, and far into the skies with their branches and leaves. Offer healing to the soil and the rocks and all the life that lives on and within them.

When you do this work, be centered in your heart, rather than coming from your mind or ego. Try not to have a specific need or want that you wish to have fulfilled, but instead ask that the healing energy will help in the best and highest good of all. Ask that it lift all beings gently to the best possible place that they can be right now. Envision that it gently allows for an opening of all good and loving things to flow in, softly washing away the harms of the past so that only the lessons remain. Hold a vision of all people being able to feel safe, well, loving and kind.

If it helps to focus your healing energy on a particular past issue that affects the collective consciousness, then do that. Your healing will surely help all things, as all are connected. Everything we do to help, helps us all.

Angie Webster
Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Author. Angie’s primary focus is animal Reiki, which she adores. She teaches online classes on energy healing, flower essences, herbalism, and personal growth. Angie often works with nature healing and Earth healing, hoping to better understand our connection with Mother Earth. Angie is the author of Animal Reiki: How it Heals, Teaches & Reconnects Us with Nature and Reiki from A to Z. You can follow her at: angie-webster-healing.teachable.com and on Facebook (facebook.com/angiewebsterhealing).

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  • Deborah Lloyd October 14, 2015, 11:20 pm

    Beautiful article, Angie – a great reminder of how many ways we can bring healing to the world.

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