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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #46: How Can I Help My Mother Who Is in the Hospital with Infection?

 Reiki Infection

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Question by Patricia:


My name is Pat Cunningham.

My mother is in hospital, she’s had a superbug – that’s what they’re calling it – which is resistant to antibiotics. She is allergic to penicillin, she’s had intrauterine infections for almost a year now and has been on various antibiotics and sometimes the bugs change.

She’s 86 years old. Right now she’s in the hospital. She also has weakness in the legs and she has become incontinent, she’s been on many drugs, and I don’t have any idea what to do. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice.

Thank you.

Answer by Deborah Lloyd:


This is Deborah Lloyd, one of the writers for Reiki Rays.

Patricia, it certainly sounds as if your mother is dealing with many medical issues. One of the beautiful gifts of Reiki is the unconditional love and support it can bring into our physical beings. When health care workers are testing, poking and prodding to diagnose and treat medical problems, feeling the love of the Divine is most needed. Whenever we feel the Divine Presence in our lives, we become strengthened and empowered. A sense of calmness and peacefulness emanate our beings – and that is the most important aspect of bringing healing to others. This calmness, or lack of stress, is vitally important to a good recovery. If your mother’s symptoms lead to a serious medical diagnosis, the calmness will help both of you to find acceptance and tranquility.

The best way you can help your mother is to show her your love and support. Giving Reiki frequently is one of the best things you can do for her. The act of placing your healing hands upon her physical body is always comforting and reassuring. Likewise, simply being present and being a listening ear can never be underestimated. Navigating the health care system is always an arduous task, especially when you are ill – and having a loving daughter next to you is special indeed. Reiki can create a center of peacefulness, within an overwhelming system of medical care – just like the eye of a storm. Use it frequently – for your mother, and for yourself.

Many blessings to your mother, to you and to your entire family.

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