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Assimilating an Attunement

Article by Paula Vanderzon

When we make a vibrational shift in our energy body then our physical bodies need to also make a shift. Because our 3 Dimensional bodies are the densest part of us, it can take time for our bodies to catch up to any awareness or vibrational changes that we make. This can be a painfully slow process, but can be made smoother if we can bring awareness to what is happening.

A Reiki attunement changes the energetic vibrational state of our being. Energy centres are cleared and aligned and new vibrations of energy are channelled through us. This of course affects the physical body. We cannot make a change in one part of us and not have it affect the other parts. Our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies are intricately linked; they are all separate parts of us but make up the whole. A change in one part will send a change through the other parts.

Because we are all unique individuals the assimilation process of these energy shifts can be different for everyone who has an attunement. Generally in my teaching practice, I find that students have some sort of adjustment phase after a Reiki 1 class that involves the physical body. At the extreme end this could be diarrhoea for a day (or two), runny nose, feeling tired and lethargic (so that the body can slow down and integrate the energy changes). For me personally, I remember getting tonsillitis after an attunement as my Throat chakra cleared and adjusted physically. Most people will feel only very slight changes physically. But if you do have some sort of physical clearing or adjustment after an attunement, listen to your body, slow down if you need to, and bring awareness to how awesome this is as your body is changing its vibration and integrating the energy changes.

If we have a lot of old stuck energy inside of our bodies, then an attunement can be like a super charged energy healing session, and our bodies will show us the evidence of how powerful the energy shift actually was by responding and adjusting.

Generally after Reiki level 1 there most commonly seems to be a physical clearing or adjustment; whereas after Reiki level 2 many students will experience an emotional clearing or adjustment. This could be general grumpiness or moodiness or maybe remembering childhood experiences that bring up emotions and therefore healing. When we have stuck emotions that need to be put into motion to be cleared and healed, we can feel this as sadness, grief, happiness, or any other type emotion. Even feeling teary and melancholic can be a symptom of clearing and assimilating energy after an attunement. Again, bring awareness to this happening as a great and wonderful thing, all part of the process of enabling you to be a clearer channel of Reiki energy and healing yourself in the process.

Assimilating a Reiki attunement

For the higher vibrating energies of a Reiki Master attunement or even a Seichim attunement, some students may even have a physical body adjustment BEFORE their attunement. The body seems to prepare itself for the attunement and clears out certain energy channels and shifts old energy patterns as soon as the commitment has been made to attend the class. Sometimes this may even happen to my students before Reiki level 1 or 2 classes, and bringing their awareness to this possibility makes them embrace these clearing symptoms and make the whole process more enjoyable and smooth.

Please do not be afraid of this clearing and assimilation process. We only experience what is right for us and for our highest and best. Some students need a very impactful proof that an energy shift did indeed take place, and they might experience this through their physical body changes. For most students it will be hardly noticeable. Embrace whatever changes your body goes through, Reiki yourself, love and support your body, drink lots of water and know that once you have fully integrated the vibrational changes into your body, the change is permanent and wonderful!

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Paula Vanderzon

Paula Vanderzon

Paula Vanderzon is a Reiki Master/ Teacher from Adelaide, South Australia. Facing a debilitating health condition in 2006 Paula was lead to Reiki for self-healing and has been on a deep spiritual energetic and physical transformation since. A teacher of Reiki since 2008 and Isis Seichim since 2009 Paula also teaches Soul Writing and is passionate about helping people discover who they are at a Soul level so they can be their unique selves in life. Connect with Paula through her website www.paulavanderzon.com.au or Facebook www.facebook.com/paulavanderzonhealing.

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  • Shabbir October 30, 2015, 4:13 pm

    I do had similar feeling after completing the 1 and 2 level .

  • Cherie October 31, 2015, 3:32 am

    Thank you Paula. I have recently completed my Reiki Master attunement and felt that I started me cleanse 3 weeks before my attunement, beginning with a migraine and also fatigue, tears, mood swings, etc. I also had a cluster of migraines a week before my level 2 attunement. I felt at the time it was related to the reiki but was great to read this in your article and have confirmation that this can definitely happen.
    Blessings and light to you xx

  • Kathleen December 19, 2015, 3:39 am

    This is all part of the1 day cleanse, just like Master Usui experienced. One must remember to do their daily Reiki self treatments.

    • Kathleen December 19, 2015, 3:41 am

      That should have been 21 day cleanse. LOL

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