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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #45: How to Give Reiki for Parkinson’s Disease Patients?

Reiki for Parkinson

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Question by Ravi:


How to give Reiki for Parkinson’s disease? What are the steps involved, and can it be cured?

Answer by Deborah Lloyd:


This is Deborah Lloyd from Ask Reiki Rays. Thank you for this question, Ravi. As you probably already know, Parkinson’s Disease results from a progressive brain disorder. Some of the symptoms include tremors, rigid muscles, slowed movement, loss of balance, and eventually changes in speech and writing abilities.

Since it affects the entire body, I would recommend doing the full, one hour body treatment as frequently as possible. Spending additional time with your hands on the person’s head may be helpful.

The promise of Reiki is that healing is always brought to the receiver. This healing may manifest itself by decreasing the symptoms. Physical conditions are not necessarily cured and leave the body completely through the use of Reiki – although miracles can always happen. With Parkinson’s Disease, it is possible the tremors may become less severe, or balanced walking is improved. These improvements can certainly add to the quality of life, and will be greatly appreciated by the patient.

The intention the Reiki practitioner brings to the channeling of the Universal Life Force Energy is always for the highest good of the receiver. The Divine always responds with healing energies. Sometimes, the energies do result in some physical improvements. Also, the energies can help decrease distressing emotions, such as sadness or nonacceptance; or assist in spiritual growth for the receiver. Healing occurs in many forms.

Please continue with frequent Reiki treatments, trusting that the loving, healing energies will make a difference. Trust that the results are exactly what this person needs in his, or her, life journey. Many blessings to you.


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