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Reiki Clearing to Rejuvenate the Reiki Connection

Article by Tracy Morrow

“Is Reiki working?” is a common question that most Reiki practitioners have asked on at least one occasion. It could be that an illness or other life event has gotten in the way of the heightened sensitivity that attunements have established. Or, perhaps the practitioner has stopped daily self-healing practices for a time, and feels as if he or she has “lost” the attunement altogether.

The truth is that Reiki attunements are permanent. The ability to work with this healing energy never leaves us. At the same time, sensitivities can become dulled from time to time. Taking the time to rejuvenate can restore sensitivity in order to feel the energy flowing. As this sensitivity is refreshed, there will no longer be doubt about whether Reiki is working, because there will be complete assurance that it is.

For some practitioners, simply getting back into the habit of daily self-healing practices will refresh the connection to this subtle energy. For others, more time and effort is needed in order to clear, cleanse and connect.

Reiki Clearing

Start a Reiki clearing with a self-healing session. This session should include an extended aura sweep and chakra clearing. If possible, do this outside and connected to the earth and sky as much as possible, or at least open a window. This is important because the air outdoors is five times less polluted than indoor air. The additional purity in the outside air will be more supportive of the flow of energy.

As you continue to reestablish your self-healing practice, you can attend to clearing your lifestyle as the next essential step in rejuvenating your Reiki connection. To do this, consider if there are too many obligations, or a lack of boundaries that may have “muddied” your sensitivity to Reiki energy.

Reiki Clearing to Rejuvenate the Reiki Connection

Image by taka_suzuki

While you are clearing your lifestyle, you will also want to consider how you are spending your time. If you are associating with toxic people, drinking too much alcohol, taking other types of drugs, eating unhealthy foods, or otherwise pursuing activities that are distressing to your personal energy, then this is the time to set healthy boundaries. These boundaries will serve to protect and rebuild your energy system.

As you are considering any lifestyle changes that you need to make, you can start to clear your physical system. Fasting is the best way to do this. If you are unable to fast, then at least cut back on your normal diet and opt for plenty of fresh fruit, for up to 72 hours. Drinking water with slices of lemon and cucumber to help flush your system can also help.

In consideration of open windows, clearing the energy of your home by opening all the doors and windows, for at least fifteen minutes every day, is an effective way to clear environmental toxins and allow clean energy to flow more freely. If the weather will not permit a complete airing out of your home, you may want to use an air purifier.

To further clear your home and workspace, set one-quarter inch thick slices of lemon in each room. Then, cover each slice with a thick layer of salt. Iodized salt or sea salt are both effective, so you can use either one for this purpose. The salted lemon slices will absorb stagnant or negative energy and will deodorize the space as well.

As the lemon slices are allowed to sit out, until they have completely dried, clear all clutter from each room. That includes clearing the clutter in the closets and drawers as well, as much as possible. Additionally, if you work with crystals, set them outside, bury them in fresh earth or salt, or otherwise clear them. This goes for all other tools you may use during your Reiki session.
As you are clearing everything that is not serving to replenish your energy, set the intention for all stagnant or negative energies to become absorbed deep into the earth. These types of lower energies act as nourishment to nature, and will be reprocessed into positive energy.

As you complete this Reiki clearing process, the burden of shouldering excess, stagnant, or negative energies will be removed. This may be enough for a complete rejuvenation of the Reiki connection to take place for you, perhaps more deeply than ever. To continue this rejuvenation, you will want to follow through with cleansing and connecting. Both of these topics will be addressed in future articles.

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Tracy Morrow

Tracy Morrow

In passionate pursuit of timeless living, Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer and Writer. Tireless in her commitment to service, she is currently invested in helping create better lives by opening minds and resources in order to improve wellness and recovery for families living with behavioral health challenges. You can find more about Tracy at Inspir3.com

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  • Vedant August 8, 2015, 1:39 pm

    Hey Tracy,

    Can this be done every three months or only when we feel the need to which can be every month? Because despite being regular practitioners we might feel stagnated often!

    Besides, am doing this ASAP. Thank you

    • Tracy Morrow August 25, 2015, 9:49 am

      Hello Vedant,

      Clearing is absolutely wonderful to do on a monthly basis. I’ve done daily clearings at times when the energy seems particularly negative. As practitioners, we come into contact with lower energies quite often, so it is well worth it to keep a clear environment as much as possible.

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