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The Life

Article by Chanchal Gupta

What is the life? A very genuine question whose answer we all strive to find out. There are different opinions by different people. The spiritual, scientific, and philosophical scholars have different answers on the bases of their researches and wisdom.

In general, life is considered as the property that differentiates living being from nonliving being. It is also considered as the interval of time between birth and death, the time period for which a person is alive. Scientifically the life means performing different functions like metabolism, growth, reproduction. Death is taken as the end to life.

In Bhagwat Gita Lord Krishna have clearly mentioned
“Parivartan sansar ka Niyam hai…Jise tum mrityu samajhte ho wahi toh jeevan hai”

So how could death be the end to the life? That is the end of the life span not the life.

According to me we all are the energies bodies embodied in physical bodies made up of five elements. The energy is entangled in the different bodies: physical, mental, spiritual; Annamay Kosh (food), Pranmay Kosh(breathing), Manomay Kosh(mind), Vigyanmay Kosh(intellect), Anandmaya Kosh(bliss). That entangled energy is named as SOUL. The soul gets a birth on the bases of its akashic records, the karmas. Many of the souls take birth, live in the self made physical materialistic world, considering it to be their real home, coagulating many of the karmas: good or bad for their next life cycle, retire from this physical world, leave this world but again come back to the earth in the new body to clear all their debts of last births. Our manomaya kosh(mind) is very happy to get the birth as most of the times it rules all other bodies. It acts as a king and compels all other four bodies to listen to it, it never thinks of the soul, it always tries to move outward to the external world and creates a misconception in front of soul that this earth is its real home.

There are two guides for the soul: one is its inner self (the light, the energy) and the other is manomaya kosh (mind, mana). The mana creates an illusion showing the positive side of the worldly luxuries: the physical assets money, land, factories, houses and so on, the emotional assets happiness, blissfulness, the relative assets the people around making it happy, it befools the soul by showing only the good side of the living on the earth. As the sole purpose of the soul is to be happy consider this illusion as a fact and befalls as a prey to the mana and get attached to the world. This is the first victory of mana on the inner self; the soul becomes a follower of the mana. Whenever the inner consciousness questions mana, very cleverly it makes the inner self quiet and lures it with the luxuries of the outer world and soul has to keep calm and tries to find happiness in external world loosening its real connection to the source.


Image by James Jordan

The soul was compelled by the mana to lose its way, the way to its home. It was forced to make the new karmas by making it attached to the world and detached from the source and to be the part of birth and death cycle. The soul remains the same in all the births but transformation of the bodies goes on.

But the question arises….Is the soul really happy in the body made up of cells and tissues? No, it is not. How could a bounded energy be happy? The real place for the soul (light, energy, aatma, life force, bio energy whatever name you give to it) is the the sky, unbounded and free to hover over.
Whenever we go for a holiday or leave our home for one or the other reason no doubt we enjoy the duration of outing but we feel even happier, safe and healthy when we reach our present home because it is the place where our connections are made, our roots are attached. A temporary dwelling place gives us so much of the satisfaction so think of the soul which has left its dwelling place years and years back. How happy it will feel when it will go back to its real home, the source.

For me when the soul unites with the source, is the real LIFE for the soul. The period for which it remains in its home is the LIFE for the soul. The period for which it remains in the physical body is the life of the body not the soul, for soul it is the span for which it was imprisoned in the mortal body because of the stored karmas. Here only we all are mistaken and consider this life cycle as the real life and gets more and more entangled and rooted into it. It is because of some unlived or stored karmas the soul has to undergo the cycle of birth and death again and again.

Reiki (the prana, sanjeevani) is the life universal energy it makes us aware, awakened and enlightened. We all are blessed with this wonderful energy. As Reiki channels we should live all our karmas blissfully. Whatever birth we got, we should consider it as a gift. Whatever is the condition, we are in, we should welcome it with both open hands. Whatever the circumstances we have to face, face them happily. Whatever duty is assigned to us, in the form of job, business or working field, we should undergo sincerely surrendering oneself to the source. We should live all the karmas consciously so that the karmas should not be converted to stored karma, not even a single thought should go unregistered as the ungoverned thoughts become the base of our karmas.

Making our self a little more aware about the spirit to know oneself (soul), its origin, its journey, its purpose, its aim, its connection with source, by making a strong connection with mother earth and making our selves clear and pure channels of light, yes, we can get rid of this birth and death life cycle and can live a blissful LIFE.


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Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta

Chanchal Gupta (M.Sc.) is a Reiki Master. She is a science teacher and also Masters in Mathematics. These days she is practicing, exploring and trying to connect every aspect of Reiki with science. She is from Chandigarh and lives in Hoshiarpur (Panjab) with a family of :) :) :) :) . Reach Chanchal at Reiki Miracles do happen on Facebook.

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