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Benefits of Post Operative Reiki

Article by Christine Caprilozzi

As Reiki practitioners and Masters, we all know the incredible power the universe’s energy can have. Treating the person as a whole is especially useful and gratifying in post operative situations. Reiki helps alleviate trauma the human body suffers during major surgeries by bringing the body back to more of a state of relaxation, thus also aiding with pain relief. As pain eases, so does the stress level, which supports a person’s ability to get back into a state of wellness. It soothes both the physical and often psychological trauma that can occur from surgery.

My best case study has been myself. Back at the beginning of 2013 I had a double spinal fusion which entailed six screws and two rods to assist in the rebuild of my back from degenerative disks. The pain was the worst I have ever felt and I was left flat on my back with a 12” scar up my spine. I was given heavy pain meds and Valium. Post surgery, a dear friend, who is also a Reiki Master, came by the day after my hospital release.

In my opinion as the patient, the sooner that Reiki is received by a patient, the more effective it has the potential to be. For me, it began to work immediately, bringing me more all around peace and clarity. Doctors had advised me that many patients stay on the pain medication for three months. I was off the Valium within two days of my hospital release, and Oxycontin all together within six weeks. The surgeons were really impressed with my recovery. Sure, I worked diligently at my physical rehab, but my entire system being in balance and my sense of calm aided in the relaxation necessary in the physical healing, as well as the mind over matter. It was also extremely effective in managing the pain to the point where I didn’t need as much medication. The few Reiki treatments I received over that time, as well as the Reiki I would give to myself, proved to me that your mind and spirit have a huge effect on your body. Major surgical hurdles can be overcome with greater ease when Reiki is used as a complementary therapy during recovery.

Post Operative Reiki

As a practitioner, when a client is telling me they are having any sort of surgical procedure, I always recommend scheduling a post op appointment, even if it’s a home visit. The results are real. A research study at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut between 1999 and 2000 indicated that Reiki improved patient sleep by 86 percent and reduced pain by 78 percent.

Post surgical Reiki helps patients improve faster, need less pain medication, and help prevent post-surgical complications. The clarity of mind and peace the body feels and badly needs during this time will improve circulation, while also helping them retain focus on recovery. As Reiki Practitioners we are caregivers, and what better way to assist our clients with their complete wellness than to aid them on their road to a complete holistic recovery.

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Christine Caprilozzi

Christine Caprilozzi

Christine became a Massage Therapist in 2002 when she passed the NCBTMB Exam and obtained her CT Massage Therapy License(#002992). Soon afterwards in 2003, she received her first Reiki attunement, which changed her entire outlook on health and life. As a Reiki Practitioner, Christine offers energy sessions, as well as combination sessions incorporating Reiki into other wellness modalities. A member of the AMTA and Holistic Chamber of Commerce, she specializes in Reiki, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Crystal Chakra Balancing and Massage for Seniors.
You can check out Christine’s site at www.HealingSouls.life
“Your health and body are the mirrors of your soul. Take care of them both.” – Anonymous

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