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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #41: How Can I Help My Mother Who Is in the Hospital with Infection?

Reiki Treat Infection

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Question by Patricia:


My name is Pat Cunningham.

My mother is in hospital, she’s had a superbug – that’s what they’re calling it – which is resistant to antibiotics. She is allergic to penicillin, she’s had intrauterine infections for almost a year now and has been on various antibiotics and sometimes the bugs change.

She’s 86 years old. Right now she’s in the hospital. She also has weakness in the legs and she has become incontinent, she’s been on many drugs, and I don’t have any idea what to do. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice.

Thank you.

Answer by Tammy Hatherill:

Hi there,

My name is Tammy Hatherill, I’m a Reiki Master Teacher in Darwin, Australia, and this is a message to answer Patricia’s concern that her mom is in hospital and on antibiotics, and not very well.

Patricia, I would really encourage you to send Reiki healing energy back into the past and allow the Reiki’s intelligence to go back exactly to the time when your mom first became unwell. Reiki is intelligent as we know, so it will know where and when it all started for your mom and of course you can send it into the future, so send Reiki into the future so that your mom, every day, has beautiful Reiki healing energy before her. The minutes before her – she has the beautiful Reiki healing energy.

And of course, send it into the present, so that she has it.

So therefore your mom will have Reiki healing energy in the past, the present, and the future.

I encourage you to use the Reiki healing symbols, please use the symbols that you’ve learned in your Reiki as they’re really very powerful. And of course, the physical healing, when you go and visit mom, if she’s up for it, just give her the physical Reiki healing treatment and that will help also.

And by doing all of these things, I feel that will give you an upliftment in your spirit and an upliftment knowing that you’re doing something – because a lot of the time people feel so frustrated because they’re not doing something. By sending Reiki you’re doing so very much. It will help your mom, and it will help you knowing that you’re doing something.

I trust that this helps you in your question and I wish you and your mom all the very best.

Thank you!

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  • Shubhangi M.Rane August 19, 2015, 4:44 am

    Hi Reiki Rays,

    Its really nice that each and every aritcle and every quesion give us hints on how we can use Reiki in our daily life.
    Its so so nice , and thanks a lot.

    Love & Light.

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